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Thanks for the article. Make sure to check the labels carefully when buying dairy products, as some of them contain a rather high amount of carbs. Chances are, you already enjoy many foods that are recommended on a ketogenic diet. I love the show and need to make changes. Please Spread the Word!

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Her hair begins to fall out and her nails begin to chip off with ease. Pretty soon, her skin starts to crack and It's implied the diet pill was in fact some sort of parasite which uses humans as a cocoon before hatching, looking exactly like the host, and the same thing had happened to the model's colleague before the story began. The Beginning of Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force , uses this as a Running Gag for Teana, who's worried that she's getting fat since she hasn't had the time to exercise due to getting swamped by desk work.

At first she only gains a slight amount of weight, but after some intensive dieting and exercise she significantly bloats up, driving her insane. Eventually she literally grows bigger than their house. It's at this point that the cause of this is revealed to be a ghost.

Stocking goes back to normal after she and Panty kill it. A Running Gag with Akko from Girl Friends , who is easily distracted by food and will often attempt various methods to lose weight as quickly as possible whenever she noticed that she gained some pounds.

Pochamani Being about a chubby heroine finding love, it's no surprise that this trope would be played with. It's largely averted with the main character of Tsumugi. Despite growing up teased about her weight and coming to think no one would ever love her, Mugi decided she had love herself first and foremost. It was this Fat and Proud attitude that attracted her first boyfriend Tagami, a Chubby Chaser who is attracted to her confidence as much as her appearance.

Since then the only time we have seen her worry about weight is an early chapter where she had overeaten to the point she was literally bursting out of her clothes. Even then she only focused on dieting enough to drop the unwanted excess. Akane Itou, a character introduced later, is a much straighter case.

She has many of the same woes as Mugi used to but has not yet had the same "love yourself" epiphany as Mugi did. Mugi takes Akane under her wing with the promise of helping her find that self-love for herself.

Since Akane doesn't want to feel fat, this takes the form of helping her with diet and exercise, hoping that the two of them together could do what one alone could not.

A one-shot horror manga story Fasting featured a chubby girl named Tomoko brutally mocked by the boy she likes. Tomoko is so hurt by this she starves herself out of desperation to become beautiful. One night her mother finds her sitting in front of the open fridge, content to just look at the food but never eating it. Some time later, Tomoko discovers that she's become slender and attractive and decides to speak to her old crush.

The jackass doesn't even recognize her as the girl he called a whale and they start to make out. At that point, Tomoko is so overcome with hunger, she bites off the guy's face and starts eating him. She doesn't even realize what she's doing until her hunger is sated. The castle comes with a robotic cat maid capable of cooking large and exquisite meals. When Zorori tries to tell her she doesn't need to cook so much the maid bursts into hysterical tears, so not wanting to upset her, Zorori, Ishishi and Noshishi eat everything she makes.

A few days pass, and all three have become very large and very fat, so much so that they aren't allowed to cross the repaired bridge because they might break it. Zorori finally takes matters into his own hands and has to reprogram the maid so she won't have any more crying fits IC In A Doll: One chapter focuses on Hanako, an award winning author suffering from extreme bulimia. In her adolescence, Hanako was repeatedly molested by her stepfather, and makes herself vomit to stay thin in order to wear clothes for younger women to give herself a second childhood.

Her maid doll, Cherry, silently stood by and only laid out towels whenever Hanako prepared to purge, but Cherry goes against her orders and tries to stop Hanako when she has a nervous breakdown. The final chapter of the series shows a much healthier and happier Hanako preparing to get married. The first chapter in the series focused on the relationship being a nameless boy doll and a rich woman named Kaya.

When Kaya was younger, she was also bulimic like Hanako. Unlike Hanako, Kaya ended up severely damaging herself and lost the ability to have children. He's often seen eating copious amounts of junk food , but is shown several times to be self-conscious about his unhealthy eating habits; in one strip he's seen anxiously weighing himself, and seeing that he's gained weight, trying out several diets according to advice he receives from other countries.

But according to Word of God , he's gaining muscle rather than fat. Despite being fairly thin, Yun from New Game! Though this probably comes from her absolute hatred of any form of exercise. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Elma's OL Diary has a chapter where two of Elma's coworkers get jealous of her ability to eat inhuman amounts of food without putting on any weight, thought they quickly forgive her due to the sight of her stuffing her face reminding them of cute animals like chipmunks.

In Uma Musume , Special Week frets about her weight after stress-eating and resolves to go on a diet. Her team helps her out once she confesses her worries to them, though she's reminded to focus on building muscle instead of just getting smaller. As the series progresses, it focuses more on her getting physically stronger and doing strength training to prepare for her high-level races. This downplayed and discussed in Naruto with Sakura and Ino mentioning that she was on a diet to make herself pretty enough to win Sasuke.

As combat sports have weight classes, this is a recurring plot point in series dedicated to them. Often Played for Drama in Ashita no Joe due various boxers finding serious trouble at staying in their preferred weight class: Nishi is a natural heavyweight weighing over lb at his licence exam , but the scarce number of heavyweight boxers in Japan pushes Danpei to put him on a diet for a middleweight-meaning he had to slim down to lb at most.

Needless to say, he had immense trouble, and for a while he would sneak out of the gym to eat more. Joe and Rikiishi had all but promised themselves to have a professional bout But the former was a natural flyweight up to lb fighting as a bantam between and lb specifically to work his way up to Rikiishi's class, and the latter a welter between and lb that, to work his way down to Joe's class, was fighting as a featherweight at the time between and lb -prompting Rikiishi to take a nightmarish diet to get in the bantamweight limits before Joe can get too fat.

It plays a part in Rikiishi getting killed by Joe , as the toll taken by the diet means his body cannot survive long enough for him to be brought to the hospital and possibly healed after one of Joe's punches caused him a brain hemorrage. Later in his career, Joe gets a late growth spurt that makes it hard for him to stay in the featherweight class, when, out of respect for Rikiishi and Carlos Rivera, he's planning to take on Jose Mendoza, the bantamweight world champion.

With great hardship, Joe manages to stabilize himself at exactly lb, but it may have played a part in his death by exhaustion against Mendoza. Averted with Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation bantamweight champion Kim Yongbi, who not only has no problem staying at exactly pounds and half, he just cannot put more weight due the shock from when, during The Korean War , he discovered that the soldier he had killed to steal his food and survive a few days more was his father, who had deserted to bring him that food.

This is one of the main driving points of One Pound Gospel. Kosaku Takahara is a incredibly talented boxer Who is also an incredibly big eater. He has very little control over his appetite and as such he keeps switching weight classes.

He goes through multiple crash diets as a result of this since his coach is trying to keep him in one weight class, and he's been disqualified a couple of times due to vomiting in the middle of his matches. Amusingly enough, a rival boxer named Matsuzaka has the opposite problem: When he finally got around to challenge him he instinctively threatened Kosaku when he heard him considering switching weight class again, as he couldn't get any heavier And on the ring, differently from Kosaku, he's visibly pudgy for non-heavyweights, a whale.

In Justice League International Blue Beetle grappled with weight gain and a heart condition for a while.

His diet was going very poorly until his doctor got the idea to use Ted's Manchild tendencies to their advantage, by pitting him against someone else who was also on a diet and making him see it as a competition. That person happened to be Power Girl during her "diet root beer" phase and Ted managed to develop the willpower to slim back down for good for the sake of rubbing it in Karen's face.

During the Silver Age, Matter-Eater Lad once got hit by a ray gun which altered his alien metabolism. As a Bismollian he can consume any form of matter and his metabolism processes it rather quickly.

However, the ray had slowed it down to that of a normal human, which caused his body to swell up after he devoured a ton of dirt to form an escape tunnel. He was stuck like this for a while until a doctor managed to undo the ray's effect. Conversely, Bouncing Boy once lost his power to inflate into a ball-like form and became so slim his teammates didn't recognize him.

Rather than worrying about his looks, Bouncing Boy was sad that he couldn't be in the Legion anymore without a power. His powers were restored though, but he'd lose his powers again a few times afterwards, but during those times his weight wasn't affected at all.

Lightning Lad in the comic tie-in to the Legion cartoon once had his powers swapped with Bouncing Boy due to an alien virus, causing himself to get fat in the process. The end of the issue implied Garth was going to be stuck like that longer than his teammates because the virus lasts longer on people with greater mass.

During the Five Years Later era, Cera Kesh tried to join the young Legionnaires only to be mocked for her bad skin and weight by Live Wire, who called her a cow, and Inferno. Hollywood Pudgy comes into play because Cera wasn't even that chubby. When Cera became the new Emerald Empress, she briefly used the Emerald Eye to exact some revenge on Inferno by giving him zits and making him fat, so he would know what it's like to be "a cow. A more subdued version of this trope occurred during "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" arc.

The majority of the Legion who were still present in the 31st Century after the Justice League of Earth drove them underground were featured with redesigns by artist Gary Frank. In Frank's notes, it's mentioned the Legionnaires were purposefully drawn with a certain amount of gauntness, even in the ones who still looked muscular, in their builds most noticeable in their faces , a likely indicator that many of them lost weight from lack of sleep and being unable to eat properly while on the run.

A certain running gag pertaining to the Superman Family during the Silver Age had most of the characters getting fat one way or another. This includes Superman, his younger self Superboy on four separate occasions including most of Smallville save for Jonathan and Martha Kent on two of those occasions , Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Supergirl in her secret identity as Linda Lee.

Peter as a result of retiring from superheroics and the police force, and Logan and Jean in that world married as a result of retirement and Awful Wedded Life. Logan even smugly stated he couldn't get fat because of his healing factor. Peter went back to being Spider-Man and started to lose weight near the end of the first Earth-X book though, though a few people snarked about him being bitten by a "radioactive spare tire" due to his badly fitting costume. In an issue of the second volume of Titans , Raven discovered she had six evil brothers with powers corresponding to the Seven Deadly Sins , and her evil side manifested as Pride.

After taking down her brothers, she planned to transfer their powers to her teammates using Beast Boy as the transference catalyst which would've killed him. Roy Harper was briefly turned into the conduit for Gluttony and became fat, though this was immediately reversed when a Batman Gambit Raven implemented stopped her evil side.

This appeared to have been a Stealth Pun reference to Roy's thrill seeking womanizing tendencies, and his history as a recovered drug addict rather than any Big Eater tendencies. So this worked to tie in the stereotypical association of fat people with gluttony and the sin's actual nature as excessive over-consumption.

This is just one of the many insecurities that plagues the titular heroine of Empowered. She's not really overweight apart from a naturally big butt, although she's the only one who considers this a problem but because her super suit is skin tight to the point that she can't even wear underwear, she's very insecure about her looks. She admits to starving herself and exercising constantly.

Agent X, an associate of Deadpool , was at one point kidnapped and infused with what was referred to as "the American gene," which gave him arthritis and made him morbidly obese. Inverted with the Blob following House of M. Upon waking up to discover his mutant power is gone, he immediately tries to commit suicide.

The problem is he has so much excess skin from his weight that he can't find a nerve to cut. Retired Irish heroine Shamrock lamented in Girl Comics that she can barely fit into her costume. This is, however, a case of Hollywood Pudgy as she does not appear overweight, only the costume just appears to have gotten smaller, and other than that she's fine with being retired as a hairdresser.

Roxy struggled with her weight and binge eating frequently before finally dying as the rest of the team did except Grunge. The issue turned out to just be a bad dream Grunge was having. Though in a follow-up issue, Roxy decides to gorge herself on a big fast food dinner after getting mad at Grunge, and for the rest of the issue was starving herself.

Then Gail Simone got her hands on him, and by the time he reappeared in Villains United as a member of the Secret Six , he was the complete personification of the Walking Shirtless Scene. The lighthearted What If? He once ordered an entire cow for dinner along with a diet soda. He eventually couldn't use the rockets in his suit and had to get his armor on using a crowbar. The Machinist in Stormwatch PHD has let himself go since he first battled Jackson King and is ordered to go on a diet as a requirement for being on the squad.

Luther Hargreeves of The Umbrella Academy had gotten out-of-shape between the first and second volumes of the series from doing nothing but eating cookies and watching infomercials all day out of depression.

Barry Allen and Wally West have dealt with this a couple of times. Gorilla Grodd once turned Barry into a thousand-pound amnesiac by making his body absorb moisture in the air. Wally's suffered under this in two alternate reality stores.

The Fastest Fat Man Alive," a compulsive eater who had gained super speed after he was struck by lightning while trying to steal candy from a vending machine. Autumn Rolfson, who would become Famine of Apocalypse's Horsemen in X-Factor , suffered from anorexia as a result of her ability to disintegrate living matter.

By the time she appeared in Uncanny X-Force she resembled a corpse. When Diana had mentioned to Etta the benefits of losing weight, Etta had made a compromise with Diana. If she lost ten pounds and felt better about herself, she'd lose fifty more. By the story's end, Etta had lost her ten pounds but was unhappy, so she simply asked Diana for her candy back.

Post-Crisis, however, Etta had suffered from anorexia for a while. Christian Walker began sporting blonde hair and a beer belly after he left the force for a time in Powers , as he was kind of depressed and felt he had nothing better to do than sit around and eat.

In the Phantom Stranger one-shot released under Vertigo Visions , one of the condemned souls seen was a morbidly obese woman named Elba Benchley.

It's implied that, before she died, Elba had been found chained in a basement when she was a little girl, alongside the partially eaten remains of her brother and sister. As a result of the Shadow King possessing her body, Karma of the New Mutants had become disgustingly obese because of his tendencies as a Villainous Glutton.

For a small period of time Karma was understandably ashamed of what her body had become like, until she'd been stranded in a desert dimension and worked off the extra weight in order to survive.

Pre-Crisis, Alfred Pennyworth of Batman fame was a little on the round side before he spent a vacation at a health spa and became as thin as the comic book fandom fully knows him as. This was what led to the Smurfette's magic makeover in her debut. Jokey led the others in a series of pranks tricking her into believing she was overweight.

After Papa finds out, he gives her the makeover to help restore her confidence. Just as its cartoon namesake has done a few stories about this trope, so has Simpsons Comics tackled it a few times. In one issue, the heftier townspeople of Springfield are ordered to lose a set number of pounds by Rainer Wolfcastle and the President of the United States. If they can, everyone gets treated to an all expenses paid vacation at a water park.

Everyone is able to lose the amount of weight required, except for Homer who gains three pounds and has to work even harder after the town labels him a pariah. Burns tries to cut costs by giving his workers highly addictive and delicious donuts instead of pay. The plan works, although Homer and the other employees are starting to put on a couple of pounds.

It's not until a month goes by that Burns has to stop making the donuts, as it's costing him millions and productivity has dropped significantly because his workers are too obese to get anything done. In another story, Nelson Muntz starts living with the Simpsons and spends a lot of his time making repairs around the house due to Homer's stupidity.

As a result, he spends most of his time in school asleep. Without Nelson's bullying, the kids are able to use their lunch money to actually buy lunch, but because the cafeteria food is grossly unhealthy they serve Cream of Lard , most of the student body becomes very overweight. Lisa's an exception because she brings a vegetarian lunch to school. In a summer special, Homer can't accompany the family on their vacation trip because he's too fat to be allowed on an airplane. He's given an alternative route on a flight company owned by Mr.

Burns specifically for heavyset people, but the plane is in such a need of repairs Homer has to fix it himself. In his determination to be with Marge and the kids, Homer ends up losing a lot of weight by accident through all the physical labor he employs. However, when he finally gets on the cruise the rest of the family is on, he's shocked to discover Marge and the kids have all gained weight.

Without Homer's hijinks to keep them occupied, they had nothing to do but sit around and eat. Marge and the kids are then told that they are the ones too fat to fly home.

In the Dial H for Hero revamp Dial H , main character Nelson Jent is a Formerly Fit example whose life started going down the drain after he lost his job and his girlfriend. His friend Darren is concerned over the fact that Nelson had a heart attack and he's not even past Swordsman was one of the few characters from Heroes Reborn who was left behind on the Counter-Earth.

When he was seen again in the Heroes Reborn: Remnants story, he essentially became his world's version of Deadpool, but got really fat in the process from binge-eating on junk food. Common Grounds 4 had a short story about a support group for superheroes struggling with their weight, with a Batman expy named Red Fox insisting they be called "density challenged" and suggesting they embrace their overweight status.

It's pretty clear the guy is only suggesting this because of deep self loathing with his body image, and the other members leave because they just want to lose weight. But the Fractal activated and somehow made the Blob slender while making the Squaddies fat. The effect only lasted as long as Blob held onto the Fractal, which he did on Doctor Doom's orders to incapacitate the Squad.

The story ended with the Squaddies attempting to utilize their new girth to stop crime before they turn back to normal.

On the other end the Blob was depressed that he'd gotten so small, and finally dropped the Fractal because he wasn't comfortable with his thin body. Originally a well revered hero of Japan, he started excessively drinking and grew a Beard of Sorrow and a beer gut, ranting about Japan's shallow super human community.

As an example of Early Installment Weirdness , Shaft of Youngblood apparently had an eating disorder during the team's first volume, and was very self conscious about his weight. The seventh issue included a Nightmare Sequence where he gorges himself and becomes obese. Strangely, this is one of the most original storylines created by Rob Liefeld , as it's virtually impossible to find comic books about male characters with eating disorders.

This plot wasn't seen again in Shaft's later appearances. Two examples from Fables: Sprat, the wife of Jack Sprat, has a complex over being one of the few physically ugly women in a community of fairy tale princesses and queens because she's fat.

And her sour personality makes her look even uglier because no one can stand to be around her. As of the hundredth issue, Mrs. Sprat joins the side of Mr. Dark, and gradually becomes thin, beautiful, and completely evil.

Jack Horner, in his spin-off comic, claims to have never been fat a day in his life. Which is why he's horrified when, in an issue appropriately titled "Fat Jack," he's suddenly sporting a large beer gut.

Not only that, but he's also getting progressively uglier and losing his hair. It turns out Jack's obesity and ugliness are part of his transformation into a dragon, due to his years of hoarding an obscenely large treasure inside his magic briefcase. The villain Joker's Daughter was anorexic in the past. One story arc was solely about her trying to lose weight.

Garfield oscillates between being Fat and Proud and being sensitive about his weight, with a dread of measuring himself especially since he has a talking scale that keeps insulting him. Sensitive about our weight, are we? My weight, my business. The rarely seen "can't gain weight" variation shows up now and then in Foxtrot. Despite being a Big Eater , Peter never gains any weight.

Occasionally this becomes a source of annoyance for him, because he's perpetually scrawny and unable to gain any muscle.

Compare his father Roger who eats as much as he does, but actually shows it. Roger has no real problem with his weight, but his wife Andy will sometimes force him to go on a diet for his own good. When, after the events of Halloween, she gains the physical form of a stunningly beautiful Asgardian woman, all of that changes.

Her new body comes complete with a supercharged metabolism that burns through calories rapidly, and she wonders if she can finally stop her endless dieting. When she discovers that the oh-so-very-vain Amora had actually researched and created spells specifically designed to rid her body of unwanted fat allowing her to indulge herself freely , Harm is ecstatic, and for the first time in years is able to eat full meals without guilt.

When Faith expressed admittedly mild disapproval of this development, Dawn was so stricken that she became mildly anorexic and driven to lose weight so as to please Faith. Flash forward a year, and Dawn has achieved her target weight and figure , and is fine with being constantly hungry if it means she can love who she sees in the mirror and turn heads wherever she goes. Kyubey explains while she tries working out that her fat is there to stay no matter what she does.

The next thing she finds out is that fighting isn't her only purpose or even her main purpose as a Cibus , and she pretty much figured out the rest without his confirmation.

In a sidestory of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines , Wicke sees a vision of her younger self after being splashed by Nihilego toxins , and laments that she's gained some weight on her hips since her college days.

This fan-comic has Lusamine from Pokémon Sun and Moon forcing her children to eat very little food because she doesn't want them to get fat. When Gladion sneaks into the kitchen at night because he's hungry, Lusamine catches him and makes him vomit the food. The Style Savvy oneshot Help Me is about the protagonist suffering from an eating disorder and ultimately being Driven to Suicide.

This is downplayed in A Good Day , where Ryuuko who is chubby but not fat is upset with her weight and considers herself to be not as pretty as Satsuki who is slimmer because of it and that she gets bullied for it. Satsuki helps breaks her out of this. Survival is an Avatar: The Last Airbender oneshot where Katara had an eating disorder prior to the show.

It all starts out related to Katara's selfless desire to help her family. She begins skipping meals so her brother can eat, which turns into her skipping meals so that other children in her tribe can eat more. It soon warped into an unhealthy body image and Katara only eating once a day if she had the time, at that. Elastigirl expresses quite a bit of depression after getting a glance of her butt on a mirror in Syndrome's Base.

Incredible himself has gone through this. He may have still retained his super strength but in his later years he has to deal with the fact that his costume barely fits anymore.

The first teaser trailer focused on him trying and failing to get his belt on. He then starts intensely working out using trains as weights to give himself a physique to match his powers again. He doesn't fully get back into his original Heroic Build , but is noticeably slimmer at the end of the film than in the beginning. In the movie Zoolander , Matilda confesses that she suffered from bulimia when she was a teenager. The other two characters, who are both male models, respond by saying that they do it all the time once they figure out what she's talking about.

Fatso is about a man played by Dom De Luise struggling with being obese, his food addiction, and his enabler mother. In the plot to take down Regina George in Mean Girls , her "killer bod" is one of the items that comes under attack. Protein-heavy granola bars that are supposed to help athletes gain weight, passed to Regina as if they're diet bars.

Despite Regina's weight gain being a significant plot point, the actress' size doesn't change in the slightest. In The Nutty Professor , Sherman Klump begins to feel insecure about his weight when he snags a date with a fellow teacher, and begins exercising. Through a Training Montage we do see him getting into better shape, but at the same time his actual appearance doesn't really change. He ends up being heckled by an obnoxious stand-up comedian during the date, which drives him to create the formula that will slim him down, and gives birth to his alter ego Buddy Love.

At the end of the film after everything's resolved, Sherman says that he will lose weight, but due to genetics he's always going to be big no matter what. In the Wayan Bros film White Chicks one of the female characters who was in the original Alpha Bitch siblings' Girl Posse who the heroes of the film make friends with whilst Disguised in Drag as said Alpha Bitches is revealed to have severe body image problems around her weight.

This despite being as thin as any Hollywood Actress or supermodel, and it is made clear that all the fat she sees on herself in the mirror at the mall is in her head. She has somewhat of a psychotic episode about it. In Death Becomes Her , writer Helen Sharp develops an eating disorder to cope with losing her fiance to her bitter rival Madeline Ashton, and spends a few years being belittled in a mental hospital because of her psychotic obsession with Madeline.

Some years later, Madeline has begun to notice she's getting older and not as svelte as she used to be, but took some comfort in knowing Helen was a blob Because of an immortality serum. The fact that the character is played by waifish Elena Kampouris lends extra oomph to the plotline.

Played with both ways in The Santa Clause and its sequel. I was actually eating too much protein. I suffered bowel issues chronically. About 3 months ago, I found my willpower and stepped back into the gym. I work with a trainer who had designed a macro layout for me to try. It was high protein, modest carbs.. I weightlift and was throwing in a little cardio. I was at g protein, 85g carbs, 45g fat. I suffered very slow muscle recovery after lifting. Every month we check progress but very little was made.

In 3 months I had only lost 2lbs but gained. I had also started to have carb noticeable cravings which escalated over time. I was feeling worse over time rather than invigorated by exercise. I crashed and said enough! This week I took off from the gym to rework my diet and regimen. I have gone back to the ketogenic way of life.

I learned how to minimize the keto flu.. My energy is returning and mental clarity is better. I use digestive enzyme supplements, b-vitamins, vitamin c, CQ 10, and electrolytes.. My medications can deplete certain nutrients,my adrenals are possibly taxed and I am trying to support energy levels.

I think getting back into keto adaptation will be a bit easier as my body has done this before and we have muscle memory. I have a general idea of where I performed best physically with certain carb grams..

I tend to not eat enough and my protein will override. Thanks for reading and any tips on those macros are welcome! Wow, thanks so much for sharing your story. Here is one of the better in my opinion keto calculators to find your macros: I am planning to start this woe next month or even after the holidays.

Going on Fasting forums, many there started fasting days to break stalls in their keto diet. How do you feel about using water fasts to break the stalls when they hit? Thank you for this excellent explanation of the process. I had never considered all of the other important aspects of the Keto lifestyle.

Thanks so much for this. I was getting very despondent! I usually practise and teach yoga. Is it sufficient to approach it in this way? Thanks for the article. I have been steadily losing and I am grateful for that. I have noticed however, days of being very tired and days of having great energy. My take was, I am going to listen to my body and rest when it wants to rest, as something is happening that I a not aware of.

Your article re-inforced that for me. Nothing tastes as good as this feels. Down 20lbs in 4 weeks, with a whole LOT more to go, and looking forward to it. I do not cheat a And log my food and follow my Marcos and I still test negative! I appreciate the reminder of health as the 1 goal. I feel better, clearer skin, better sleep, mental clarity, and looser clothes! What can be so bad?!? Another explanation for slow weight loss… I had already been doing Paleo for two years when I switched to Ketogenic.

The weight is coming off slowly because I already dropped the easy weight over 20 pounds from eating simply gluten-free previously. Thank you, I have enjoyed the new way of eating, but not the weight loss, 5 lbs in 6 weeks. I have flet like I am doing something wrong.

I really enjoyed this article!!!! I am on day 10 not huge wight loss or inches yet but I do think I feel better and I am sleeping better…. Praying the weight and inches will start to come off. The support groups are inspiring me and pushing me to keep fighting for the life I deserve. Thank you so much for this article! Reading this article helped me focus my head on different things than just the number on the scale. Hi Joan… I am new to Keto, but have tried low carb diets in the past, Also am hypothyroid, and post menopausal, have battled weight all my life.

I did lose 60 lbs, and was able to keep it off for 2 yrs. Then in July — my beloved husband of 34 yrs passed away suddenly, and I was put into a tailspin of intense grief, where I still remain. I also put on almost all of the 60 lbs — but am afraid to get back on the scale. From all the reading of grief I have been doing, it seems that intense grief can alter metabolism, store fat, and change your hormonal balance.

I am not on any anti depression meds, thankfully, but probably did a lot of comfort eating. I want to get off this fat wagon, cause it is very uncomfortable, and now I feel like I am being smothered in this fat body.

I have already started — 2 days, and reading all I can about it. I am glad I found your website. Can you give me any starter pointers? He would have wanted me to be successful, he was so wonderful, and so missed. Hi Lovey, oh my goodness your story has touched me deeply.

I agree that grief can alter metabolism and encourage the storage of fat…. My advice to you is, as you embark on your keto journey think of it as a journey of self love as opposed to weight loss. I love that you feel your husband is directing you… let that feeling continue to guide you in a way that is nurturing, loving, and pushing you to be in the best health so you can begin to feel joy in life and living again. Many women who start eating keto with only weight loss in mind, go at it too aggressively by restricting calories too much and including punishing workouts.

If you can think of this as a way of allowing yourself to slowly but surely release that protective covering of excess weight, this is a wonderful mind set to move forward with.

So yes, take each day as it comes. Do not restrict calories — feed yourself. Eat your fill of highly nutritious veggies, proteins and fats. Basically, honour the way you are feeling each day, and if you have the motivation try finding some new tastes and recipes.

It would be wonderful if you can find fun in exploring this new way of eating. Make sure you are getting your electrolytes in — this is the best advice I can give for dealing with keto flu in the beginning. I also found that mentally using a hunger scale helped me to stop overeating. Each time I wanted to eat I would grade my hunger on a scale of Start teaching yourself to eat when your hunger is between on the scale. I was reading other blogs about being so strict with everything right off the bat.

Having done that Nutrimost plan — this Keto way is so much more flexible, and satisfying love that butter. This is a entirely different way of eating, really a new way of life. But — I also feel better already — without that logy, starchy fog, after 3 days. I will keep your reply as my inspiration, because it was written with compassion, for a complete stranger — me!

I am going for grief counseling thru a church group of wonderful gals, and I feel that this new way of eating is another piece of the puzzle God has given me, to give me a new purpose in life.

In the beginning it took some tinkering to get everything right for my body. My doctor suggested digestive enzymes to help out.

I also got a microscope to keep an eye on things at home. Your body can run just as effectively on ketones as it does on glucose. When you start producing ketones, your body burns up fat instead of carbohydrates why you lose weight and your brain starts using ketones as brain fuel. After your first couple of weeks, you can add in low-sugar fruits like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Keto also makes you want to cook! You can have cheat days if you want to, but you might not want to.

Having a cheat day every month is a good way to boost your metabolism. However, other than having to brave the keto flu again, you have to get over carb cravings again. Sugar and carbs are like a drug to some people, like me. Hughes has been developing ketogenic and paleo recipes for over a decade. She has developed recipes for top nutrition coaches and subscription meal boxes.

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Your stomach shrinks so much that suddenly a couple strawberries is like eating a seven layer chocolate cake. If this is your first time hearing about the keto diet, learn more about it here. I see a lot of Keto folks using it, especially in their treat recipes.

Are they doing a modified keto? Artificial sweeteners tend to kick people out of keto, so most try to avoid them, especially diet sodas, since we all have a habit to over-consume those. Keto is not paleo. Keto is — plain and simple — low-carb eating. This diet is very livable in the real world. On keto, you can make it work. I totally agree with this. However, Keto is whatever keeps you in ketosis. Do whatever works for your body. Do you crave cereal as much as I do? I mean, I rarely even ate cereal before, but now that I […].

This week I did it to the apple cider pork burger with brussels sprout salad. My problems with intermittent depression are gone. I can deal with stress a lot better now and have a much better attitude. I have energy to go to the gym regularly! Have lost almost 35 lbs starting at and have enjoyed the process, which I could never say about any other diet I tried and I tried them all….

There is some promising early research that shows you can keep Alzheimers at bay with a ketogenic diet too it runs in my family, so yay! The effects it has on the brain are remarkable. I know exactly how you feel! I have also done some research on low-carb and ketogenic diets. I am definitely convinced, BUT…. So here it is: I keep hearing about that horrible smell of ketones or acetones. Once I figured that out, I not only lost a ton more weight, I also lost the acid breath and I was beginning to sweat beef broth too, I swear, and that went away too.

Hey Amanda, thanks so much for your reply! Only saw it now! So does that mean you increased your weight loss by increasing your carb intake slightly?? Like some fruit here, some sweet potatoe there? Also, did you actually ask your friends and loved ones about the smell or do you only think it went away…. Will fat cause cellulite? I started getting them when I started eating high sugar, high carbs, high dairy. My daughter has type 1. THere is a big following of people who are diabetic that do a keto diet!

Thank God for your Blog! I ordered the Keto Sticks thru Walgreens and tested myself yesterday and already found myself in the pink. Thank you so much for great recipes and info. I was getting very sick I could not eat very much food during the day without heartburn. I had heart palpitations and many other symptoms.

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