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Foods, Nutrition and Science
HES - How to Start: FUN - Family Fossiling. ENR - Find Mr. MGR - Emotional Intelligence. TEL - Pronunciation and Fluency.

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DCR - Science Rocks. DCR - Storytelling Toolbox. DCR - Inclsn Activities: DCR - Community Connections. DPR - Intro to Photoshop: DPR - Java for the Beginner.

DPR - Intermediate Word. DPR - Powerpoint Presentations. DPR - Introduction to Powerpoint. DPR - Intermediate Photoshop. DPR - Introduction to Flash 8. DPR - Intro to Quickbooks DPR - Introduction to Networking. DPR - Intermediate Oracle. DPR - Introduction to Alice 2. DPR - Intro to Oracle. DPR - Introduction to Excel DPR - Introduction to Linux.

DPR - Introduction to the Internet. DPR - Communicating on the Internet. DPR - Intro to Computers. DPR - Intro to Python 2. DPR - Intermediate Networking. DPR - Quickbooks DPR - Intro to Access DPR - Career Track: DPR - Wireless Networking: DPR - Advanced Access DPR - Intermediate Word DPR - Troubleshoot Excel: DPR - Intro to Powerpoint DPR - Advanced Powerpoint DPR - Intro to Word DPR - Advanced Excel DPR - Microsoft Windows 7.

DPR - Introduction to Windows 7. DPR - Introduction to Windows 8. DPR - What's New: DPR - Emerging Technologies. MS Office Ste DPR - Web 2. MS Excel , Level 2. DPR - Introduction to Programming.

DPR - Intermediate Quickbooks DPR - Computer Basics. DPR - Introduction to Windows DPR - Cmputer Essentials: DPR - Intro Powerpoint DPR - Introduction Quickbooks DPR - Intro Quickbooks DPR - Personal Computers: ELC - Electrical, Level 1. Wiring I, Pt II. ELC - Electric, Level 2. ELC - Basic Electricity. Can You Stop the C. ENR - Illusion Dressing. Anne of Green Gabl. ENR - Metaphysics for the Beginner. ENR - Aromatherapy I. ENR - Conquering Clutter: ENR - Change and Humor.

ENR - Movement for the Actor. ENR - Heroic Archetypes. ENR - Crossing Over. ENR - Crystal Magic. ENR - Gardening Year 'round. ENR - Flawless Makeup. ENR - Travel Tips. ENR - Herb Gardening. ENR - Feng Shui. ENR - The Tetramap. ENR - Caster's Delight. ENR - Storytelling for Adults. ENR - Information Exchange: ENR - Pocket Billiards.

ENR - Introduction to Hypnotherapy 1. Energy At Your Fi. ENR - World Religions. ENR - Home Staging: ENR - Clean Energy: ENR - Find Mr. ENR - Genealogy Basics.

ENR - Humoritis Laughingytis. ENR - Manifesting Love. ENR - Creative Couponing. ENR - Thinning Vineyard: ENR - Dissecting Design. ENR - Feng Shui: ENR - Feng Shui Car to Front Door.

ENR - Cultivating Compassion. ENR - Creative Writing. ESL - Citizenship Exam: ESL - Esl for Healthcare. ESL - Citizenship in Spanish. ESL - Easy English 1. ESL - Easy English 2. ESL - Pronunciation and Fluency. ESL - Pronunciation 1 and 2. ESL - Pronunciation and Fluency 2. ESL - Conversational English. ESL - Math Language: ESL - Pronunciation and Fluency 1. ESL - English Composition.

ESL - Listening and Speaking 3. ESL - Experience Writing. ESL - Reading and Writing 4. ESL - Grammar 2. ESL - Grammar 3. ESL - Writing 3: ESL - Listening and Speaking 4. FAM - Parenting for Excellence. FIN - Retirement Planning. FIN - Fundamentals of Investing. FIN - Stock Selection. FIN - Investment Clubs. FIN - Credit Wise. FIN - Budgeting for a Purpose.

FIN - Dispelling the Myth: FIN - Personal Finance. FIN - Comprehensive Inc. FIN - Identity Theft. FUN - All Aboard! FUN - Balloon Sculpturing. FUN - Curtain Call. FUN - Toddler University: FUN - Stock Car FUN - On a Roll. FUN - Think on It. FUN - Checks and Balances. FUN - African Dance: You're a College Graduat. FUN - Family Fossiling. FUN - Survival Dance. FUN - Decorative Finishes. FUN - Line Dancing. FUN - Summer Skies. FUN - Astronomy "to Go". FUN - Beaded Bangles. FUN - Gateways to Sleep.

FUN - Medicines of the Ancients. FUN - Landscapes in Watercolor. FUN - Wood Cutting. FUN - More "fun"damentals of Sculpti. FUN - "fun"damentals of Sculpting in. FUN - Basically Cooking. FUN - Wood Carving. GEN - Constructing Crosswords. GEN - Publicity on a Shoestring. GEN - Travel Arrangements: GEN - Driver Education. GEN - Your Family: GEN - Next Step: GEN - Notary Forum. GEN - Preference in Groups. GEN - Notarizing on the Job. GEN - Acknowledgment Jurat.

GEN - 21st Century Notary. GEN - Guarantors of Trust. GEO - Intro to Paleontology. GOU - Food Service: GOU - Maryland Vineyards. GOU - Tastes of Jamaica. GOU - Basic Cooking: GOU - Tailgate Cooking. GOU - Baking Basics: GOU - Beyond Chicken. HEO - Trn the Trainer: HES - Healthy Living.

HES - Dental Assisting: HES - Current Issues: HES - Medical Ofc. HES - First Aid. HES - Medicine Aide. HES - Home Aide: HES - Medical Terminology: HES - Finally Fit. HES - Step Aerobics. HES - Acls Provider. HES - Cpr for the Layperson. HES - Healing Methodologies: HES - Five for Fitness. HES - Refresher Nursing: HES - Phlebotomy Technician. HES - Healthy Living: HES - Understanding Relationships.

HES - Healthcare Informatics. HES - Weight Management. HES - Nutrition and Diabetes. HES - Spanish for Med. HES - How to Start: HES - Introduction to Aromatherapy. HES - Medical Math. HES - Family Caregiving. HES - Professionalism in Healthcare. HES - Certificate in Meditation. HES - Stretch Class. Indiv Directed Outcome Or. Behavior Principles and S. HES - Introduction to Biology. HES - Introduction to Chemistry. HES - Academic Support: HES - Medical Term 2: HES - Skills Needed: HIS - Great Decisions.

HIS - Understanding Islam. HIS - Mankind's Origins: HIS - Great Decisions: HIS - Local History. HIS - Skiing in Canada. HIS - Germany and the Holocaust. HIS - Women in Washington.

HIS - Environmental History. HIS - American History: HIS - Maryland History. HIS - "soul" Food in the Diaspora. HIS - European Culture. HIS - American History HIS - World History. HIS - Age of Moors: HIS - History of China. HIS - Irish History: HIS - Wine Education. His, Culture and Lng. HIS - History of Medicine. HRT - Preserve Harvest: HRT - Lawn Care. HRT - Introduction to Landscaping. HRT - Backyard Composting. HRT - Terrarium Workshop.

HRT - Backyard Fruits. HSM - Hospitality Entrepreneurship. HSM - Introduction to the Hospitalit. HSM - Using Technology: HSM - Pastry Making. HTC - Maryland's B. HTC - Bartending HYT - Business Etiquette. HYT - Social Media. HYT - Security Awareness. HYT - Financial Literacy. HYT - Customer Service. HYT - Resume Writing. HYT - Interviewing Techniques. HYT - Security Clearances. HYT - Business Networking. HYT - Student Guide: HYT - Students Orientation. INS - Insuring Watercraft.

INS - Risk Management. INS - Confidentiality Issues for the. INS - Real Estate: INS - Title Work: Now What Do I Do? INS - Directors and Officers. INS - Transportation Coverage. INS - Liability for Employers. Text Elements Visual Rhetoric: Process and Materials Overview: An Introduction Researching Programs: Practical Considerations Researching Programs: Drafting Your Statement Statements of Purpose: The Basics In-Text Citations: Basic Rules Reference List: Articles in Periodicals Reference List: Other Print Sources Reference List: Electronic Sources Reference List: Effect of handwashing on child health: Publication links from Hygiene Central Overviews Water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion.

National Institutes of Health. Water supply and sanitation: Tropical Medicine and International Health. Water, sanitation and hygiene at Kyoto - hand washing and sanitation need to be marketed as if they were consumer products. How to save a million lives. Hygiene and Hand washing Cairncross, S. What can hand hygiene do for the world? Ahead of Global Handwashing Day, the Hygiene Centre has updated estimates of the number of lives that can be saved by handwashing with soap.

The effect of a soap promotion and hygiene education campaign on handwashing behaviour in rural India: Tropical Medicine and International Health 14 10 , The role of media exposure, poverty and infrastructure. The case of handwashing with soap'. American Journal of Pubic Health Epidemiology and Infection 3 , Schmidt WP , Wloch, C. Formative research on the feasibility of hygiene interventions for influenza control in UK primary schools.

BMC Public Health , 9 , Hand and respiratory hygiene for influenza control in the general population. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Respiratory and Hand Hygiene in an Influenza Pandemic: Scientific Evidence Base Review. UK Department of Health. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol. Childhood diarrhea and observed hygiene behavior in Salvador, Brazil. American Journal of Epidemiology.

Hand washing with soap - a new way to prevent ARIs? Is hygiene promotion cost-effective? A case study in Burkina Faso. Domestic hygiene and diarrhoea - pinpointing the problem. How myths, monsters and mothers-in-law can promote behaviour change. Journal of Infection Potties, pits and pipes: Social Science and Medicine.

Child defecation behaviour, stool disposal practices, and childhood diarrhoea in Burkina Faso: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Too clean, or not too clean: Clinical and Experimental Allergy Bloomfield, S,.

Sanitation Clasen T, Sugden S Water and Sanitation Chapter 2. What Needs to Be Done? PLoS Med 7 Irrigation and Drainage Systems Quantifying health improvements from water quantity enhancement: Household water treatment and the Millennium Development Goals: Cochrane Database Syst Rev.

Turbidity and chlorine demand reduction using alum and moringa flocculation before household chlorination in developing countries. J Water Health 8 1 , Jenkins and Sandy Cairncross Modelling latrine diffusion in Benin: Journal of Water and Health 8: Microbiological effectiveness of locally produced ceramic filters for drinking water treatment in Cambodia. Journal of Water and Health 8 1: Water, sanitation and hygiene for the prevention of diarrhoea. Int J Epidemiol , 39 Sup 1 , Lessons Learned and to be Learned.

Biran A and Jenkins M. Communal Toilets in Urban Poverty Pockets: Use and user satisfaction associated with seven communal toilet facilities in Bhopal, India. Achieving the 'good life': The Case for Marketing Sanitation. Sanitation in the developing world: International Journal of Environmental Health Research.

Water Supply and Sanitation. Tropical Medicine and International Health, Vol. Irrigation water as a source of drinking: Point-of-use Water Treatment in Emergency Response. Trop Med Int Health. A randomized controlled trial in rural Ethiopia to assess the LifeStraw personal water filter. Laboratory assessment of a gravity-fed ultrafiltraton water treatment device designed for household use in low-income settings.

Schmidt WP, Cairncross S. World Health Organization Brown, J. Metal oxide amended ceramic media for the capture of viruses in drinking water. Environmental Technology 30 4: Sustained use of a household-scale water filtration device in rural Cambodia. Journal of Water and Health 7 3: Comment on Point of use household drinking water filtration: Environ Sci Technol 43 3 , ; author reply Turbidity and chlorine demand reduction using locally available physical water clarification mechanisms before household chlorination in developing countries.

J Water Health 7 3 , Field assessment of a novel household-based water filtration device: PLOS One 5 9: The microbiological effectiveness of disinfecting water by boiling in Guatemala. Household water treatment and safe storage in low-income countries, in Selendy J. Water and Sanitation Related Diseases and the Environment: Challenges, Interventions and Preventive Measures.

Comment on An observational study on the effectiveness of point-of-use chlorination. J Environ Health 72 2 , Effect of production variables on microbiological removal in locally-produced ceramic filters for household water treatment. Int J Environ Health Res 20 3 , Hypochlorite solution expiry and stability in household water treatment in developing countries. Journal of Environmental Engineering 2 , As assessment of the impact of a school-based safe water intervention on household adoption of point-of-use water treatment practices in Southern India.

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate NaDCC tablets as an alternative to sodium hypochlorite for the routine treatment of drinking water at the household level. Health [epub ahead of press: The Cochrane Library, Issue 3, Update Software in press Microbiological performance of a water treatment unit designed for household use in developing countries.

Int'l Health in press Preventing diarrhoea with household ceramic water filters: Protection of the Human Environment: Water, Sanitation and Health, Geneva Household-based ceramic water filters for the prevention of diarrhea: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Safe household water treatment and storage using ceramic drip filters: Water Science and Technology.

Reducing diarrhea through the use of household-based ceramic water filters: Is there an association between bacteriological drinking water quality and childhood diarrhoea in developing countries? Effect of chlorination of drinking-water on water quality and childhood diarrhoea in a village in Pakistan.

Journal of Health and Population Nutrition. Faecal contamination of drinking water during collection and household storage: Journal of Water and Health. Domestic transmission routes of pathogens: Reviewing the health impacts of improvements in water supply.

Sniehotta, Falko and Robert Aunger 'Stage models of behaviour change'. Aunger, Robert 'Three roads to cultural replication'. Evolutionary Psychology and Information Systems Research:

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