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But please buy and prepare your own meals using fresh whole foods. Carrie, Sorry about that! I agree with all that you said Alanna. I love this website A support group is a great idea. The Trim Down Club helps folks make the change for life. I am fully satisfied with the food and have no trouble keeping on track except that I am having no results.

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The choice comes down to this: If you swap your FitPoints for extra SmartPoints, you'll make the WW program easier to live with, as your increased SmartPoints allotment will allow you to eat more.

You will have to decide which tactic feels right for you. You'll have to adjust your Weight Watchers account default settings in order to make this happen.

Don't worry -- we'll show you exactly how to do this in a moment. Shake things up with this dietitian-designed plan which requires almost no cooking to jump-start your weight loss. When you've reached your goal weight, then return to Weight Watchers for maintenance. Works best for singles and empty-nesters who don't have to do a lot of family cooking.

You can exchange your daily FitPoints for SmartPoints on a one-for-one basis, which means you can eat a bit more each day if you're active.

To swap your FitPoints for increased SmartPoints, you must change the default settings in your Weight Watchers account. See image below for details. Each member is assigned a numerical FitPoints Goal for the week.

Since you earn FitPoints with physical activity of any kind, the concept is that Weight Watchers is trying to encourage you to be more active. Weight Watchers hopes that you will strive to meet this goal.

After you meet it consistently, they will raise the goal, a little at a time. When you first sign up, you'll be asked a number of questions. The good folks at Weight Watchers decide your initial weekly FitPoints Goal number, based on your age, gender, weight, and activity level.

You could be doing aerobics, or you could just be walking to work, waging war against bathroom soap scum, or dancing your heart out at a party. You just have to keep track of the amount of time you engaged in the activity, and the intensity level low, moderate, or high of the activity.

You're not sweating from the activity, or breathing more rapidly than normal. You're breathing more rapidly than normal, but not out of breath not winded. You are able to converse but not able to sing while performing the activity. You can't converse normally while performing this activity, but can only utter short phrases.

Weight Watchers Research Dept. You can either enter it manually in the activity section of your account, or you can use a tracking device or app, such as Fitbit, which connects directly to your Weight Watchers account. The revamp took effect in December , when Weight Watchers introduced their holistic Beyond the Scale approach sounds like a sci-fi sequel: Star Wars Episode 14, Beyond the Scale.

For one, Weight Watchers says that your weekly FitPoints goal is fully personalized for you by WW, taking into account your age, gender, height, weight, and current activity level.

Previously, with Activity Points, you would just calculate the points to earn using a more generalized, clumsier online tool.

The actual FitPoints you earn that are exchangeable for SmartPoints doesn't really vary much based on your weight and gender. The number of points you earn is overwhelmingly based on the time and intensity of the activity.

FitPoints are easier to earn as well. Here is the link: Something I like to do is is make a big pot of chicken broth with onion carrots celery and cilantro.

Then I make brown rice on the side and 4oz chickens nothing added. The vegi soup alone can be a great 0point snack or shred 4oz chicken and add half cup brown rice and it can be a meal. Fruits and veggies are free so be creative. I also have nutri bullet and I love throwing spinach kale carrots any vegetables really with a cup of juice to sweeten it and a few fruits and it makes a yummy smoothie HEALTHY!

You don't have to go over bored and spend so much. Drink lots of water. I usually only use one piece of bread. I was hungry at first all the time but your stomach shrinks and now I'm full all the time! Everything was in my cupboatd. No fancy meal involved. Eg Breakfast baked beans wholemeal toast etc…Is there something this simple still around. While we don't have a WW meal plan designed specifically with simple ingredients in mind, we do offer many Weight Watchers recipes that fit this description.

Enter the term "Weight Watchers" into our search bar for a complete list of all we offer. I tried Weight Watchers a few years ago. I lost a few pounds. But I stopped because I hated to weigh everything.

Do you have some tips for me? Maybe I'll give it another chance.. We actually don't have weight watchers information on the site, we just add the points to our recipes for those who follow their program.

Shannon, Unfortunately, we do not have a grocery list associated with this plan. Do u still sell ur food weekly that go w ur program. There use to be a booklet that planned out what to eat and how much does any one have this booklet.

I am 74 years old and have been on weight watchers before. Joan, Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Purchase two light weight dumbbells, pounds.

Grab a kitchen chair, have a seat, and do this routine: Look on youtube for chair yoga. The important thing is to start out slow and gradually build to something a little more challenging. This is really great! Furthermore, the Weight Watchers program may be too lenient for those who struggle with self-control.

Theoretically, members can choose to eat foods high in sugar and low in nutrients and still stay under their set amount of SmartPoints.

Though some find the freedom to choose their own foods liberating and thrive under the points system, those who have a hard time sticking to healthy choices may benefit from a stricter program. Although the Weight Watchers point system emphasizes whole, unprocessed foods including vegetables, fruits and lean proteins, no foods are off limits. While healthy choices are encouraged, members can choose any foods they want, as long as they stay under their daily SmartPoints allotment.

Weight Watchers makes healthy food more tempting to members by assigning zero SmartPoints to a list of over healthy foods. While the SmartPoints system allows members to choose any food they like, Weight Watchers discourages eating unhealthy foods.

Weight Watchers urges members to avoid foods high in sugar and saturated fats , including:. However, Weight Watchers makes it clear that no foods are off limits and members can eat their favorite snacks and desserts as long as they stay within their designated SmartPoints. This can be challenging for dieters that struggle with self-control and should be considered when deciding if Weight Watchers is a good fit for you. Most meal ideas provided by Weight Watchers focus on fresh, whole foods, although dessert recipes are available as well.

Members can choose home-cooked recipes provided by Weight Watchers, or eat any food they desire, as long as it fits within their SmartPoints limit. Weight Watchers encourages members to keep weight-loss friendly foods on hand. Purchasing healthy foods minimizes temptation and ensures that members have the ingredients necessary to prepare fresh, tasty meals at home.

Weight Watchers is a popular weight-loss program that attracts hundreds of thousands of new members every year. Its flexible, points-based system appeals to many dieters and stresses the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

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