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Business Associate shall make such amendment within 30 days of the written request of Provider. Punitive damages are awarded only in special cases where conduct was egregiously insidious and are over and above the amount of compensatory damages, such as in the event of malice or intent. If you do not wish to be bound by what you read, you should not place any orders through the Site. For example, a court can annul a marriage, which means it was never valid, in contrast to making a divorce order, which means a valid marriage is ended. A contract can also be terminated without being completed, for example if one party breaks the contract, or it is impossible to carry out. See also ICO intensive correction order. The Customer may not assign its rights under these terms and conditions without ABP's prior written consent.


Prime Video Direct Digital License Agreement

Investment securities, overissue, Judgments awarding damages, Justice courts, jurisdiction in action for damages, 4. Abandonment of property by tenant, Commercial premises, violations, C. Emergency assistance requests, adverse action based on, A. Failure to return security deposit, A. Lease-purchase agreements for personal property, violations, Lease-purchase or installment-purchase agreements by State, actions involving property subject to, Legislators, actions against, Letters of credit, wrongful dishonor, Libel in newspaper, Liens, false liens against public officers or certain others, Bank deposits and collections, Bills of lading, Sales, Uniform Commercial Code, Limited-liability partnerships, parties to actions, Limited partnerships, liability for false filings, 87A.

Liquor wholesalers, actions by, Livestock and farm products, actions against certain licensees, Manufactured buildings, unlicensed activities, Emergency assistance requests, adverse action based on, B. Purchase or placement of homes, B. Manufactured or mobile homes, unlicensed activities, Consequential damages, prohibitions on recovery, Failure to record discharge or release, Void provisions in contracts or other agreements, Minimum wage enforcement actions, proposed constitutional amendment, Art.

Mortgage lending fraud, Brokers, bond requirements, Electronic tracking or starter interruption technology devices, deceptive trade practices, Franchises, actions by dealers, Lemon law buybacks, Manufacturers, distributors, dealers and rebuilders, bond requirements, Negotiable instruments, converted instrument, Nurses and nursing assistants, retaliation for whistleblowing, Obstruction of ingress or egress to property, remedies, Partnerships, wrongful dissolution, Perjury or subornation of perjury, liability on conviction, Pets, liability for causing injury or death of certain pets, Planning and zoning, actions against state or local agencies, Political subdivisions, officers and employees, actions against, Private transfer fee obligations, violations, Professional negligence actions, False liens against, Public utilities, actions for damage to or theft of property, Public works contracts, unlawful acts, Punitive damages See also Exemplary damages, this heading.

Common-interest communities, violations, Condominium hotels, violations, B. Deceptive trade practices directed toward elderly or persons with disabilities, Determination in subsequent proceeding, Child support, wrongfully refusing to withhold wages, 31A.

Debts owed to state agencies, wrongful refusal to withhold income, C. Employee actions, liability for, Unemployment compensation fraud, unlawful acts based on withholding of wages, Financial condition of defendant, admissibility, Foreclosures, actions against persons performing covered services, F.

Governmental agencies or officers, award in action against prohibited, Insurance against liability for punitive damages, A. Interception of communications, violations, Loans secured by real property, fraudulent conduct by borrower, Perjury or subornation of perjury, injury resulting from, Salvage titles, fraudulent acts, Service animals, unlawful acts relating to, Telemarketing, unlawful acts directed toward elderly or persons with disabilities, B.

Racketeering, civil actions, False representation concerning title or lien, Private transfer fee obligations, liability, Quiet title actions, Receiving stolen property, treble damages, Secured transactions, secured party, Sexual assault, unlawful disclosure of identifying information, Shoplifting, liability for theft or damage to property, Slander by radio or television broadcast, Definition, libel or slander actions, Uniform Commercial Code, Spouses suing jointly, segregation of damage awards, Storage tanks, violations concerning, Structured settlements, court approval of agreement to transfer right to payments, Tanning establishments, use by minors, Telemarketing, violations by sellers, B.

Ticket resellers or secondary exchanges, violations, Time shares, misrepresentations, A. Title loan services, violations, A. Trade secrets, misappropriation, A. Trademarks, unlawful use, Trauma or emergency care, liability of persons rendering, Travel trailers, unlicensed activities, Unfair trade practices, A.

Consequential damages, restrictions on recovery, Video service, action for unlawful interception, Commingling of fungible goods, Duplicate receipts, failure to indicate, Limitation or increase in liability by terms of receipt, Loss of or injury to goods, Nonreceipt or misdescription of goods, Omissions in receipt, Overissue of receipts, Sale to enforce lien, violations, Wrongful death actions, Zoning, actions against state or local agencies, Alteration, construction or reconstruction, approval, Beavers and beaver dams, removal, Carey Act lands, construction of dams, ch.

Diversion of water, when unlawful, Highways, unlawful to cause water to flow on, Inspections by State Engineer, Irrigation districts, power to construct dams, State lands, laws do not authorize use without authorization from State Land Registrar, Weirs, construction required, Wildlife Commissioners, Board of, plans filed with, Sex offenders, patronizing sexually-oriented businesses prohibited as condition of parole, A. Disabilities, persons with, personal injury actions, Equal enjoyment of facilities, entitlement, Actions against organizations, False or misleading representations, Registration and security required to advertise services, Agent for service of process, Applicability of laws, Closure of studio, election of remedies, Automatic renewal of contract prohibited, Number and costs of lessons, inclusion, Rights and remedies of injured consumers, Suspension and extension, Disability of buyer during term of contract, rights, False or misleading representations prohibited, Noncompliance with laws, correction of violations, Place of business, rights of buyer on relocation, Pre-sales, definition, security requirements, Quarterly reports of membership, Cancellation of contract, Closure of studio, Noncompliance with laws by studio, Notice and acknowledgments, nondeposit of security for refunds, Issuance of certificate, Required before advertising or conducting business, Transfer or assignment prohibited, Civil and criminal penalties, Deceptive trade practice, Suspension of privilege to do business, Administration and enforcement of laws, Administration of drugs, authority, Advanced practice registered nurses See Practitioners, this heading.

Agents of Board of Pharmacy, immunity from prosecution, Alcohol abuse counselors, grounds for disciplinary action, C. Ambulances and other authorized vehicles, purchase of supplies, Amount of drug needed to sustain conviction for offense, Audiologists, grounds for disciplinary action, B. Botox injections, persons authorized, prohibited acts, Burden of proof in criminal proceedings, Chemotherapeutic agents, injecting patients with, requirements, Public and Behavioral Health, Division of, regulation, Chart order defined, Chiropractors, grounds for disciplinary action, Confidentiality of information, Convictions, grounds for license suspension or revocation, Cosmetology licensees, grounds for disciplinary action, A.

Delivery to hospital or care facility without pharmacy on premises, Dentists See Practitioners, this heading. Dietitians, grounds for disciplinary action, E. Certificate to dispense, fee and requirements, Conditions and limitations on dispensing, Drug abuse counselors, grounds for disciplinary action, C. Evidence, destruction of unnecessary quantity, Exchange or trade by pharmacists authorized, Exemptions from regulation, False representations in telephone conversations to obtain, Family resource centers, prohibited services and procedures, A.

Furnishing without prescription, conditions, Hearing aid specialists and apprentices, grounds for disciplinary action, B. Homeopathic physicians See Practitioners, this heading. Inhaling or ingesting drug to induce euphoria or hallucinations unlawful, Inspection of stock, Investigation Division, duties of Chief, Medical assistants, possession and administration, Felony committed with assistance of child, additional penalty, Furnishing drugs to minors unlawfully, penalty, Use of minors to procure drugs unlawful, Nasal inhalers, unlawful possession or sale, Authority to dispense, Department of Corrections, employees, Optometrists See Practitioners, this heading.

Osteopathic physicians See Practitioners, this heading. Peace officers, immunity from prosecution, Penalties for violations, Perfusionists, grounds for disciplinary action, Physician assistants See Practitioners, this heading. Physicians See Practitioners, this heading. Podiatric physicians See Practitioners, this heading. Interstate commerce, drugs banned from, Without prescription unlawful, Authority to prescribe, Dentists, unprofessional conduct involving dangerous drugs, Furnishing without prescription, Disciplinary action, grounds for, A.

Emergency treatment for abuse, rendering, Felony or other conviction, notification to licensing board, A. Disciplinary action, grounds, Diversion program for drug dependency, Felony or other conviction, notification to licensing board, Unprofessional conduct, acts constituting, Physician assistants, grounds for disciplinary action, Disciplinary action, grounds for, Authority to dispense and prescribe, Podiatric physicians, authority to dispense and prescribe, Professional license, surrender, revocation or suspension constitutes immediate suspension of authority concerning drugs, Purchase of dangerous drugs by practitioners, Records, maintenance and inspection, Furnishing drugs without prescription, Problem gambling counselors, grounds for disciplinary action, C.

Records of purchases and sales, Regulations, certain drugs may be limited or restricted, Respiratory care practitioners, grounds for disciplinary action, Social workers, grounds for disciplinary action, B. Speech-language pathologists, grounds for disciplinary action, B. Unlawful dispensing or furnishing, Veterinarians See Practitioners, this heading. Wholesalers, definition, stock open to inspection, Audit of businesses, Eligible machinery or equipment used at new or expanded centers, Investigation of eligibility, Personal property located at new or expanded centers, Qualified projects in certain geographic locations, requirements, Reports to Legislature, Compliance with provisions of law, when deemed, A.

Computerized personal information, duties upon discovery of security breach, A. Contracts for disclosure of personal information, required provisions, A. Security measures for records containing personal information, A. Social security numbers, unlawful posting or display, penalties, Waiver of security provisions void and unenforceable, A.

Fiscal year, commencement, Art. Legislative sessions, commencement and adjournment, Art. Presumption, writing truly dated, Administration of controlled substance to aid in commission of violent crime. Investigation, polygraphic examination of victim restricted, Minor victims, reporting requirements, Psychological or psychiatric examination of victim or witness, exclusion of certain testimony, Aborted embryo or fetus, commercial use prohibited, Anatomical Dissection, Committee on, Communicable diseases, testing of certain decedents, A.

Death certificates, duties, Notification to others of death of decedent, duties, Determination of death, Anatomical Gift Act, Revised Uniform, Burial or removal permit, requirement, Cremation, disposal of residue, Death certificate, requirement, Disposition of body, statements as to, Exhumation of remains, permits, Fingerprinting of unidentified bodies, Grave robbing unlawful, penalties, Human remains defined, Medical facility, release of body to funeral director, Autopsies, notice to parents or guardian and placement of internal organs, Unidentified bodies, procedures to assist in identification, Cemetery authority, removal by, Religious cemetery, removal from, Without authority unlawful, Sale or purchase without authority unlawful, Seizure or detention of remains unlawful, State Disaster Identification Team, duties during emergencies, Delivery to Committee on Anatomical Dissection, Veterans, report to Department of Veterans Services, duties, Genetic marker testing, Minors, procedures to assist in identification, Aging and Disability Services Division, duties, A.

Creation, powers and duties, A. Director, appointment, duties, A. Actions for personal injuries, contributory negligence, Audiologists, licensing and regulation, ch. Centers operated by State, establishment, services, funding, A. Hearing aid specialists, licensing and regulation, ch. Independent living services, program for persons needing, A. Prescription drug prices, access to information, B.

Purpose of provisions, Speech-language pathologists, licensing and regulation, ch. Telecommunication devices or other assistive technology. Elections, provision of information and materials in useable format, Program to provide to persons with impaired speech or hearing, A. Warranties on sale or lease of devices, Accounts in financial institutions, transfer-on-death accounts, Affidavit of death, recording requirements, Allergy or asthma self-medication by school pupils, immunities, Finding of presumed death admissible in evidence, High school diploma, issuance to certain veterans, posthumous issuance, Official reports of military authorities of missing person, Attorneys, appointment of other attorney or appearance of party in person, S.

Bank customer, authority of bank, Benefits payable pursuant to insurance or annuity contract, procedures, ch. Boats, certificates of ownership in beneficiary form, Cause of action not lost by reason of death, Agencies which provide child welfare services, duties following death of child, G.

Consumers in mental health facilities, B. Government or private facilities, audit following death of child, G. Sudden infant death syndrome, Constables to report death in certain counties to public administrators, Failure to render or seek medical assistance for victim, penalty, Made available by another person, death caused by, Prescribed substances, death caused by, duties of coroner or medical examiner, immunity from liability, Diabetes self-medication by school pupils, immunities, Counting of votes cast for deceased candidates, Disposition of unspent contributions, A.

Effect of election of deceased candidate, Notice regarding death of candidate, posting at polling place, Vacancies in nomination, procedures for filling, Equine activities, death of participants, liability, Farm equipment dealers, procedures following death, Felonious and intentional killing of decedent, forfeiture of property, rights and benefits by culpable actor, ch. Grief support services, funding, Guardianships, notice regarding death or impending death of protected person, Health care procedure performed without license resulting in death, penalty, Hunting accidents, reports, Intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities, persons with.

Disposition of personal property, Notification and burial, Parent or guardian, effect of death, Life-sustaining treatment, withholding or withdrawal, A.

Medical Examiners, Board of, authority to take possession of health care records upon death of licensee, Medical review committees, access by autopsy records, B. Mental health facilities, consumers, Certificate of title in beneficiary form, effect, Crashes involving peace officer, investigation, Next-of-Kin Registry, procedures in event of death of registrant, Negotiable instruments, effectiveness of signature, Nonprobate transfers of property upon death, Notaries public, actions following death of notary, Notice, requirements after determination of death, Nurses, powers and duties relating to death of patients, Accidents resulting in death, investigations, procedures, Violation resulting in death, penalty, Offenders in state facilities, autopsy of, Older persons, investigation of death suspected from abuse, neglect, isolation or abandonment, Abatement of action, Verdict before death, judgment may be entered after, Persons required to furnish information, Physician assistants, powers and duties relating to deaths of patients, Powers of Appointment Act, Uniform, effect of death of powerholder before exercise or release of power, B.

Joint tenant, termination of interests, Life tenancy, termination of interests, Person not heard from in 3 years, Spouse holding community property with right of survivorship, Payment of final compensation, Vacancy in office caused by death, Real property sale or lease, death on site immaterial, exception, Disposition of body, statement concerning, Public administrators, receipt of list, Sheriffs, required reports, Skydiving accidents, reports, Committee to Review Suicide Fatalities, Surgical procedure performed without license resulting in death, penalty, Survival of actions, death after verdict, Taxes on estates, ch.

Tenant or cotenant, right to terminate lease due to death, A. Vehicle franchises, death of dealer, Vulnerable persons, investigation of death suspected from abuse, neglect, isolation or abandonment, Without medical attendance, procedures following, Alteration, prohibited acts, penalty, Manner of defining, Notaries public, prohibited acts, Preservation by local health officer, Cremation of human remains, requirements, Entries by physician, health officer or coroner, False information, furnishing unlawful, Form and contents, Inspection by public, Presentation of completed certificate, Preservation and indexing, Prohibitions against preparation and issuance, Registrar of voters or county clerk, receipt of copies of certificates, State Registrar, release of certain information, Stillbirths, form and contents, Unlawful acts, penalties, Use by certain entities authorized, Briefing schedule, NRAP 31 a.

Filing by fax machine, NRAP 25 a 4. Order following appeal, Procedure on direct appeal from judgment of conviction and sentence of death, S. Stay of execution pending appeals, Appeals, Court of, to review sentence, Appointed attorney other than public defender, fees, 7. Appointment and qualifications, S. Defense team, appointment, Number who may argue case, Biannual status reports of cases where death penalty imposed, S.

Checklist of legal issues, S. Commission of crime for which punishment is death while under sentence of imprisonment, Minor, crime committed as, commutation authorized, Notice of application unnecessary, Parole, restrictions when death penalty commuted to lesser penalty, Procedure following commutation, Prohibition against commutation to sentence allowing parole, exception, Art.

Date of execution, notice to Supreme Court, S. District courts, rules governing procedure in capital cases, S. Execution of sentence, Habeas corpus procedure when petitioner sentenced to death, Declare defendant to be person with intellectual disability, motion to, Set aside penalty, motion to, Stay of execution, Lethal injection, execution by, Method, time and place of execution, Commutation of sentence for crime committed as minor authorized, Prohibition against imposition of sentence on person less than 18 years of age when crime committed, Murder of the first degree, punishment, Perjury or subornation of perjury to procure execution of innocent person.

Habitual felons, definition, punishment, Relatives of victim, notification of and presence at execution, Entry of stay of execution, notice, S. Genetic marker analysis of evidence against defendant, stay pending results, Insanity of defendant, Intellectual disabilities, defendants with, stay of execution pending determination, Petitions for postconviction relief, Pregnancy of defendant, When execution may be stayed, generally, Hearing of cases, NRAP 17 a.

Review of sentence, Unexecuted sentence, proceedings to require execution of, New, execution of judgment when defendant found sane, Notice to Supreme Court, S. Return on warrant by Director of Department of Corrections, Witnesses to execution, Fraudulent use, penalty, Printing more than last five digits on receipt restricted, Sale or purchase of number unlawful, exception, Airline ticket obtained by illegal use of debit card, Body shops, notice of acceptance of payments, Business records, security of personal information, duties, ch.

Campaign practices, reporting requirements for expenses or expenditures, A. Constables, payment of fees, authority to charge convenience fee, Courts, acceptance of payments, 1. Cruise ship ticket obtained by illegal use of debit card, Defenses not available, Electronically printed receipts, restrictions on contents, Equipment to produce cards, possession, Expiration date, printing on receipt restricted, Expired card, use with intent to defraud, False statements to procure issuance, Financial forgery laboratories, unlawful acts, penalty, Forfeiture of property used in commission of crime, Racketeering, crime related to, Fraud by person authorized to provide goods or services, Fraudulent use of card, number or description, Approval by Nevada Gaming Control Board, Garage operators, notice of acceptance of payments, Incomplete debit cards, possession, Insufficient money or property to cover debit from account, Liability, use of invalid debit card, Limousines, fare payments, Local governments, acceptance of payments, Misrepresentation to issuer by person authorized to honor debit card, Prepaid or stored value cards, investigation of criminal use, Presumption of intent to defraud, Purchase of card, number or description, penalty, Railroad ticket obtained by illegal use of debit card, Receiving property or services obtained by unlawful use of debit card, Revocation, when presumed to have knowledge of, Sale of card, number or description unlawful, exception, Scanning devices and reencoders, unlawful acts, Schools, financial literacy courses, Security for debt, obtaining control of debit card as, Signing debit card or debit transaction document with intent to defraud, State agencies, acceptance of payments, Stolen cards, receiving unlawfully, Taxes, method of payment, Taxicabs, fare payments, Theft of debit card, penalty, Tow car operators, acceptance, duties and powers, Capital improvement plans, receipt, Chief financial officer of municipality, submission of information concerning, Debt management policies, receipt, Financial consultants, employment, General improvement districts, approval of bond issues, General obligation debt of municipalities, approval, Library districts, approval of bond issues, Parks, trails and open space districts, approval of bond issues, A.

Proposed incurrence of debt or levy of special elective tax, duties, Reports by municipalities, School districts, approval of bond issues, Southern Nevada Water Authority, approval of certain bond issues, A. Applicability of laws, A. Citation of laws, A. Construction of Act, A. Delegation of duties, liability for conduct of another, A. English, documents to be provided in, A.

Fines for violations, A. Good faith, duties, A. Investigations and examinations, List of providers, duties of Commissioner, A. Money received for distribution to creditors, duties, A. Issuance of certificate, A. Out-of-state certification, alternate procedure, A. Period of validity, A. Surety bond or deposit in lieu, requirements, A. Suspension or revocation, A. Temporary certificates of registration, A. Toll-free communication system, requirements, A.

Unregistered persons, prohibited acts, A. Asset-Backed Securities Facilitation Act, Bail or commitment, Cooperative associations, property subject to judgment and execution for debt, In addition, you agree to update that information to maintain its truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness.

You represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen 18 years of age and have the legal capacity and authority to be bound by this Agreement. Your registration information and other information about you is subject to our Privacy Policy: Real Estate Professional User.

If you register as an Real Estate Professional User, you represent, warrant, and agree that: You agree that you are solely liable for all actions taken via your password, whether or not made with your knowledge or authority. You agree to guard your password carefully, with the full awareness that a failure to keep it secure will enable others to engage in transactions through the Elm Street Website for which you will be legally responsible. If you suspect that someone may have obtained access to your password, who is not intended to have authority to act on your behalf, please contact Elm Street immediately to authorize Elm Street to deny access to the Elm Street Website to anyone else presenting your password.

You understand and agree that Elm Street may require you to change your account password from time to time for security purposes and may require additional security measures for you to access your Account. You represent and warrant that you will not use the Elm Street Website for any purpose that is unlawful, or prohibited by these terms, conditions, notices, and any applicable rules and regulations. Elm Street hereby grants you the limited right to access and use the Elm Street Website only for the purposes of accessing, viewing, downloading, posting, and printing information from and to the Elm Street Website for your personal and non-commercial use.

Elm Street reserves the right to suspend or deny, in its sole discretion, your access to all or any portion of the Elm Street Website as described in Section 16 below. Any rights not expressly granted to you herein are reserved to Elm Street. The Elm Street Website may include information, tips, facts, views, and opinions. Real Estate Professional Users. If you are a Real Estate Professional User, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for your use of the Elm Street Website and compliance with any laws and regulations relating to the provision of real estate brokerage and agent services, including, without limitation, satisfying all applicable agency, non-agency, and other disclosure obligations, execution of any required agreements, and compliance with the policies of your MLS.

You represent and warrant that any information you provide in connection with the Elm Street Website, including the content included in your My Account profile, Agent Directory information and profile, Elevate and or Business Builder Website, or any other feature or service of the Elm Street Website is true, accurate, and complete, and that you agree to update that information in order to maintain its truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness.

If you are a Consumer User, you acknowledge and agree that: If you are a Service Provider User, you acknowledge and agree that: You also represent and warrant that: Consumer Users and Agent Users. If you are a Consumer User or Agent User, you acknowledge and agree that if you use the products or services of a Service Provider, you agree to be bound by any Additional Terms associated with such use, all of which are incorporated herein by reference.

Although Service Providers are advertised and listed on the Elm Street Website, such Service Providers are not endorsed, recommended, or otherwise affiliated with Elm Street or its employees and agents.

You may contact any of the Service Providers directly, and in some cases you may request through the Elm Street Website that the Service Providers contact you directly. Agent or Broker Compensation. Under certain circumstances, Elm Street may pay an Agent or Broker that recommends a Service Provider a sales commission for advertising or service directory services the Service Provider purchases from Elm Street in connection with the Elm Street Website.

Agent or Broker Users. You authorize Elm Street to include information you provide in your My Account profile or in any other area of the Elm Street Website to be included in the publicly displayed Agent Directory of the Elm Street Website, unless you notify Elm Street in writing to remove your name from such Agent Directories.

You represent and warrant that any information you provide that is included in the Agent Directory is true, accurate, and complete, and that you agree to update that information in order to maintain its truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness.

You agree that even though the Elm Street Website contains an Agent Directory, Elm Street does not endorse or recommend any Agents or Brokers listed on or using the Elm Street Website, including those promoted in any Agent Directory or otherwise, and makes no representations regarding the skills or service of such Agents or Brokers. You shall not copy, distribute, alter, display, perform, publish, or create derivative works from such Content.

Systematic retrieval of data or other Content from the Elm Street Website to prepare any collection, compilation, database, or directory is strictly prohibited.

The Listingbook Website and other Elm Street Websites may contain advertisements and hyperlinks to third party websites that are not under the control of Elm Street, including, without limitation, hyperlinks to the websites of Service Providers and advertisers. Elm Street, MLS, Agent and Broker are not responsible for any content in any advertisement or hyperlink on the Listingbook and Elm Street Websites or for any content in any hyperlinked website.

If you access a third party website from the Listingbook and Elm Street Websites, then you do so at your own risk. A hyperlink to a third party website does not imply that Elm Street, MLS, Agent, or Broker endorse the content on or the business of the hyperlinked website.

Elm Street provides hyperlinks only as a convenience. Additionally, your dealings with or participation in promotions of advertisers or Service Providers found on the Listingbook or other Elm Street Websites, including payment for and delivery of goods and services, and any other terms such as warranties are solely between you and such advertisers or Service Providers.

You agree that Elm Street, MLS, Agent or Broker shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any sort relating to your dealings with such advertisers or Service Providers. Behavioral advertising companies may use cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information during your visit to the Elm Street websites in order to help show advertisements on other websites likely to be more interesting to you. However, subject to the Elm Street Privacy Policy, you hereby grant Elm Street a royalty-free, perpetual, world-wide license to use including, without limitation, the rights to: By posting messages, uploading files including graphics , inputting data, submitting any feedback or suggestions, or engaging in any other form of communication with or through Elm Street, you represent and warrant that you own or otherwise possess the rights necessary to do so and to grant Elm Street the license set forth above, and you will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Elm Street and its, officers, directors, managers, members, employees, agents and partners from any third party claims, damages, or judgments, including attorneys fees and litigation costs and expenses related to a breach of any of your foregoing representations,, warranties, duties or obligations.

It is your responsibility to verify any information provided to you through the Elm Street Website. You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, you will file any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to your use of the Elm Street Website or this Agreement within one 1 year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred. This and any other duty of indemnification set forth herein shall survive any termination of your account or use of the Elm Street Website.

Elm Street respects your right to privacy and understands that visitors to and account holders with the Elm Street Website need to be in control of their personal information. To that end, Elm Street has developed a Privacy Policy , and you should review it carefully.

You understand and agree that Elm Street in its sole discretion, may terminate your account and any corresponding subscriptions, delete any content stored in your account, direct you to cease using the Elm Street Website, and discontinue or restrict your access to the Elm Street Website, all without notice to you and for any reason.

In addition to the foregoing, if you are a Consumer User, you agree and understand that your Agent may terminate your Account in his or her sole discretion and that if your Agent ceases to be an Agent User then your Elm Street Consumer account will be terminated. Elm Street reserves the right to change pricing on any of its products or services in its sole discretion.

Renewals of monthly or annual subscriptions will be automatically extended for successive renewal periods of the same duration as the subscription term originally selected, at the then-current non-promotional subscription rate. To change or cancel your subscription at any time, call Elm Street Customer Service at Upon cancellation of your subscription, you may use your subscription until the end of your then-current subscription term; your subscription will not be renewed after your then-current term expires.

However, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for the then-current subscription period. For non-subscription products, e. Buyer Link property promotions or Quick Farm leads, all sales are final upon purchase and are not eligible for refund for any reason.

For more information, please see the Elm Street Pricing and Refund Policy, which is incorporated herein and may be accessed from the link at the bottom of the Elm Street Website homepage. Elm Street shall have the right to assign or otherwise transfer its rights or obligations under this Agreement whether by contract or operation of law without your consent.

You shall not have the right to assign, by contract, operation of law or otherwise, this Agreement or any of the rights, interests, or obligations hereunder. In the event that any provision of this Agreement is, becomes, or is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, unenforceable, or void, this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect without such provision.

The failure of Elm Street at any time or times to require performance of any provision hereof shall in no manner affect the right of Elm Street at a later time to enforce the same. You acknowledge that the Content contained in this Elm Street Website is controlled in and originates from the United States.

Elm Street makes no representation that any of the Content is appropriate or available for use in other locations. Elm Street has no responsibility for any access to this Elm Street Website from territories where the Content may be illegal or otherwise prohibited. If you choose to access this Elm Street Website from other locations, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws.

Any claim relating to the use of the Elm Street Website and any Content shall be governed by the internal substantive laws of the State of North Carolina, without regard to its conflicts of laws rules. You expressly consent to the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of North Carolina for any such claim.

These Terms of Use, as amended, and the consents provided by you, constitute the entire agreement between you and Elm Street. Further to Section 2 of this Agreement, you agree that Elm Street may amend or modify these Terms of Use or impose new conditions at any time by updating these Terms of Use on the Elm Street Website or upon notice from Elm Street to you as published through the Elm Street Website or by e-mail.

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