Nutritionist explains how reheating rice give you food poisoning

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Faizi Ahmed Jane Ainsworth Dr. Nas Al Jafari Dr. Brian Anseeuw Elizabeth App Dr. Juan Arango Arata Medical Dr. Leena Athparia Deborah Aviles Dr. Angelo Biondi Susan Birch Dr. Jo Ann Bowle-Evans Dr. Steven Cohen FL Dr. Steven Cohen NC Dr. Andrea Cole Raub Dr. Jose Colon Comprehensive Healthcare Dr. Mark De Dubovay Dr. Robert Dimonda Hakan Dincarslan, Pharm. I also found a very informative New York Times article about this topic: The problem with that interesting link, is that their is no mention of whether the salts in question were organic from plant base material, equalling useful metabolic sodium, or from inorganic salt, less useful for human metabolism.

Rock based minerals are not so readily or easily absorbed by the body as plant based minerals. Plant based material fulfils all the electrolytes for a reasonably healthy person, and are the correct organic source for sodium and other salts.

How did you come by this idea? There are good moral grounds perhaps but scientific and health grounds seem highly unlikely. Plus, there is no such thing as organic sodium. As for the false notion that there is no such thing as organic salts of sodium, how has humanity in antiquity survived without the essential? Photosynthesis combines photons with inorganic matter to create organic matter, also known as plants. Well, yes, powdered nails are a perfectly acceptable source of iron for the body.

In fact, most fortified breakfast cereals contain iron filings your powdered nails and these dissolve in your stomach acid and are absorbed and used.

Why on earth would they not be? Also, the distinction between organic and inorganic is basically a formal distinction between two branches of chemistry, and not somehow something different about the matter involved. So the sodium ions from any source are indistinguishable once they enter solution in your bloodstream.

Finally, photons are immaterial particles whose role in photosynthesis is just to supply the energy for the matter both organic and inorganic substrate, by the way to be converted from one form to another.

I thought you would be an advocate of heavy metal acceptance in junk food. None the less, thank you for the response, I really do appreciate it. We will never agree. I will never choose to get my minerals from any other source than plants. The cell membrane is far too important to be plaguing it with ferrous from ground up nails. The chemical reaction may be the process or concept which fools people into believing that iron from nails is ok but the cellular response is in no way the same.

I wish we could meet, because these posts are limited for various reasons, and we can endlessly put varying views, but will always fundamentally disagree. I am tired of the way scientists view food, they gave us hydrogenated fats for decades, convinced the science was good, only to discover in fact, a toxic, lethal cellular disaster If you would like to swap a link, that would be a nice conclusion. I think this one among many is interesting. While it is true that the same minerals found in the human body are also found in the soil and water it is wrong to assume that the minerals in the soil are food for man.

We are not soil eaters—we are plant eaters. It is necessary that the minerals in the soil be elaborated into organic compounds by the plant before they can be assimilated by the body. The various mineral compounds produced by the chemist differ in their structure and in the relative positions of their component molecules than those produced in the plant.

Over sixty years ago a German scientist named Abderhalden conducted a series of experiments comparing how several species absorbed different forms of iron. He found that animals fed with food poor in iron, plus in addition of inorganic iron, were unable in the long run to produce as much hemoglobin as those, receiving a natural iron-sufficient diet.

While the inorganic iron may be absorbed into the body, it is not utilized in the formation of hemoglobin, but remains unused within the tissues. Abderhalden also concluded that any apparent benefit of the inorganic iron resulted from its stimulating effect. Chemically, it is true that iron in the bloodstream and iron in nails are the same and that calcium in rocks known as dolomite is identical to calcium in the bones.

However, it is a grave error to believe that the body can digest and assimilate and utilize powdered nails and crushed rocks. Presumably your plants get their salt from minerals as salt is just a mineral. Someone that is exercising salt restriction but still sticking to low-sodium processed foods would most likely be not consuming a lot of potassium. Conversely, someone consuming whole foods no salt added will be getting lots of potassium while still not getting a ton of salt.

Can you please check this https: His treatment to any disease and advice to lead happy life is no salt and oil in diet. He says that sodium required by body in less than mg per day and these can be achieved by eating cup of cooked spinach or any leafy vegetables. I eat nothing processed and live on vegetables fruits nuts seeds. Unless you are metabolically challenged there is enough sodium in above diet.

Sodium and salt are not interchangeable terms. As for farmers using salt licks, this has no bearing on metabolic needs, as like humans, animals can become addicted to sodium chloride.

I have experiential proof, as does the naturopath mentioned. Vegetables and fruits contain sodium as an individual electrolyte and they contain chloride as an individual electrolyte.

This in no way equates to vegetables or fruits containing salt. Salts of sodium yes, salts of chloride yes, but they most certainly do not contain a compound NaCl. That should tell anyone something.

Why do people love to bring out addiction? It would help immensely. I have severe pain in my knees and hips and recently been getting cramps in my fingers and calves, I sauna almost every day, could my symptoms be caused by lack of salt due to sweating.

I am male, 55, and otherwise fit and well. Can anyone help please?. And of course right here on Chris Kresser, he goes into lots of detail in his articles about this. Just stay the course because it takes a while but this is really the key. Also another great tip is to have half a teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil — fermented! Have you tried Glucosamine or any substance with it? Maybe Chondroiton as well , whichever works.

Sometimes they are combined and work just fine. After six months my health started deteoriating badly,Problem with my vision, general weakness and also develop a huge appetite.

Always having aches all over my body. I collapsed with driving one day and was ambulanced to the hospital ,to recomend low salt. I knew there was something wrong with my salt level. I told the doctor how i might need salt.

Immediately i was given salt intravenously, i became o. I started adding salt to all my foods even my morning milk. I discovered after a week saltrying my foods. I love this article of this writter. The paleolthic people were never highly populated. May be because of low salt diet makes them to die young and also infertile. My wife has not conceived once since our 8yrs marriage living on low salt diet. I have been on a no salt diet for some time, meaning no salt at all and i have to disagree with many things that are stated in this article.

First of all the studies talk about a danger in a low sodium diet, but here the author is equating salt as the only source of sodium in a diet, implying that if one does not eat salt then one will not have enought sodium in their diet. This is definetly not true, as there are many good organic sources of sodium out there, celery being one example..

Much about the bogus salt lick argument here: I looked at the sodium content of foods I eat and I still get sodium. I crave certain restaurant food and processed food I used to eat.

When I eat them, like the ridiculously salty cookies at whole foods, then unpleasant symptoms occur. The unpleasant are numerous. What would they be? Well said, the most basic and simple truths are that plants have organic sodium in abundance.

For the average person, not metabolically challenged by health problems, plant based sodium would always suffice electrolyte needs. If we are metabolically challenged, then the plant kingdom has all the earths minerals to help set the balance right again.

MSG has a bad reputation. Nothing too awful about it other than it makes people cut out sodium chloride. Sodium alone does nothing good for you whatsoever. Sodium chloride NaCl is not essential for life. I am still alive! Those studies are still just correlations. For reference 5, the last thing any physician in their mind would do is to suggest increasing salt intake for hypertensives. A low-sodium diet in this case would obviously be the opposite of what is needed. According to TCM, the kidney-adrenal function weakens in old age, and salt acts to stimulate the kidneys.

Therefore, the elderly do benefit from a moderate amount of salt and a low-sodium diet would be contraindicated. According to TCM and Western Medicine, if you or any other animal for that matter consumes too much salt, it will most definitely increase your blood pressure, put strain on your heart muscle, and long term, it will damage your kidneys among other things.

It is my understanding that Americans consume on average, way more than the recommended limit because of widespread usage of processed and junk food. The last thing anyone on a SAD diet should do is to increase their salt intake. Salt requirements vary widely by individual. In the long run, you risk numerous health complications. For those on a meat-centric paleo diet, salt intake must usually be higher to compensate for the excess of meat.

Salt is alkalizing and lubricating and is therefore craved by those eating too much meat, which is what paleo entails. My pulse goes very high and I lose glucose control. So the first problem with your post is that you only look at what high sodium can do and you fail to address what low sodium can do. My low sodium went undetected by four doctors for three months and destroyed my health. Second, you are committing the fallacy of designing the diet to treat the symptom without first understanding is the symptom the result of the diet.

The hypertensive may be suffering because of low sodium. The correct solution for that patient is to normalize sodium levels. Here is how scary my low sodium became. If would walk for one hour low intensity and then drink water to satisfy thirst. But because of low sodium kidneys excreted all that water quickly. I would spend entire nights every hour getting up desparately thirsty and drinking, immediately urinating, never resolving dehydration.

If would describe these symptoms to multiple doctors and not one could figure it out. We have a very complicated set of different measurements, one thing creates another reaction, etc. Some laws or behaviours for how certain body parts and chemicals work may be the same but our starting points within our bodies vary WILDLY. We are like different types of cars with different types of engines where some parts work well and others work differently, the gears and belts may all generally operate the same, but the current state of ones parts and fluids are never identical to the other, plus wear and tear and enviro exposure is totally different!

So keeping with this analogy, a mechanic cannot apply the exact same remedy to each vehicle with all these varying situations thinking it will all be the same result. So arguing and accusing or whatever can really be a waste of energy just rile us up for no reason. Become our own health managers. Wonderfully considered comment and I thank you for that.

I would like to add one point re the mechanic analogy, with which I whole heartedly agree. He would of course, no matter at all, what the engines symptoms were, never put contaminated oil or petrol in the engine if he could help it. So hopefully everyone would follow suit and never put contaminated, industrialised and processed junk food salt in their bodies, whatever their health.

Same choice available as the mechanic. So often a different choice made by humans. Sodium chloride is not a necessity for survival if equal amounts of organic sodium are used. That is very common. My husband is in the same situation and was advised in hospital to up his salt consumption.

There are people that are salt sensitive… http: Frequently, the elderly people who have low sodiums are sickly, taking a lot of meds including ones that lower their serum sodium such as diuretics , so it may be a stretch to say that the low sodium causes their problems primarily.

Jackie, have a look at Dr. Just a thought I had while I read your post about you consciously adding salt, while still craving sugar. She advocates as a life style. I surprise myself because I was such a staunch believer in being a vegetarian and did NOT want to believe gerson might not be the miracle I thought it was. Keep up the good work, Chris, very interesting.

Good point, I used to be worried about salt intake as well however himalayan salt and sea salt have trace minerals we evolved with and need for our bodies, and have been abundant in many materials on the earth throughout human history.

The exposure and necessity of salt is totally different than that of sugar. Firstly, sugar was only available from honey and sweet fruit which was rare because fruits are sweeter today than they used to be — they are hybridized to be bigger and sweeter plus they only were available once a year- when they fell off the tree, and fattened us up for the winter famine when less food was available.

We have to eat the way our bodies evolved to eat. Eating as whole and natural and historical as possible right? Same thing, same thing, same thing. Sugar bad, healthy salt good. Great talk by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride called Food is the best Medicine and she explained this neurology craving topic very well. Noakes himself will admit that sodium supplementation is not necessary, even for long, hot and humid events, due to endogenous sodium stores and decreased loss via kidney excretion.

I believe over consumption of fluids, particularly water, is actually a much bigger problem than most think. Matt Stone has done a great job reporting on it and what can be done about it. Dilution of the fluids at the cellular level causes people to dump water — causing symptoms such as a very strong urge to urinate, anxiety, adrenaline rush, light headedness, fatigue, etc. People should check out this interview with: Very few people die of lack of water but do die of lack of salt s.

If really dehyrated you need electrolytes and fluids, not water. And in general, drink just enough water and a tiny bit extra, in hot weather or working hard carry water and salty snacks with you. Subscribing to set diet rules and recommendations is like driving down a road blind folded. Sure there are some great general guidelines to follow such as eating whole natural foods and staying away from PUFAs, gut irritants, etc.

I have to disagree with the intuition approach. I cut back on salt because I was eating it like a food unto itself. Routinely salting salty things.. With those sort of cravings, a few rules can keep things from getting crazy…. Every now and then, in my opinion, it can be very beneficial to let yourself go and destroy a stack or 2 of pancakes or order that large pizza and take it down followed by some good craft beers. That can actually do wonders mentally.

Find the largest hospital in your area and visit the stroke rehab ward. Industrialised table salt is metabolic poison. Sodium requirements can be satisfied by eating or juicing sodium rich plants. Were athletes encouraged to ingest organic plant based sodium rich drinks, instead of the fake unhealthy sports drinks they have been duped by, hyponatraemia would not be an issue.

Andrew — Thank you for the truly authoritative and science-based information that you have posted here. I am lean, very physically fit, with normal blood sugar, cholesterol, everything. Do you think tall people have higher BP because it takes more to pump that blood to our farther out extremeties?? Lean, eat paleo, health metrics appear good except BP. In particular, there seems a lot of talk of the ratio of sodium to potassium in the diet being a or the key factor in blood pressure disregulation.

I am in the same situation as Mary and Ben. The only thing I am having is hypertension. I am not tall. I have even lost some weight and nothing is happening.

All my numbers are great. No high cholesterol, AIC is good, I mean everything is good except the blood pressure. I just started increasing my consumption of celery because I read that it provides nitric oxide. I am the same. Do you have a low pulse rate — mine is always which apparently makes high BP less of a problem. One theory is that a slower healthier heart rate allows chambres in heart to overfill causing high upper reading, but is otherwise benigbn. Magnesium and calcium balance is very related to blood pressure, and many people do not get enough magnesium, but lots of calcium.

The body demands, the body receives. My mother suffers from terrible hypertension and several years ago, was prescribed a low-sodium diet. My mom was never one to eat much in the way of processed foods, the healthier the food, the better, so she took to this new diet with gusto. I watched as her health declined rapidly — her heart problems worsened, there were frequent mini-strokes, and memory was suffering.

Years later, one doctor finally has the common sense to note that she was suffering electrolyte imbalance and mom was subsequently put on a higher sodium diet. Mom now adds fleur de sel religiously to her meals and her health has improved. She still suffers from hypertension, but she is much more stable and her memory has improved despite the strokes.

I now warn friends about recommending a low sodium diet to others. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. By signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. Discover the future of medicine—and join the revolution. Enrollment for our Practitioner Training Program is now open. Serious health consequences of long-term salt restriction While salt-induced hypertension is typically blamed as a cause of heart disease, a low salt intake is associated with higher mortality from cardiovascular events.

Sign up for FREE updates delivered to your inbox. I want to improve my Affiliate Disclosure This website contains affiliate links, which means Chris may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. Comments Join the Conversation I am 72 almost 73 and am suffering quite badly from Atrial Fibrillation.

Complete and utter rubbish. Salt is irrelevant to the human metabolism. JZ, No sooner had my 78 year old father adopted a very low sodium diet that he began experiencing distressing health issues. Chris is it possible to remove cataract without surgery? Can anyone please help?

Clearly the article mentions sodium. Over millennia, the body would have almost entirely used plant based sodium. Concluding you state that: I am sorry to hear about your family illnesses. It is a total myth that people cannot live without NaCl. Humanity has done so for tens of thousands of years. To claim that a person cannot survive without salt shows a complete ignorance of the subject. This nonsense is perpetuated by those funded by the salt industry and its lobbiests.

Excess salt is a poison. Anyone who tries to claim different is following their own agenda. Common sense and an understanding of the metabolic requirements of the human body. Therefore it is not surprising that some may be deficient of the electrolytes the body rquires No one is salt deficient, because the compound NaCl is not part of plasma or blood. So astute to take nutritional advice from a person taught to sell drugs. Any advice would be appreciated! If your tuna is canned it is full of salt too, so will the beans be if they are canned.

You really need to be more specific to get good advice. I swear everubody else is just a blind follower. NaCl is an addictive substance in pharmacological expression. The fluid our body runs on is blood and plasma. So many of you say that you are medical people, I doubt you are, else you would not be here. No animal or human dies due to not ingesting sodium chloride. You are talking nonsense.

Every creature on our earth dies without sodium chlodide. It is our biggest mineral requirement. If so, how is it better? Instead, NaCl whips up adrenal activity, but is there much point to flogging a tired horse? Much better to feed it daily with nourishing organic salts of sodium, than suspect NaCl Fat digestion might simply be giving the permeable cell the correct fats first?

Hello Pone you say: Four grams of salt or sodium? And how many years have the Paleo people been ingesting? The reason I am asking is you have mentioned: Moral grounds are a reason to get minerals and electrolytes from plant based food? Well, perhaps they are for some, fine by me. Do you think that powdered nails are a good source of iron for the body?

Dr Chris, Can you please check this https: Ignorance on a massive scale. No vegetables or fruits contains NaCl Vegetables and fruits contain sodium as an individual electrolyte and they contain chloride as an individual electrolyte. I really hope you are not avoiding healthy fats. They WILL heal you. Sodium is essential in its own right! Chloride is essential in its own right. You are not analyzing this correctly. It resolved immediately by adding salt to diet.

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