Will you gain weight back from the nutrisystem diet after you quit?

What is Nutrisystem?

It doesn't actually affect our ability to judge it as a whole. About 8oz glasses per day is about right. My favorite breakfasts are the turkey and egg breakfast sandwich, the breakfast burrito, the muffins, and the peanut butter granola bar. It isn't the exercise itself that I despise, it's the breaking away from the crazy, hectic, busyness of my full life and adherence to my never ending to-do list which never leaves space for exercise. My breakfast used to be calories. Some highlights of what the meals focus on are:. If you quit the diet and go back to eating normal foods, you'll probably gain again.

Why should I upgrade?

Does Anyone Gain Weight on Nutrisystem? Get Past that 2 Week Plateau

It has been difficult to take off this extra weight particularly with the awful New England winter that we just had which made it difficult to get out of the house to exercise , so I just started the Nutrisystem plan.

I'm curious if other people have had this experience with Letrazole. If so, were you able to take the weight off, and how? Has anyone else tried Nutrisytem? I know 2 people who were successful with Nutrisystem. Neither involved cancer nutrition or Letrozole concerns.

Both were men and each lost a lot of weight without suffering too much. One lost about pounds and the other about 30 pounds. I have a girlfriend who just lost 80 pounds over the last nine months using Arbonne 30 days to fit plan which she did 9 consecutive times.

I do think that when dealing with cancer it is more important to assure good, clean nutrition from unprocessed sources than it is to lose weight quickly. Good luck on your health journey! Having always had to struggle with weight, before breast cancer I was always using a system to lose and keep weight off. I did both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. My concern about using this product is that the food is very processed and not very healthy nutritionally. In fact as I read the labels But, I do take a similar pill as you do, aromotose inhibitor called Exemestame.

Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Get Past that 2 Week Plateau. Not Losing Weight on Nutrisystem? Contents 1 Not Losing Weight on Nutrisystem? Track Your Food Intake 1. Read Nutrition Labels 1.

Are You Getting Enough Exercise? Do You Portion Distortion? The Dreaded Plateau 1. About The Author Norman Schmidt. My name is Susan, and I am one of the many women who lost weight on Nutrisystem. I am a year-old woman. We do not have any children yet. We do have an adorable lab mix named Samantha that we love and cherish.

We live in North Florida near Tallahassee. My husband and I moved up here from Gainesville, FL. The move was quite an adjustment. Since moving nearly eight years ago we now have an hour commute to and from work each day. We are fairly busy with working full time and the commute. Being busy and working so much led to eating a lot of fast food. We almost always got something from a drive thru on the way home from work.

After getting home neither of us really felt like cooking something for dinner. So we took the easy way out and got something that was bad for us instead of preparing a healthy meal. I also ordered a fattening lunch most days too. I would just take the easy way out and not worry about the effects it was having on my weight and health.

The moment I realized that I wanted to lose weight was when my friends and I were on a camping trip. We went tubing and I could not get myself into the tube. My friends and my husband all tried to help me get up on the tube but it was impossible because of my size and lack of upper body strength.

I felt so embarrassed and ashamed that I had let myself get to be so heavy and unable to do the things that I used to enjoy. Being overweight for such a long period of time left me feeling defeated.

I always knew that if I would just eat less and move more I would lose weight but I never felt motivated to do it.

In December of I decided to start using Nutrisystem to lose weight. Up until that point I had been overweight nearly all of my adult life and much of my childhood too. I was average weight for about a year in my early twenties when I met my husband. Once we started dating and we were happy, then the weight crept back up and reached its peak almost a year before I began my weight loss journey with Nutrisystem.

At one point I was over pounds. I did some dieting and exercise and got down to pounds which was my starting weight for Nutrisystem. Before receiving my first month of food I began to walk with my husband on the weekends. At first it was quite a struggle to keep a good pace for an hour. We worked at it and I got more endurance and strength. I worked up to walking miles and miles without any trouble at all now. I also got some workout DVDs and some hand weights to use at home.

When I signed up for Nutrisystem I committed to changing my life once and for all. Nutrisystem is the only weight loss program I have ever participated in. I have tried counting calories and that does work for me. I just never stuck to it long enough to see any significant results.

I have an addictive personality. Food has been my drug for a long time. I knew it was going to be difficult to kick the habit but Nutrisystem gave me the tools I needed to be successful. Some people prefer to have one final binge but I did not. I got my first order just before the Christmas holidays. Some people are able to allow some planned indulgences but I am not one of those people.

One thing I want to emphasize in this Nutrisystem review, is that before Nutrisystem I felt sluggish and tired most of the time. I do have a very busy schedule and get up super early but there is no reason for me to be tired all the time. Nutrisystem helped me to increase my fruit and vegetable intake.

I hardly ate any of them before. Now I have four servings of veggies and at least 2 fruits each day. I am able to make it through the day without feeling sleepy at all. I am always able to keep up with friends and family. I do not get out of breath or tired when we are doing physical activity now.

A few months into my weightloss journey I started to get a lot of compliments. Everyone was noticing the improvement and letting me know that I was looking good. I was encouraged to keep going with the compliments. I kept telling people to just wait and see what I looked like when I finally reached my goals. How Successful is Nutrisystem? Actually I continued with that trend all the way through to the end when I reached my goal. I could lose more weight now if I chose to by following the same plan.

Nutrisystem really does make it easy for you. They have it all planned out and show you how to be successful when trying to lose weight. Nutrisystem suggests you work out each day for 30 minutes. I have followed those guidelines. I do a DVD each morning before work. The DVD is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I like to vary my workout so that I do not get bored doing the same things over and over. I have some stress in my life and exercise is my stress relief. I lost over pounds — Nutrisystem Results.

I lost over pounds using Nutrisystem and surprisingly I do not have a lot of hanging extra skin. My Nutrisystem before and after photo proves that. I attribute that success to my exercise. I know that the exercise has given me the shape that I have now and the muscles that keep me energetic and healthy.

I have read a number of Nutrisystem reviews where people say that Nutrisystem is hard. Honestly it was never hard for me to stick to the Nutrisystem plan.

I believe that it was easy for me because of the results that I was seeing.

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