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6 Reasons to Avoid Meal Replacement Shakes
The Natural Berry Harvest Shake features unsaturated oils that come from natural sources, and avoid trans fats. I had an allergic reaction to something in the ingredients of this product and I am now seeing an allergist. Most non-dairy options exist as either protein supplements or meal replacements with insufficient or incomplete sources of protein. This meal replacement shake includes a mix of super-fruit and antioxidant ingredients like camu-camu, acai, goji berry, and green tea. I use almond milk and lots of ice in a blender, I'm usually not a chocolate fan, but find the taste amazing and it really does stop cravings thru-out the day and I have more energy and I'm feeling better each day

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Shakeology – Vanilla

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention taste tastes milk flavor lyfe drink almond chocolate ingredients mix fuel tasting delicious mixes powders texture energy sugar morning brands. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Small Bag Verified Purchase. This stuff tastes great, fills me up, and mixes well with my bullet mixer. I do have some issues with the container. It's really quite insulting when you open a package and it's filled only half-way up.

Why does this container need to be so big? Why don't they fill it with more product which they could charge more for? This company says it's an advocate for the environment, but this container is sooo wasteful and this is excessive slack-filling to a T. The nutrition, specifically protein powder industry, has seen an increase of law suits due to this slack filling. Which is also a form of false advertising by misleading consumers.

Furthermore, this is non-functional slack filling. Functional slack filling would be what you see when you open a bag of potato chips; this spaces helps to prevent damage to the product. I'm not going to be suing this company by any means but there are currently two class action lawsuits filed for excessive slack filling. If you're going to be an advocate for the environment, manage your containers better.

There is no reason this container needs to be so large. A sweet little company, made in the USA: I needed a shake that came in a planet friendly bag, bulk options, tasted good, lots of extra nutrients, legit enough to be a meal replacement, whole foods not chemicals, and preferably vegan protein.

LyfeFuel is all those things are more. I am 36 year old female 5'7'' lbs in decent shape but was feeling really bloated and worn down. I had been consistently working out with my friends but not losing weight or feeling more energetic like they were.

So I went to see my doctor. We decided I'd take a bit of a "solid food" break and do some elimination diet type testing. I never feel like I'm starving and Im losing weight.

This is a big deal. I researched the hell out of meal replacements. LyfeFuel is one of my favorite shakes that I reorder.

Actually, out of the 7 that I ordered, only LyfeFuel and Fit really tasted good to me. No bitter stevia after taste It really is weird when your trying to convince yourself Vega taste likes mocha..

I mainly use this now because it has a whole foods, comes in bag less waste , has a great nutrient profile and bonus nutrients that mean I save money on other supplements , its a kickass small "made in the usa" company, the bulk discount makes it more affordable, and I just like it. Both flavors I tried were comforting and filling, without being sickly sweet. I used to mix it in the blender, but all the extra bubbles were making my bloating worse.

Once I switched to the shaker bottle, everything was great. I actually like the little blobs that don't completely mix, it gives me little sweet nibs to chew on. LyfeFuel has helped get my tired body back up and running. I just couldn't get my act together enough to eat healthy home cooked meals a day. I couldn't grocery shop and organize and cook and wash dishes and meal plan and food diary everything.

So much organic, pricey food was going bad in my fridge. So this little shake break is going great for my body, my stress levels, and my budget! I have tried to get away from This is great stuff. I have tried to get away from whey protein and dairy in general and this has been a great substitute. It mixes well, tastes great and digests very well!

I don't get bloated at all which tends to happen with lots of meal replacements I have tried over the years.

There are a lot of plant based proteins out there that taste like dirt, and are tough on the wallet. This tastes great and is not overpriced. This to me is like a good substitute for Shakeology.

It has a lot of geat clean ingredients and the taste is pretty good too. I never really mixed mine with anything but almond milk and ice and found it very satisfying. It also agreed well with for a plant protein shake. More whey proteins don't and even some plant proteins still upset my stomach. This has been the most gently one yet.

I enjoyed the shake as a smoothie with frozen fruit and green machine all natural juice with a coconut water base. It kept me full and satisfied my cravings until lunch. I need to lose weight and think this will be a welcome addition as my go to breakfast before work. I just made my first shake this morning, and I am absolutely impressed! Rounding out the protein blend in the Natural Berry Harvest Shake is hemp protein. Known to be more easily digestible than other vegetable protein sources, hemp protein also helps contribute to a superior amino acid profile 5.

Together, both hemp and pea protein also contain bioactive peptides to support antioxidant status, similar to whey protein Consuming a diet high in fiber is a great way to maintain digestive health and gut regularity.

Fiber is also shown to help manage blood sugar after meals, improve satiety, and decrease caloric intake throughout the day resulting in successful weight loss and maintenance 9. In Non-Dairy Natural Berry Harvest Shake, for example, is considered an excellent source packed with 8 grams of dietary fiber per serving. But the facts are that fats are a crucial aspect of a healthy diet and belong in quality meal replacements.

However, not all fats are best. The Natural Berry Harvest Shake features unsaturated oils that come from natural sources, and avoid trans fats. The good fats found in the Natural Berry Harvest Shake are from olive, flax, and coconut oil. These natural oils deliver a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids to support cardiovascular health 10 and keep consumers feeling fuller, longer.

Medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil also supply a quick source of energy and have been shown to support weight management The glycemic index GI is a measure that ranks foods according to their effect on your blood sugar levels. It was created in the early s by Dr. David Jenkins, a Canadian professor 1. The rates at which different foods raise blood sugar levels are ranked in comparison with the absorption of 50 grams of pure glucose, which is used as a reference food and has a GI value of Foods with a low-GI value are the preferred choice, as they are slowly digested and absorbed, causing a slower and smaller rise in blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, foods with a high GI value should be limited since they are quickly digested and absorbed, resulting in a rapid rise and fall of blood sugar levels. It is important to note that foods are only assigned a GI value if they contain carbohydrates. The rate at which foods raise blood sugar levels depends on three factors: The GL is a measure of how a carbohydrate affects blood sugar levels, taking both the type GI and quantity grams per serving into account. The GI is still the most important factor to consider when following the low-GI diet.

However, the Glycemic Index Foundation, an Australian organization raising awareness about the low-GI diet, recommends that people also monitor their GL. You can use this database to find the GI and GL of common foods. Otherwise, the easiest way to aim for a GL under is to choose low-GI foods when possible and consume them in moderation.

Diabetes is a complex disease that affects millions of people worldwide 6. Those who have diabetes are unable to process sugars effectively, which can make it difficult to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. However, good blood sugar control helps prevent and delay the onset of complications, including heart disease, stroke and damage to the nerves and kidneys 7 , 8. A number of studies suggest that low-GI diets are effective at reducing blood sugar levels in people with diabetes 9 , 10 , 11 , Levels of this molecule are an average measure of blood sugar levels over a three-month period In other words, the lower-GI diets were associated with lower blood sugar levels over the long term.

The low-GI diet may also improve pregnancy outcomes in women with gestational diabetes mellitus GDM , a form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. There are plenty of healthy and nutritious foods to choose from.

You should base your diet on the following low-GI foods:. The following foods contain few or no carbohydrates and therefore do not have a GI value.

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