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IF 101: An Overview of Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss
Be Among the First! Another shocker for you: If you examine a man having a wound in the top of his eyebrow, penetrating to the bone, you should palpate his wound and draw together for him his gash with stitching. Recently, scholars have shown that the expressions of pride and shame are universal. Garry Great article Roman Once a year, we usually learn about one of the human body systems. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Vitamins, supplements, complementary treatments, and home remedies are promoted through advertisng and word of mouth.

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Your average calorie intake after five days is 2, calories: Add calories to the shakes, snacks, and third meal to meet your target calorie goal. One of the great things about the Isagenix Day System is that it is easily customized to the individual to make losing weight easier. Often a unique approach, tailored to the individual, is the best way to ensure weight-loss success. Now are you looking for tips for your Cleanse Day schedule?

July 26th, 0 Comments. July 16th, 0 Comments. June 29th, 0 Comments. June 22nd, 0 Comments. The only science on it and the only thing that MOST people should be worrying about is the calorie deficit. I will admit that there are a FEW other things that do matter, but mostly only to those in the lower ranges of body fat, i. IMO the whole meals-a-day is just more opportunities to get in calories that you probably don't need anyway The advice that you shouldn't mix carbs and fat doesn't make any sense because you're body is storing sugars that it makes from foods , not dietary fat and ultimately if you want to cut body fat you just need to dip your calories lower than you're using and your body will get it's energy from the fats, so what's wrong with storing your food in fat cells for a little while, you can get it back out later, it's all just energy.

Low carb is BS too, protein will cause an insulin response. The only thing that I'll add to that is as you get lighter you NEED fewer calories because it's less work to get your body from place to place. That's the only common "metabolic" slow down. So people, keep it simple and good luck. I understand why you shorten to Roman - business reasons, but don't forget the remainder.

Like you, he is well educated and intelligent; he is not a 'muscle buff' but is a fine looking man about 6'2"". When I 'tune in' to "ROMAN" I am always well, usually happy to see that very handsome face, and think of it mounted on top of that wonderful body. What more could you want?

When I am over physical problems and can exercisr, maybe I can 'shape up' a bit more. At any rate just your being there is an inspiration to me. Please continue to be an inspiration to your followers. PS - pleast lose the chinwhiskers Will December 8, at 7: Collin Messer The thing about IF is that its extremely easy to follow. I mean heck, tons of people skip out on breakfast anyways, why not design that into your eating plan.

I do pm feeding window. The only time I start feeling hungry is between 11 and And I loved moving from a conventional diet to IF and leaning out without changing any of my calories. I'll get back with the results. My hero, the late Life Extension specialist, Paul Bragg comes to mind.

Poetx Hey great read, i found most of the information necessary in this pdf http: For anyone looking for more information its about a guy who tries different variations of the intermittent fasting and its pretty cool to see the way different methods affect him. Christian Baker Schweet article, I'd like part 2 to offer different methods and their advantages e. Can't wait for the next installment ;- December 1, at 6: Just 'cause I love ya Roman, a little proofreading goes a long way.

I loved the first program. I got great results and learned a lot. Bachreric Nice article Roman. Have you prescribed IF with any of your clients who are looking to add lean mass? I see the benefits most definitively for fat loss but in terms of providing enough kcals in such a short window to bulk up seems much more difficult. You will be glad to know that the idea of stoking the metabolic fire all day is being challenged in some Undergrad.

Keep up the great articles! Great info, and wonderful article! I will definitely wait for Part 2. Ray I for one think that IF is a very natural way of eating. Its a battle of will my head versus my stomach. My protein goal will be reached, my carbs are in the right time bracket. Big Breakfast, Big Snack before the A. No real measuring, storage, transport problems. I eat till I feel comfy then quit.

I do log it into Myfitnesspal. Bottom Line Yoda, soon teach me I hope you will! Ray November 28, at 3: Ray Im not sure if it is my computer or what, but the text is showing up the same color as the backdrop.

I had to cut and paste into word to read it. Just a heads up. Hope you can cut and paste this to read a remedy November 29, at 4: Chris Martins Interesting post, to say the least.

I do believe intermittent fasting is a very simple answer to a life long problem for a lot of people. And it works a lot better in our lifestyles than eating 6 meals a day, that's for sure. I can't believe it: S This could save me my wallet and my body still chubby Going to read next part for sure. David Goddard R Roman A great article which makes me feel a lot more committed to the practice of intermittent fasting - just a wee question. Is the expense of BCAA really justified?

Like some of the other folks who have commented, i have a slender build with longish limbs. Hard enough to gain muscle and shape. Ive eaten more food then i thought possible so that now i start to panic at the first signs of hunger pains. Always good to try new things I have never heard of the concept before today. I tend to stay away from such ideas, that so often seem to come and go in rapid succession. I was just realizing how much better I feel and how "more connected" to my body I feel on days I control my food intake similar to what you talk about.

I am looking forward to reading and learning more about the idea of IF. Reedricksr Once again another great article having intrigue and science to support what may be best for the results! I'm looking forward reading about the types of IF and finding the one with ice cream that works best for me: Thanks again Rick November 25, at Please design a plan that includes ice cream November 25, at It also does mean, though, that the simple act eating breakfast isn't enough to help keep the pounds off.

I havn't really decided if it's for me or not in the long run I'm already at a single digit body fat per cent age anyway , but those three days not consecutive, mind you convinced me. It works, and I had no problem hitting the weights, not killing my girlfriend, or studying. It actually felt good not having to bother with food at all.

A lot easier than following a strict meal plan for sure. Steve W Hey Roman. I find it somewhat annoying that some readers of leangainz assume Martin somehow invented IF. I am very glad you put that comment there.

Yes he has definitely helped promote it and yes he has evolved his weight training formats around it, and i like his thinking around it, especially for bodybuilders. As far as I know, Art de Vany is the first fitness blogger who really got stuck into this, followed by Robb Wolf. Both of whom strike me as more intelligent - and considerably more humble - than Snr Martin, and neither of whom try to claim that they invented the idea! They would rather open the forum for discussion and experimentation, than be a retard about the whole thing.

Both of whom have also produced written works for publication, whereas Martin has contented himself to date with bagging other people's products, which he tends to do publicly. Martin, you are doing good work on your blog, why degrade yourself? So, thank you Art de Vany, for first bringing IF to my attention. Onwards on upwards, and the end of that conversation. The point is moot. Roman this is a great post. I have personally found IF to be an excellent tool, but it is not the be all and end all, doesn't work for everyone, can actually be a really bad idea in some circumstances, and no doubt now is about to blow up and become a very publicly discussed tool in the health and fitness arsenal.

Thank you Roman for writing this post, as always with a humorous and un-assuming style. I look forward to your next installments and seeing some of the ways you utilize IF with your clients.

Paul Keep up the good work Roman. People like you are the reason we stay sharp. You're becoming a legend. Can't wait to read part dos. When do you think it'll be finished? Hamzax7 Eat Stop Eat 24 hour fasts twice a week, seperated by a cheat day: D Also sometimes the 16 hour leangains method November 23, at 3: Paul Scott Canavan I'm intrigued by this.

I've been training for November 23, at 3: Loni I was wondering when you were going to talk about IF. You wrote it wonderfully as always with your refreshing sense of humor.

I fast a bit more regularly than what twice a week and been doing it for more than six months, I've gotten leaner, and can better tell if I'm really hungery or thirsty. And my energy levels are great. Looking forward to your next Article on IF! Amber Toth-Carrion Thank you so much for posting this! I cant wait to see part 2!!! The anti-inflammatory and healing benefits of fasting have been touted for centuries.

I know we all gravitate to what works for us and supports how we want to eat anyway. I love this method and am having great success with it! I find it flexible, easy to adapt and even "sort of do" when on vacation or not focusing on results at all, and I have maintained results over the past year better than I ever have before. I am so relieved to have the mini meals a day off my radar as that was always a struggle for me and not my natural tendency. IF is definitely for me!!

My only problem with it was micro nutrient partitioning getting enough frequent doses of water soluble vitamins and other nutrients and getting enough fiber from vegetables in meals. No easy task That's why I probably won't recommend it to my clients for long term living. But simply adding in another meal or two seems to make these issues easier. Anyway fantastic article Roman, glad to see you're solely up to date with the latest stuff, Cheers Jameson Wolff http: I normally train OH by the way I'm 58 and trained since 14 so I have seen everything over the years, so far this system is very good , especially in light that B'Fast is my favorite meal.

I use Athletic Greens every morning as well Energy has been excellant and strength has not suffered at all November 23, at 8: Ray I am following a IF plus carb-back loading right now I am trying to put on some weight without completely losing my abs. It seems to be working well. I think the hormone response from the fasting and skipping breakfast is keeping my body fat relatively low while I put on some muscle.

Looking forward to hearing the forms of IF!! Sandy Hi Roman, For some reason your blog posts don't seem to be coming through properly, I get bits and pieces, such as titles but none of the content, which I'm really disappointed about as I love your blog posts. I find them really informative and fun. I don't know if ti is a problem your end, or if anyone else has mentioned a problem, or if it is a problem my end. Hope you can help. My email is sandratoddington yahoo.

Thanks Sandy November 23, at 3: Imagrammy Thanks, Roman, for this info. The fast day has been particularly hard for me, but now I know why it was included in the program, and I'll work harder to stay fasting for the entire period. Rkruger Great artical lots of debate in South Africa about intermittent fasting I am definitely going to try it Ronnie November 23, at I've been doing a 1 week per month juice fast, combined with a one day per week juice fast for the other 3 weeks.

For this, I combine fresh-pressed juices, especially greeeen juices, with herb teas, miso in hot water, coconut water, or if I need it a green smoothie. I am not good at a straight water fast, because I get headachey and weak, I suppose from too-quick release of toxins.

I also usually only eat fruit or a smoothie for my break-fast, eating mostly in the evening and after a workout Anyway, I'm looking forward to your next article on the subject. As always, I am your devoted fan! I have tried the Alternate Day Diet, which keeps your calories below every other day. I would like to see more ideas though so please Tyler Carter I do a 36 hour fast a few times a year as a stoic exercise.

I've had success with feast-fasts using a 12 hour feast and a 24 hour fast, but no BCAA's combined with a low carb diet for the purpose of improving body composition, and doing so without losing any strength. I look forward to part two, I hope you'll go into more detail of life extension methods, protein cycling, and frequency of fasts, along with your thoughts on protein regulation. Fredrik Eklund Really good stuff man. Always doing the "fast-after-the-feast" thing 24 hours , and it's working quite well for me.

After all the talk about IF and weight loss, it would also be cool to hear more about IF and building lean muscle mass. Any benefits to that equation? Also, I've been thinking about another thing; while I assume most people would agree that having a great body will lead to more sex, would more sex contribute to a greater body? Not talking so much about the caloric deficit from the sex, but rather hormonal stuff without knowing too much about it, I would assume that sex kicks up testosterone levels a bit?

There might be a lad or two out there who would be interested in knowing: Cisco good one Roman, looking forward to the second part I've been IFing since May this year and it suits me down to the ground.

Logistically it has been brilliant and I continue to get good results with it. I rate it highly but have stopped talking to people about it as it freaks them out a little! My wife, who is in fantastic shape after having 3 kids tried it for a month and it wasn't for her. No dramas, different approaches for different people. So long as you can stick to whatever approach you have and it complements your lifestyle, and gets results, go for it!

Mike Echague I bought Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat and followed it starting from a 12 hour to an 18 hour and eventually a 24 hour fast once a week. The results are good. My abs are starting to show and I haven't seen my abs since high school but I don't appear to have lost muscle my weight and strength stayed the same.

I guess bottomline is: However I asked Alwyn Cosgrove, and he doesn't recommend this method for people who have a history of eating disorders. Beansprout I recently read John Berardi's paper on his self-experimentation with a number of IF protocols.

He got amazing results with a number of them. I also respect that he says it does take a bit of experimentation to figure out what works for YOU.

I have felt amazing and gotten some serious results. Adam Copeland All that talk from this summer about fasting got me onto it John. Now I swear by it. Much easier to maintain leanness over the long haul, at least for me. Also fasting is the perfect compliment to cheat meals and cheat days, and I love my cheat meals.

Keep up the great work November 22, at 9: Brad I tend to fast on weekends not for a set time but just long enough to become truly hungry, not boredom hungry, usually this means I follow a Warrior Diet style protocol eating usually one larger meal per day, this way I can go out with my friends and family, because it really is all about the reduction of calories isn't it? Unathomsen Love your article, can't wait to hear more. Tlahui I did some fasting probably the wrong way and I ended up losing 1kg of muscle, gaining 1kg of fat, and somehow sick for almost 2 months.

Yet, I know this was probably due to my lack of knowledge, rather than the fasting itself. So please, post the second instalment asap! Adroes Cool article John, great info as always. Usually the thought of Fasting causes my inner soul to howl at the moon but you have Just about sold me.

You have a knack for taking a few paragraphs To say what most authors say in a small novel. John Romaniello Thank you so much for the compliment, Androes. That means a lot to me. Christopherkimple I have follow IF for 2 months now, and I have found that when I train fasted I have more energy and don't feel as sluggish as if I were to eat hrs before.

If you read Martin's site he suggeests consuming 10 g of bcaa's as soon as you wake up, then every hrs after that until your 8 hour feeding window. Dpesci1 Good Stuff Roman: Was never a huge fan of breakfast anyway Just too freakin' early to face food Darryl There are two forms of fasting that I practice; a hour fast followed by an unlimited amount of food The Warrior's Diet" and then there's fasting for one or two 24 hour periods over the week November 22, at 7: Part 2 will make or break this for me Just got back into it and within weeks you see phenomenal results.

Shame you're not in the UK to train me My question on IF is how it works for guys focussed on growth, not leanness. I'm pretty lean, but desperate to bulk up. It's happening, slowly, but my bodybuilder PT is convinced the 6 meals plan is best for me to really grow seriously.

Or is it only good for cutting down to look like you in those awesome pics? Ric November 22, at 5: John Romaniello Hey man, Thanks for the kind words, means a lot. I'll definitely do an entire post talking about gaining muscle with IF. To put it in brief, the main thing to consider is satiety.

I think that hormonally, IF might have the edge over eating 6 meals, so in terms of endocrinological benefit could be better. The problem is, skinny guys get full faster, so may have a hard time putting the calories down in 3 meals. Will cover it in full. Anonymous Thanks man, wd love to hear ur views. Ric November 22, at 6: NO I do not have a cushy job, and low paced lifestyle Ben Bruno Great post!

I've yet to try IF even if it's not necessarily the most important, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day , but I think I'm going to have to give it a run sometime soon. I look forward to the next post. I would like to read about your experiences with IF, hopefully it will be in the upcoming posts.

Do you have any experience with IF and gaining lean muscle, if so I would love to read about it. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with IF.

Dom Interesting thoughts, like to hear more November 22, at 4: Marie Awesome introduction article. It helps newbies to IF get the gyst of it and perhaps tweaks their minds into wanting to possibly give it a go. I now use this method once every couple of weeks. My question to you and knowing you, you'll probably answer it in the next part s: Marie oh darn, I asked a question already answered This is one of you best posts in a long time.

Not that your always great, but this one was stand out. I really look forward to the post on IF and lean mass gain as this is my primary goal right now while still being able to minimize fat gain to come out with a better starting point for my next contest prep.

A lot of what you touch on is on the weight loss side of things I am coming off a shoulder surgery and am down a serious amount of muscle. I want to try IF for an extended period of time but I need to put on muscle. Rocky Real good stuff! I can agree with feeling fuller with less meals. The only problem is that whole no carbs and fats at the sane meal theory kinda just gets blown out if the window with this approach. Was also wondering if you could still build muscle with this kind of approach?.

Chris H I've been running a LeanGains style 16 hours off 8 hours on for about 6 months and it's been working really well so far. I've found by following LeanGains I can still cheat my arse off on Saturdays and simply eat in the usual hours Sunday slightly lower carb, higher fat and do no damage what so ever, which is great. I must admit my ridiculous metabolism may have something to do with it too though haha. Samuel Olguin I do a 24hrs fast per week , twice if I'm looking forward to really losing fat.

I usually do it on Mondays after a cheating day or weekend. To me it's great because it fits my lifestyle, being a college student I'm able to go out with friends and have regular dinners without worrying about it.

Also, it taught me the difference between real hunger or just a mind thing. I have been using it very successfully for a few months, so it does work. I tend to use different methods, depending upon how my week looks, hence the flexibility of it.

Together with intermittent fasting it is possible to drop some weight [ I have been on an IF plan that involves 20 hrs of fasting with 4 hrs of eating toward the end of the night. I personally love it, it helps with the cravings I get, and I don't feel as guilty jumping into those carbohydrates. On that note, I have 2 questions regarding IF. What is your take on doing long spurts without eating and your body going into "survival" or "fat storage" mode?

I would love to actually stay on this for a long time, but would there be long-term effects? John Romaniello I prefer to take BCAAs when fasting, but I don't feel that not taking them is going to be so detrimental that it would render the fast useless in terms of fat loss, or dangerous in terms of muscle loss. BCAAs help and are super cheap, so may as well use them.

Stew I am a fan of the full fast day on Mondays after my cheat day on Sunday. I struggled with it the first couple of times but now I have no issues. Works well for me so far, been doing it four weeks and am down about 7 lbs.

I feel really good, I would even say better than before trying IF. As long as people are benefitting or deriving something useful from the information I think that is the most important thing.

Also I think that the more individuals there are that speak to a subject the better because people are receptive to information from people they relate to or in how that information was presented by that person.

Someone may read about IF or any other fitness advice or on any subject for that matter and it won't register with them, but then read about that same subject presented by another person and be in complete agreement. It's all in the presentation and the presenter. Garry Great article Roman I'm very interested by the fact that I have Type 2 diabetes and can see some benefit that IF may have. I personally think that I'm borderline diabetic because my readings aren't high.

If IF, along with exercise and decent diet, will keep me where I should be, then I don't see the negatives. Perhaps there are factors that I'm not aware of. Would love to get some feedback on this and look forward to Part 2. John Romaniello Well, this is a bit beyond the scope of my expertise, but I would venture to say that the more you control insulin, the better you're likely to be.

Fasting is one way to do that, but I'd definitely work with your doctor, or a Diabetes expert who has worked with fasting before. Amanda Aller Great summary. I - like some of the other commenters - enjoyed John Berardi's article on this topic and it's excellent to read the same material from a different author with his own personal spin. For 8 months, I fasted for two days of the week, and, as can be expected, I lost a ton of weight - probably the best I have ever felt about my body.

Since then, I have gotten into a long term relationship and am cohabitating. Living with someone and enjoying the experience of preparing and sharing meals was the final nail in the coffin for IF for me However, it was always in the back of my mind because it made great sense and was so effective when I was doing it seriously. In the last couple of weeks, I have been experimenting with a quasi-Leangains protocol of not eating until about noon or 1pm, as I am often not hungry until then anyway.

It's been really easy to do, and, that feels great - like I cut out a meal breakfast I was eating more out of social obligation than hunger. I still haven't gotten to a place where I am working out in a fasted state, because I genuinely do not feel that I have the energy to do it - I know this could be psychological - before I eat something.

So, that is the next experiment, as I know it would accelerate fat loss. As a holistic health coach, I see the possibility for IF to benefit many of my clients, and, I feel much better recommending it to them than what I see as restrictive dietary regimes they are intended to follow every day low adherence, low results, low self-esteem as a result.

I would love to read more here about the benefit of following up a cheat day with a fasting day, and what the benefits of that would be, as well as carb cycling combined with IF, which I am also beginning to consciously experiment with. Thank you again for a great article! John Romaniello All great stuff here! I'll touch on some of that in future posts. If they're not doing it also as well. Peter Really great post. There are tons of benefits to deliberately imposed longer periods of fasting.

Not the least of which is easier weight loss. I found Eat Stop Eat to be a great method but have also gotten great results with 6-hour long daily eating windows. I forget "whose method" that is. For me that basically just meant having lunch and dinner and then not eating anything before lunch or after dinner.

One or two hour fast per week, per ESE, work best for me. I've done hour fasts too but that's harder to maintain. John Romaniello I'm big on the hour fasts, sometimes longer. Ted Great stuff, Roman. I like how you compare Martin Berkhan and all the other IF guys' contributions to science with Newton's at the end. John Romaniello you dare respond to my sarcasm with sarcasm!? Do you bite your thumb at me, sir! I like it, but I get really full after my meals and it is harder for me to eat more calories.

I'm about to start "mass" phase and will probably have to increase to meals as I like this sort of feeding style better. Don't know how IF would incorporate to mass building.

First day Sat was ok up until I go to hour The next day I was perfectly fine. I seem to concentrate more on what I am doing instead of constantly occupying my mind with "food in 1 hour. I think I would feel weak at hour 15 of my fast. Really enjoyed reading this. Read on twitter you posted it and skipped learning about payback period to read this.

Thanks for the info and hope to hears parts 2, 3, 4, 8 sideways November 21, at John Romaniello Much appreciated on the twitter love. I'll cover mass gain with IF in a later post! David Where can I find that post? It's actually HARD to eat that big of a breakfast for me. Your body kind of naturally goes into low maint. Why can't you cheat for 2 days and fast for 2 days? Shaunspare Im a big fan of warrior diet style 20 hour controlled 4 hour feed and on weekends with one or two 24 hour fasts.

John Romaniello I like your system - using various styles of IF when it works for you. Tasha I've tried various IF methods. I think IF makes a lot of sense. A daily fasting window was effective for sure, but I found it hard to stick to for the long haul. A weekly hour fast is my preference.

I just came off a 36 hour fast and I feel fantastic. Fasting is not easy. I think a lot of us fear hunger. Fasting taught me that being hungry is okay. I will not die or faint or lose all my hard-earned muscle. I feel lighter somehow, like I've given my body a chance to balance out and take a break from constantly digesting. A lot of people that have never voluntarily or consciously fasted might think that fasting drains you of energy, but it really is invigorating.

Being hungry creates adrenaline. Makes it hard to sleep, but it feels good! Thanks for the article. Looking forward to the next one! Conrad Leangains and Eat Stop Eat are the best sources out there.

The breakfast study showing people lost more weight when they ate breakfast did not specify that they also lost proportionally much more lean mass than the night feeders. In essence they became proportionately fatter. I like to do a simple full fast day after a cheat day. Since I often have food hangovers post-cheat and cannot even think about breakfast, it's an effective and efficient way to detox my body.

I love workouts on these fast days, too--I set several new PR's in a mile run while fasted. I'm on a muscle building phase now, so I have been eating over maintenance on workout days 5 day split routine , having one "eat whatever" day where I don't sweat it, and then fasting for the majority of my day off Sunday to hopefully avoid "bad" weight gain. I'll usually eat breakfast, but refrain from eating until the next morning. I have only been playing with this for two weeks, so I may need to change it up--we'll see.

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Please try again later. I cannot say enough on how happy I am so far. I hope it lasts me at least 2 years. I tore my Glut muscle slipping on ice- 2 days after the injury I got this machine thank Gawd it came early! I used it 2 times in the morning and twice at night for the next 3 days and felt a LOT better- so much so that I felt like it healed- only to pull it again So I cannot say what it can do for weight loss but I can say if you have a pain in your butt and its not your spouse , this machine is really great for speeding up the healing process of really injured muscles.

I bet it would do the same for legs and maybe backs?? I just feel a whole lot better after using it. Its sturdy and very quiet and I have it in my office so when I'm sitting at my desk can just switch it on low and get some circulation going.

I highly recommend it. If Crosslinks reminds me in 12 months maybe Ill come back on and tell you how its lasted This is fantastic, I am bothered by arthritis in both knees, hips, and back. This is hands down the best purchase I've ever made to relieve arthritis pain.

I've only had it one week and it's worked wonders. I love this machine as an alternative to traditional exercising. When I'm watching TV, I can use this machine. My body feels good after this exercise. The machine is quiet and I enjoy this every night. Item took ten minutes, without instructions, to assemble and it is so easy to use.

I was so excited when I bought it and I can already tell you I'm not disappointed.

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