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How is nutrisystem delivered
I learned that there are different plans for men and women. This dish is completed by an Italian-style roasted cauliflower, accented with sun-dried tomatoes and capers. Cabbage leaves filled with lean ground beef and rice smothered in a sweet tomato sauce and accompanied by a sweet and crunchy apple and carrot salad with raisins and caraway seeds. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which may help lower risk of heart disease, depression and arthritis. I entered the Hasbro Travel giveaway.

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It was a pretty good start for me, for learning portion control however, I did not find Nutrisystem be quite a comprehensive enought program for me. Maybe its bcs I push myself so hard now, exerciseing, but the weights coming off faster and I actually am enjoying the process. Well I am only in my third week of Nutrisystem and literally felt like i was being starved to death.

After 2 months,I just had enough NutriSystem foods to last a lifetime. They just got old, esp. Its more toleralbe this way, to diet. Trying to lose a few: The first was for six months or so, and during that time I was able to lose 40 pounds. I did it without eating all of the extra fruit, vegetables and water that they recommend. I went off of the diet and began comfort food and stress food eating again, gaining all of the weight back. Until my system got used to the food over several weeks, it was an unpleasant experience.

The diet will work if you apply yourself to it and can manage to find something you like and stick to it. My hubby and I do not mind the food — add in fruits , veggies, yogurt as recommended and its not so bad, BUT the gas NutriSystem produces is horrible!

We avoid being in public places sometimes because it is so bad! I have fewer problems with nutrisystem than I do my own willpower. I used it for three months and lost 15 lbs.

Then I went back to eating less health and some of the weight has returned. Eat the fruit and veggies you get from the store to supplement. I sometimes add the veggies to the dinner. Plus I seldom feel hungry. The basic principles are solid for the nutrisystem diet. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you continue to eat the fruits and veggies and salad and the eight glasses of water. Lost 2 lbs so far so, gonna stick with it and hope i lose about 8 times that next month.

The NutriSystem customer service dept lies too much,i am disapointed with the program. I have just completed week 1 of Nutrisystem and I have to say, I am surprised by how the food tastes. Honestly, if you can eat a Lean Cuisine or a Weight Watchers meal, you can eat this. I drink all my water and walk for 25 mins, 3x a week and have lost 5lbs. Just weighed in at a total of 27 lbs lost, this morning, after 2 mos of doing this my own way!

If you think your going to get gourmet meals. This is not for you. Some of the food is quite good. Cheesy nachos and the super sized fries, are how we got fat. If you want to eat a lot of food, you are going to stay fat. Cutting calories if the only way. Sorry, I love food too, but its our choice stay fat or eat less.

I recently started buying some South Beach Diet meals and i enjoy the flavor of them a lot better…and for extra support i signed up for the South Beach Diet online. I went on the NS program in and lost 40 pounds in about 3 and half months. I have manaed to keep the weight off. The first week was the worst for me because i was used to eating what i wanted when i wanted. So eating those portion controlled meals stil made me hungry.

I lost 6 pounds the first week and that was my motivation to stay on the diet. The second week my stomach got used to the smaller portions. The food tasted ok. Most of it was edible. The second month i customnized my order. However I did have a problem with a few of the items I ordered not being in stock. I exercised five days a week and sheded 3 to 4 pounds a week. The NS plan was successful for me. I went from a size to a I have been using Nutrisystem for 2 months now and have gained 2 pounds.

I have been on the program now for 5 days. I am not having a problem with the taste, or dealing with hunger. The fresh vegetables, fruit,dairy, and protein I add during meal time,and snack time keeps me totally satisfied.

My problam is the bloat, and gas. Does anyone know why this is happening,and if it eventually subsides. I work in the retail industry,out in the public, so at times it is very uncomfortable. Is anyone else experiencing this, and do you know what it is from? You have to try a lot of different foods until you find the ones you like — just like any new food!

How many of you that are giving this negative feedback actually supplemented this with regular exercise and I mean actually breaking a sweat, not just walking?

It seems like almost every negative post makes absolutely no mention of physical exercise. Can someone please reply that actually exercised regularly along with this and let me know your results? It sounds like all the negativity is coming from people looking for an excuse to not loose weight. I have not had any problem following the diet and sticking to it.

I have been making an effort to walk in the morning and in the evening to make sure I help boost my dead metabolism. Here is my take on Nutrisystem. I have been on it for a bit and I am mostly pleased.

Certainly anyone could go to the store and buy food to equal calories a day for women and lose the weight. So far, so good. As for maintenance, you do wean yourself off of the NS food and learn portion control as you go. It is all in how you choose to live your life. Although portions are small, I am not starving. The food is actually better than expected, especially after reading the above reviews. Boy was I scared!!! LOL Anyway…I was wondering does it matter if you eat all the food suggested or not?

I tried Nutisystem before my wedding and followed it to a T. I lost 8 pounds in one month. I really like the system, food comes to you, just grab and go for work. Lost 20 pounds, plan on loosing 20 more. My mom is signing up this week. I even eat the dinners for lunch and lunch for dinners because the dinners have more calories and I can burn off the higher calories during work. My snacks of course are all the chocolate items.

No complaints from me. I am not sure how you people stand it, the food is just horrible! I grew up in a farm where we cook everything from scratch, I love food, some people even call me foodie, there is no way on earth I could last on the Nutrisystem. I am just gonna join a gym and and making watch my sugar and carb. I was excited to try this NutriSystem plan for the convenience mostly. However, I found the food to be absolutely horrible. It not only looks unappetizing, but tastes terrible!

I did learn about portions and what I should be eating during the day, so I plan to make my own meals, freeze in small containers. Also, had headaches and bloating, possibly due to high sodium content. My husband and I both ordered NutriSystem after we had decided to lose a little weight.

When we first got the food, we were excited, but then quickly realized that we had been fooled. The website never mentioned that you had to buy your own food along with it, and the food itself was tastless.

Also, even though I specifically told the operator that I was allergic to mushrooms, over half the meals they sent contained mushrooms. I ate what I could, because I had already paid for it, but I tell everyone I know not to get it. It is a waste of money. Were you expecting buttery gourmet cuisine?! This may not be what I would drool over on a menu, but they try to make a high protein and low-glycemic meal that is palatable and filling.

I have been on NS for going on 3wks now and I have lost 9lbs. I disagree that the food is gross, I have not had anything that I have had to force myself to eat nor have I had to gag when eating it. I read all the reviews and agree that I am going to switch dinner at lunch and have lunch at dinner.

Lower calories are better at night and I will have a better chance at burning them off during the day. If anything this program has helped me learn howto balance my diet and what to eat and how often. I bought a food scale to weigh all my meats. I am sooooooo happy!! I hope to lose a lot more by labor day. I went into it not expecting to really enjoy the food and turns out that I like all the foods I order.

I was on this diet for three months and I found the food filling but overprocessed. I have been on the program for 12 days now. Only have lost 2 pounds! I have not cheated either. I think I just wasted my money, but will continue the program just to see the final results.

I exercise days a week at the gym, have not had a drop of alcohol, and still can not drop much weight. Anyone else had this problem? I thank you need to change the tomatoes dishes.

Also the beef dishes have an odd tatste. Better get some one tho neows have to cook. The only decent dishes is the chicken but not the chicken parmesson It is terrible. I have been on NS for almost two weeks now and have already lost 6 pounds.

Some of it I even like. I am glad that i did not read some of the comments here until I tried it myself. For women your are only eating calories a day. To me it seems that it would be impossible not to lose weight with even just a little excercise and motivation on your part.

I personally know six people who have had success on this diet. I have considered purchasing the Nutrisystem but after reading some of the reviews which are mostly negative, I will not buy it. I appreciate the reviews. But losing gradual and not very slowly as Nutrisytem based on many reviews would be more encouraging. I just started the NutriSystem yesterday I am not looking forward to eating that way everyday.

I am gonna stick with simply because i already paid and I really want to loose weight. I should have known based on what i have heard about the flavor but i was just out of control and tryuing to take an extreme measure. Well this didnt help. This is a diet that is helpful for long term success and i lfeel like i can stay on it without struggling a lot. BUt here I am, 4 weeks later and only, 3. I shoulda just went on that lemonade cleanse or whatever, to get this results. It is portion control and offers a great website that I have seen improve.

This is my 3rd time in 15 years. I have issues as do SOME overweight people with my monthly meds making me lose my appetite, then I eat less than calories and gain weight. This program is regimented and has you eat the small meals and you are allowed to be an adult about it. YOU have to make the good choices for the grocery store food that YOU add, and this program supplies the 3 main meals and your snack.

If you add up all the NS-like food that you purchase at the store, I know at least for me that the cost is about the same — and by getting it shipped to your door, you save most of your trips to the grocery store except for fruit, veggies, and dairy.

Autoship is the way to go: Try one of everything, then change up next month to only be the meals you dig the most. Once NutriSystem starts arriving it is impossible to stop. After numerous emails to cancel there is now another box in my driveway, in addition to an unopened box in my garage. Plus boxes in my house and full cupboards.

I feel I will have to cancel my credit card to stop this mess. If you incorporate excercise into your diet you will see results. May I know why these foods are giving me such a headache and how can i stop it? I ordered Nutrisystem Advanced and tried it for a week. I went to the grocerty store and spent time reading and comparing labels. You can buy your own things at the store and save money. I think Nutrisystem is expensive for the taste and quality you get.

The idea is to cut down and excercise. I sent the food back and bought my own and am losing. They are bette tasting. In this economy, think smart. You can do the same thing yourself for less. I have had years of unsuccessful dieting no matter how hard I tried.

I have been on Nutrisystem for about 12 weeks, and I have lost 27 pounds. This is by far the best results I have had with any other program. Losing the weight is encouraging me to keep going. I feel so energetic, and I feel that my overall health has improved greatly. Although the diet is fairly expensive, when I think of all of the money I have spent attempting other diet programs, exercise programs, machines, pills and supplements, this is a drop in the bucket.

I have had so many positive comments from people about my success. I want to lose a total of 70 pounds, and for the first time in years, I feel as though I will truly be successful. I ordered this because I hate to cook and hate to shop.

This food tastes no better than shelf-stable supermarket stuff. The dinners are so soupy, they have to be eaten with a spoon. So now I have a pantry full of over-priced junk. Add to that, they packed everything in one dang big box and I nearly popped an artery moving it around. Am I eating healthier? On Dancing with The Stars, Marie Osmond said she had lost 35 pounds due to the strenuous exercising during practice.

My comments were submitted in July As a current Nutrisystem user, I can tell you that the info is quite outdated. You are able to choose your foods and customize your order. Answers to all questions can be found on the website and dieticians, counselors and moderators are available online or by phone. The food is very good and yes you do add in your own fresh fruits and veggies and a couple of proteins.

These round out the meals and the calorie intake is in a good place for weightloss but you will find yourself eating quite often and feeling quite satisfied. NS also recommends exercise fir health, toning and to produce faster results. The plan will not make the weight drop off you in unhealthy ways. Most lose at a nice steady loss of 1 to 2 lbs per week. I personally have lost over 23 pounds so far and have no intentions of stopping.

This is a great plan with everything needed for healthy weight loss. I started the Nutrisystem meal plan in an attempt to lose the 20 pounds that I put on this past year. I was disappointed because the taste of the food was not what I expected. Perhaps, I should have been taking a suppressant with it. I was on the Nutrisystem plan for 2 weeks I gained more weight instead of losing.

I followed the plan to the T. I think the system is a ripoff. I started Nutrisystem in February and have lost 60lbs. I have to say, I have stuck to the program completely, not cheating at all and have started working out with Jazzercise which helps a lot. I think you need to be honest about what you eat and be of the right mindset to lose weight. It worked for me! The food was just too awful! It got to the point that I would start gagging just to think about having to eat it.

If they ever get better food, I would try it again in a heart beat! I have been on NS for one week. Its hard yes, but I need to take off 15lbs.

The food isnt THAT bad, it is what it is. Play hard, Work hard. Im sticking to everything NS tells me to eat for one month and then I will form an opinion about the program. The people on the phone at NS are great. Im excited to see what my weight loss is in one month. I am reading a lot of negative comments about Nutrisystem. I spent 16 days in the hospital with pneumonia. The food was not all bad but after 1 week of it, I made myself eat it because I have diabetes and hypothyroidism.

The TSH blood test measures your thyroid and how well it is working. Mine was and it is supposed to be 5 or under. I lost 10 pounds in the hospital. I watched the commercial for Nutrisystem diabetics. I started 3 mths ago and have lost 25 pounds. Total now, 35 pounds. The first shipment was terrible but I told the people at Nutrisystem when I ordered it what I was allergic to and they have tried. I custom ordered after the first mth and I like to eat the same thing, so this does not bother me.

Spices sre the spice of life. If you cook your own foods you still need to add spice. Pepper and so many spices!! I started with a weight management doctor a week ago.

She will see me every two weeks for a while and then once a month. I am 56 years old and disabled. My feet are numb because of 2 back surgeries and probable diabetes type 2. I eat these because I cannot stand for long times to cook. My husband heats these for me and it saves time and money going out to eat.

Buy a paper plate with the 3 parts or get a tv dinner with a 3 part tray. Then use your head, most of us have been fat a long time and tried different things. I have to get this weight off this time because it is really killing me. I go to water therapy 2 days a week for 2 hours each day. I have read all your complaints but a lot of them are excuses.: I know I make them too.: Please just think about the health part of loosing weight, no matter what you do to loose it. Just take one day and do the best you can.: Yes, I do occassionally eat wings.

Grapes have been a great thing to snack on. Do them frozen or just cold, the seedless kind. I give NutriSystem a lukewarm positive review because it works for me, but only up to a point. This is my second time on the plan. A few years ago I went from lbs to by following NutriSystem for a couple of months and then taking their lessons outside of the plan, which I think is the real benefit.

I gained some back because I started to eat out a lot. Recently I got back down to the and decided to try NutriSystem again to lose the last 20, which has been with me for most of my life. However, I will caution — this plan is definitely not for everyone. The price is a bit high, but I was spending more on eating out anyway.

Their website, which allows you to track the nutritional content of what you eat, is better than it was a few years ago, but still slow and annoying to use. While not for everybody, NutriSystem worked for me. After struggling with obesity for my whole adult life, I lost over pounds with them — have been off for the last two months doing my own thing and have continued to lose.

My experience with NutriSys has been good. It has worked well for me…all the extra food is something that they do not disclose though. The one thing I will comment on is the support at Nutrisystem is fantastic!!!

My second auto-delivery order just arrived and it seems as though the shipping gremlins did a little dance over many items in my shipment. I was disappointed — especially because my milk chocolate bars were smashed! But, I call the customer service number at the advice of an online counselor and she made a list of everything that was damaged and promptly shipped out new items! I received email confirmation that my replacement order is shipping today. The snacks are really good.

In the eight months I have been in the program, I have lost 30 pounds and am at my goal. I have lost 70 lbs. While I am not at goal weight, I continue to work at it. I find that the food is very good especially when you learn how to make it! You need to become a good cook! There are recipes online, but creativity and vegetarian or organic cookbooks help! I am full and never hungry! I have gone from a size 22 to a I am now a Junior Member and have made some very good friends who do some great coaching!

The Nutrisystem counselors have been a tremendous help in selecting foods, preparing foods, overcoming problems or questions, and have always been there for all of my needs. My PCP knows I am on Nutrisystem and told me that he knows it works because others have been successful. He told me it is a great program to go on.

To get metabolism working, you drink water and exercise! Being creative with cooking the meals and with the right meal planning, you have the perfect choice! I did take the time to speak with Senior Members and chat with them.

I entered blogs and chat rooms. Everything just clicked together for me! Have lost 19 lbs in 2 months and still going. Love the structure and convenience plus the community support is awesome. The first time I used Nutrisystem I lost 35 lbs in 2 months. Nutrisystem program has several plans as listed below. All plans comes with Turbo 13 kit which is the latest addition for Nutrisystem plans for women has three sub plans namely Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours. In basic plan, foods are preselected for you.

In Core plan, you can choose your own food and you also have free access to dietitians and counselors.

You also get free access to dietitians and counselors. Fitness and nutritional needs vary for both men and women. Considering this fact, NutriSystem has designed individual plans for men and women separately. This helps the men in losing weight healthily without facing those hunger pangs. This is a specially designed plan for vegetarians.

All the meals and snacks of this plan include good carbohydrates and protein. The NutriSystem diet program is low in carbohydrates and rich in protein.

If you love bagels we have just the breakfast for you! Making this the perfect breakfast. This cheese omelet is stuffed full with a blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. This appetizing bacon and potato scramble is nothing short of extraordinary. Our egg scramble breakfast is created with roasted red-skinned potatoes and uncured bacon served with a side of sweet and perfectly spiced cinnamon apples. This mouthwatering breakfast is paired with a sweet cherry sauce and alongside pork sausage hash that contains ground pork, sweet potatoes, onions, celery and peppers to complete this meal to perfection.

This western-style egg scramble is made with uncured ham, bell peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese. The dish is completed and served alongside a delicious cowboy mix consisting of yellow and white corn, black beans, pinto beans, tomatoes, green onions and seasoned to perfection. These delicious peanut butter crepes are filled with ricotta, Neufchatel cream cheese and peanut butter.

This unique breakfast is paired with strawberry compote and served alongside turkey sausage. This breakfast is one that is sure to please!

This chicken sausage and egg scramble breakfast is one that will delight. This dish consists of an egg scramble with ground chicken sausage, topped with cheddar cheese and green onion. This entree is finished and served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. Get your mouth ready for a little taste of the south with this Southwestern Style Smoked Chicken Omelet filled with shredded smoked chicken breast and cheddar cheese.

This southern-inspired omelet is topped with salsa verde and accompanied by a bean and corn salad, dressed with red wine vinaigrette. We use fluffy whole eggs, all natural smoked ham, and Swiss cheese, all atop a whole wheat English muffin.

This southwest frittata combines all the flavors you love, including chorizo, white cheddar and Swiss cheese, along with fire roasted vegetables and southwest inspired spices and is complemented by a side of sweet plantains to finish this meal off to perfection. Is there nothing better than French toast for breakfast? These thick sliced whole wheat French toast slices are stuffed with a blend of ricotta, Neufchatel cream cheese, cinnamon and vanilla.

This tasty breakfast is served alongside berry compote, turkey sausage and roasted sweet potatoes. This scramble will get your morning started right. This breakfast dish is a seamless combination of an egg scramble with uncured ham, roasted red-skinned potatoes and cheddar cheese. It is completed with a side of sweet and perfectly seasoned cinnamon spiced apples.

Ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Then why not enjoy it with these fluffy seven grain waffles that are perfectly paired with sweet strawberry compote. To make this meal complete, it is accompanied with all-natural and tasty turkey sausage. This fluffy frittata is filled with uncured smoked ham, Swiss and delicious white cheddar cheese. To complete this filling breakfast, this dish is complemented by juicy peaches and a sweet honey granola.

This Western-inspired omelet is filled with uncured Canadian bacon, red and green bell peppers and cheddar cheese. Our Western style omelet is accompanied by a delicious roasted potato and onion hash. Our healthy spin on waffles is anything but ordinary. These tasty blueberry waffles are served with mixed berry compote that consists of blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries accompanied with all natural turkey sausage to make for an extra sweet morning.

Inspired by the flavors of Italy, our Italian style omelet is filled with a flavorful pesto marinara, mozzarella cheese, and ground turkey sausage. This savory breakfast is completed with roasted red-skinned potatoes to keep you satiated all morning long. Get a fresh start with this frittata filled with uncured pancetta, melt-in-your-mouth goat cheese, sauteed leeks and chives! Perfectly-paired flavors and meltingly creamy texture, this dish is served alongside herb roasted, red-skinned potatoes for a one-of-a-kind breakfast!

We love bagels for breakfast. And we love ham. This breakfast sandwich is made with uncured ham, whole eggs, Swiss cheese and a wheat bagel for a tasty start to your morning. This delicious and delicate crepe filled with ricotta, Neufchatel cream cheese, honey, cinnamon and vanilla will get your morning off to a sweet start. This breakfast is served with berry compote and turkey sausage. Topping off the flavor extravaganza is a serving of our member-favorite fruited quinoa. Need to switch up your morning routine?

Spice it up with smoked chipotle pork overtop whole eggs dressed with salsa verde. This southwest-style breakfast is served with a sweet corn and bean salad that is mixed in a tangy red wine vinaigrette for a tasty, healthy boost to kick start your day!

Delight in the delectable flavors of this truly unique take on healthy and delicious breakfast. Beginning with a shredded breast of perfectly poached chicken, this entree strives to meet your taste for a savory, yet healthy, breakfast. The chicken is folded into a light Swiss cheese bechamel sauce that is truly to die for. Not wanting to be left incomplete, this dish is served with a hash of roasted zucchini and sweet potatoes. With all the flavors of your favorite Greek omelet, this delicious omelet is perfect for breakfast.

Our Greek Omelet is filled with sauteed spinach, feta, roasted red peppers and black olives for a savory start to your morning. This entree is complimented by a sweet fruit and almond quinoa.

You would never think of pancakes as healthy would you? These mini pancakes are topped off with sweet and fruity peach compote and served along with Canadian bacon. Need more than coffee to start your morning? With a variety of delicious flavors, this Mediterranean Egg Sandwich will do the trick. On a whole wheat English muffin, our chefs have combined whole eggs, zesty basil pesto, roasted tomatoes and white cheddar cheese for an unforgettable breakfast.

We believe diet food should taste good — our team of chefs worked hard to create this delightful, mouthwatering breakfast entrée of mini cinnamon sweet potato pancakes accompanied with apple cinnamon compote and all natural turkey sausage for even more flavor and protein!

With perfectly cooked chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, and creamy pesto goat cheese bechamel, these homemade crepe shells are bursting with flavor! This exotic take on the traditional crepe is served alongside a nutritionally balanced portion of roasted red potatoes that are both delicious and satisfying.

What better way to awaken your soul and jumpstart your mind than with a breakfast of savory chicken and mushroom crepes and warm cinnamon apples? We start this crowd-pleasing dish with tender shredded chicken breast and domestic mushrooms that are blanketed in a light and creamy bechamel sauce, and then balance these flavors with the warm and invigorating flavors of cinnamon apples topped with dried cranberries and walnuts.

Tired of eating traditional breakfast? These delicious French-style crepes are stuffed full with hickory smoked pulled pork tossed in our homemade BBQ sauce, and served with an herbed apple and onion chutney. Yes, you read that right, BBQ for breakfast! With these French-inspired crepes for breakfast, get your fill of protein, but enjoy it too. These delicious envelopes are filled with lean chicken breast and mixed perfectly with the flavors of red onions, Kalamata olives and fresh spinach.

Bound with a tasty feta-cheese bechamel, these delicious crepes are served with a satisfyingly sweet portion of fruited quinoa. This smoked salmon omelet is filled with a blend of ricotta, Neufchatel cream cheese, spinach, green onion and of course, smoked salmon served alongside a whole wheat English muffin.

We have a new menu with over seasonal selections. You can fully customize your weekly menu once you order. To learn more click here. In Italian, alla cacciatore refers to a meal prepared hunter-style with vegetables, herbs and often wine. In this Chicken Cacciatore meal you will find it all, diced chicken in a classic tomato sauce made with white wine, green peppers, onions, and capers.

This meal is completed with a side of fresh Italian-cut green beans and seasoned with garlic and basil. Our Sloppy Joe mix is served with a hearty whole wheat bun and tangy cabbage slaw. This delicious entree of blackened tilapia has just the right amount of spice and is topped with a roasted red pepper coulis.

Tilapia is rich source of omega-3 which can help lower blood pressure and improve brain function. This main course is served over red beans with brown rice and accompanied by emerald broccoli florets. Our Chicken Meatballs dish will not disappoint. This dish contains chicken meatballs, flavored with feta cheese and fennel, served on a bed of green lentils and mixed vegetables.

The entree is finished to perfection with a creamy spiced tomato sauce. This warm and hearty soup is filled with barley, tender beef, mushrooms, green bell peppers, Yukon gold potatoes and carrots, packed with protein and fiber to keep you full!

This dish is one that is sure to please. This turkey and spinach meatloaf is topped off with an old fashioned tomato sauce. This entree is completed and served with seasoned yellow corn and a sweet red and green cabbage slaw. Your mouth will awaken when you take a bite of our secret recipe Beef Chipotle Chili, courtesy of the bistroMD chefs.

Beginning with garden fresh vegetables, black beans, and a tomato base, our chefs simmer the chili slowly to accentuate the best that each ingredient has to offer. Complimenting the warm sensations of the chili is a maple sweetened corn pudding that is sure to leave your taste buds smiling.

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This hearty meal of chicken and rice stew will completely satisfy your taste buds. Our chicken and vegetable stew is made with tender chicken and a blend of wild rice, white beans, zucchini, spinach and carrots. This tasty entree is complete with chicken meatballs served over a bed of linguine and topped with a delicious marinara sauce. To complete, this dish is accompanied by a side of fresh Italian-cut green beans infused with just the right amount of garlic and basil.

Two natural corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken breast topped with red enchilada sauce and cheese served with sweet black bean and mango salsa. Enjoy the bold flavors of our Chicken and White Bean Chili combines tender chicken, navy beans, onions and red bell peppers with smoky paprika, chipotle and thyme.

This Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya entree consists of diced chicken breast and Andouille sausage tossed in a flavorful Jambalaya sauce accompanied by hearty vegetables and seasoned long grain brown rice making for the perfect, classic Creole dish.