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Sean Hannity Opts Not To Address His Fox News Future On Monday’s ‘Hannity’ – Update
I told his gathered friends of the significant trust and respect that I developed with him, as his leader. What are the Republicans objections to these people? The honeymoon is over for Labour and the PM. The actress, who was recently sporting a temporary Henna tattoo on her hand, got inked on Wednesday by celebrity tattoo artist BangBang. When reviewing the Percentile Rankings, without fail, the mood drops and people feel despondent. Grit is having stamina.

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The Peter Principle probably best described what has motivated me to make comments on various threads over the past few days especially in relation to the PS.

I seem to rember from remarks you made a couple of years back you may have had some sort of employment dispute whilst a PS. Hopefully the employment court gave them as big a thrashing and admonishment as they did in my case. The prime culprit ended up losing his managerial position but not until after I left. There were no support services available for the kind of bullying and intimidation dished out to me in the 80s and early 90s. Prior to the election she was the spokesperson for broadcasting who rarely if ever talked about her designated portfolio.

The government must have a keen and able Minister to deal with the vital changes neccessary in public media. Clare Curran is not that person she never been anything other than a time server — Ditch her JA -all of Labour would applaud.

Clare Curran is not that person she never has been anything other than a time server — Ditch her JA -all of Labour would applaud. I would say the same thing about Jacinda. Incompetent, and got there on good looks alone, and not having achieved anything. She can apparently be very hard on members of caucus when she feels she has the need. With Ad over what to do with Curran. Helen Clark did not hesitate and if I recall correctly her first ministerial sacking occurred around six months after they came to office — could be wrong though.

Stand her down please Jacinda. If she shows true remorse and ups her game she can always be reinstated some time in the future. Jacinda is no Helen Clark. Why would Winston have anything to do with Curran? The respect he has shown her from the start is testament to that. In just a matter of months this government is in huge trouble. Key was highly regarded on the international stage. Scientists are just like lawyers, dildos and Letterman, with a side-order of pedo-hair fetishism, Ad Nauseam.

Whereas repeated unsolicited hair pulling by a sober PM and National Party leader was rightly international news. Nevertheless, by a ponytail puller we were led. A pony tail puller who saw off four labour leaders, and enjoyed historically high levels of popularity. So we will forgive your ignorant trolling. If Curren, and Jones are the worst culprits to surface during the present administration we are now better served than any time during the previous decade.

Jones can be forgiven as he is nothing less than a blunt speaking kiwi bloke, who speaks his mind in inopportune circumstances. He at least has a vision for the regions, however badly he paints it.

Curren likewise is forgivable, but because she is stupid, and obviously has risen above her level of natural incompetence. But forgiveness should mean driven out of cabinet, and reduced to the role of retiring back bencher, to permit more useful back benchers to come to the fore.

If you had left it there, I would have considered you delusional. Ponytail pulling Key makes my breast swell with pride too. I tend to not let my breast swell with pride over any politician. They are all rat-bags in one way or another. But there are degrees of competence. Clark was very, very competent. Key was very, very competent. Ardern has only had 9 months and she looks like a possum in headlights. Jacinda Ardern — eight months as leader of the Labour Party numerical competency not your strong suit?

English, Joyce, Eagleson have now left parliamentary politics. Winnie was never going to negotiate with national in good faith…his hatred of national and the chance to be the effective PM over a weak labour leader were just too tempting. But more than that, this was an election national needed to not win…it brings rejuvenation which you so kindly acknowledge …something labour failed to do post Clark.

Ardern is an accidental PM, a great smile but zero experience at running anything. They were the highest polling party. How he must be regretting that decision, and giving up smoking at the same time! What a media beat up! This is a key area that requires a safe pair of hands not butter fingers. Look at it this way, it was actually saving the org.

Essentially the govt parties of the day should have their own produced content on across the telly channels one night of the week, and the opposition parties another night, with a lesser overall time since they are doing less than the govt. Yes, I agree, but I thought the post was too long to go into that. I figured saying she leveraged her way into her position would imply it for everyone.

He was also tipped to be appointed to prepare RNZ for privatisation. But, this was a pretty clumsy way to do it. And it was in a very public place where I understand many Wellington public servants hang out. Many are now pretty much Nat flunkies. As someone who has an interest in public service media, I have attended some meetings where party spokespeople talked about this in recent years.

I do think the development of public service media is a very important part of improving democratic debate and engagement. I did see Curran speak well at a rally once. Like, normal party people, not nutbars or zealots known for their bile. Apparently the Sth D Lab org owns a couple of properties that return good, regular income. Which gets sent to head office.

On a separate note, another classic Yes Minister line: How are things at the Campaign for the Freedom of Information, by the way?

If an electorate committee has that much influence over the voting of caucus Labour has bigger problems than Curran. The fact is that Dunedin is a Labour stronghold and Curran performed well in terms of increasing the Labour vote well above the average in the last election. Not doing so has allowed this story to become a lot bigger than it needed to be.

Ironically, our Minister of Broadcasting seems to have poorly developed media skills. Income generated from commercial rents from buildings like the one owned by the South Dunedin LEC is one way of managing this. But she does seem quite active on their behalf. Or are you being sarcastic? Labour regained some of that vote this time, but only some of it. People may have a snitch against Curran.

But the figures disprove Sanctuary, and also your apology for him, Matthew. My disagreement is with her as a Minister, and her conduct being either unethical or incompetent or both in this matter.

Certainly not some all-star that justifies her becoming a minister to retain her services regardless of her poor technical performance in her portfolios. The only election year Curran has ever raised the Party Vote in her electorate was As far as I can tell the meeting itself was not secret why would they have met in the Astoria is it was? The right wing are pushing the idea that the meeting itself was secret and you are helping them here, imo.

No, I am opposing the idea that we can have someone who thinks covering her tracks is appropriate as a Minister for Open Government. I wish others realised that too. I remain genuinely bewildered that the finding against our former AG has made no blip on our msm today.

Perhaps I can clear up your bewilderment.. Examples from stuff https: I admit I only just re read the scoop link to see to my embarrassment it was news yesterday not today. I have no idea whether any of them have commented.

You also have absolutely no reason to have to apologise to me. The only reason I replied to you was because I kept hitting these articles when I was reading the news. I very much doubt that any of them will comment, at least in the near future. That man is just like the tar-baby of the Uncle Remus story. Go near him and you are entrapped. Just to make it clear. God knows how or why we let him into New Zealand. I suppose a reporter could stop and question Finlayson.

They might get an answer. It was a long time ago and Bridges could justly answer that it really had, and now has, nothing to do with him. I think a Labour Minister would keep well clear. Dotcom would sue them next. I have just seen the other post on the Dotcom saga. I see why you are a tad embarrassed about the comments on the MSM. Yes it was largely yesterday and it probably is just a one-day story. Open Budget Commitment 2: Improving official information practices Commitment 3: Improving open data access and principles Commitment 4: Tracking progress and outcomes of open government data release Commitment 5: Ongoing engagement for OGP Commitment 6: Improving access to legislation Commitment 7: Improving policy practices Appendix A — Plan development and engagement.

I know what open government is, good grief. Coincidentally, Curran has done nothing to improve adherence with the OGP, which we are in serious danger of getting kicked out of. Every politician needs a plaque on their wall that says something like: Dont make me laugh. Not many politicians lose their jobs because of a simple fuckup. What exactly did Key cover up? Sadly, the rules of the game seem to be: When he became prime minister, Mr Key surprised many when he appointed himself minister of tourism but it was old news to SkyCity.

I am intimitely familiar with his many lies. Key covered up the whole Dirty Politics game, for starters. He just kept repeating that it was a left wing conspiracy theory. I screamed bloody murder at the time, myself. A coward after all.

LOL — not well thought out on my part! But he was a very different person back then and still is from time to time. I was actually quite interested in some of his comments the other day when the axe fell yet again in OM 21 March down under Ardern needs to step up and show she is in control. And I suspect Curran will be gone by lunch time tomorrow! But Ardern also was critical of Curran.

Her support of Curran was pretty cautious. It may require some more info to come to light for Curran to go. But, i do think Curran looked weak in press stand up this afternoon, and think she will go tomorrow.

Take the next week to read it. However as you are probably aware, I really hate arseholes inventing false facts. Next time I see you do it, I will assist your attention to detail with a incredibly long ban. Your absence for an extended period will make the work worthwhile. Is she still between jobs? No, Helen Clark is not between jobs, but her new job is not as full time and consuming as her previous UN role. At some point CH told her bosses that the meeting was not prearranged but that they had run into each other.

Eventually questions were asked in the House, and CC obfuscated but essentially said that the meeting was not prearranged. And the board is supposed to be in charge, as well. Ministerial meddling can make it difficult for them to fulfill their statutory obligations.

And finally, if the minister is cutting a chief executive out of the loop, then basically it creates an untenable workplace for that executive and opens the govt to massive employment payouts, when you could have just replaced them normally without grievance some time later.

Ctutting them out suggests any consideration was predetermined. After queries from RNZ, Ms Curran confirmed the meeting had been instigated by her as minister, and was in her diary five days before the meeting, he said. I posted a detailed timeline at Nothing if they were personal friends, relatives etc and it was a strictly personal get-together. Its were a get-together is a bit of each that things can get really tricky — and perhaps this one was. In which case, you meet in private somewhere — your home etc; not in a very public cafe.

I delved into the Cabinet Manual. Radio New Zealand is a Crown Entity. Engaging in an end-run around the board to a staff member while not explicitly ruled out by the Cabinet Manual or the Guide undermines this relationship. Curran made no attempt to check if such procedures existed before arranging a meeting, and either did not correctly direct her staff to find out any such information, or her staff failed to prevent her cock-up, too. If Curran wanted a meeting with Hirschfeld, she should have gone through top management at RNZ first for permission.

This should be largely a non-issue now, as she has apologized and corrected the record, but it again goes to her lack of competence as a minister. Hirschfeld has had to resign because she lied on the public record, and she had to admit so to her boss, the reason for the admission is unknown at this stage and she did the right thing by resigning. A couple of senior RNZ managers will now need to correct their statements to the select committee, too.

Are you sure of your facts? Theres rules about attacking authors here , but nothing says we cant point out gross misinformation. She certainly never said so in Parliament, although she did have to correct a written answer on that meeting.

Matthew, all the videos and Hansard links to the Oral Questions in the House that Curran has answered on this meeting are in my comment at Mallard has no time for her as a result and gives her no leeway. CC should have known that was a requirement and is either doing her job badly or doing her job really badly. Still unexplained is why CH lied, and then why she came clean. The meeting at the Astoria was a turns out clumsy discussion about the future of RNZ under Hirschfeld.

So he would knife her to keep a good person out of the job? A succession plan he had absolutely no power nor authority to implement. Perhaps in the private sector or in party politics succession plans might be relevant but not in the public service I would have thought. I know from personal experience. But Griffin is well on in years now and from what I hear, not that interested in the hands-on way of operating that he used to be.

It really is an outstanding guide to dealing with workplace manipulators and bullies. But Aussie cricketers are a good start. No way she would want to be the Chair. Curren is an awful failure as a politician, from her condescendance, to her inability to actually do the job she was elected for.

This is a person who has truly risen way above their level of incompetence. Be nice to have a government unlike the last one, in that they actually deal with arrogant tools. I think she got in principally because of this campaign: It might be said that she was a latecomer to such activism, or that its proximity to the election was not coincidental.

Nevertheless, she did get a couple of folk into houses. People are asking who was the rat that tipped off Richard Griffin that the meeting was not accidental. Hold on a minute people. This is the Minister of Broadcasting meeting with a person with editorial control over a public broadcaster.

Was Paul Holmes working for a public broadcaster at the time and the meeting was not made aware to the board of the broadcaster at the time? Curran attempting to claim the same thing here would be laughed out of the room- the Minister for Broadcasting does not meet with an RNZ employee as an MP, but any other Minister could. Curran is implicated either way as it would have been an inappropriate discussion for her to have. Have updated post now that commenting is finished to withdraw and apologize, btw.

You left out every year she lost votes, Mac1. Surely editors can meet ministers, whether they bump into them or not, unless inopportune corporate or governance matters were discussed. Carol on the other hand lied and continued to why is a good question.

Clare Curran is proving a liability to the coalition government now. She has been caught covering up details of this issue, so on principle IMO she should resign.

Under Labour, their Caucus votes to determine who gets into cabinet, and then the Prime Minister distributes portfolios based on that team. So my real beef is with every MP who voted that Clare Curran should go into shadow cabinet. This was a mistake. Honestly, I actually believe her on that. Thanks for encapsulating this Matt. It does seem a great opportunity to bring on a new talent now, someone who is a great communicator, onto it and knows politics.

Im not sure why RNZ has only decided now to reveal this, was this because today was a meeting in parliament? It will be great to have somebody decent representing us labourites in the very very safe South Dunedin seat. A turkey could win this seat for Labour.

It appears we have years of clowns representing us down here. Please find someone with good morals for a change. It is an avenue for considered discussion, not for the vitriol being seeded. Veutoviper made a start: I already told her that at I was being a bit tongue in cheek — but I think there will be some interesting things coming up in the coming months in the field not just connected with RNZ directly — but also NZ on Air and various media advisory groups etc.

Although the Opposition is attempting to highlight ministerial impropriety, informal meetings between ministers and people in public sector positions are commonplace. IMO, having had some very close dealings with Griffin in relation to a not-for-profit we were both involved in outside of our paid work, he is a through and through blue and would have been mortified when the Coalition Government was set up — and will be totally opposed to what is proposed for RNZ.

He is also someone who does not follow rules and conventions when it does not suit him and his goal to do so. Integrity is not his strong suite; expediency is. He sees himself as the saviour of RNZ over the last seven or so years since he was appointed Chairman of the RNZ Board; and will not accept anyone wanting to change it. This article in Sept gives some insight into his thinking re RNZ https: But lets face it, this is a last ditch fight on his side, as he knows the new government is very unlikely to roll over his Chairmanship again.

She is an electorate MP and is well regarded in her electorate. Curran may well be a very good electorate MP. This needs to be handled with someone with far better political savvy. We desperately need a better public service media. The right wing and the right wing commercial media do not want it. They perceive Curran to be weak and will go after her. I would say so Heather. Certainly crossed my mind that the rightwing commercial media would be feeling quite threatened about what Labour has planned.

I support her plans for broadcasting, and am sure they deserve to be continued on by a competent minister. Any attack on RNZ as biased to the left is ridiculous. Delia, some people are good are some things and bad at others. From everything I hear she is an excellent electorate MP. I personally would not like to see her resign from that role; it is just that to some of us outside her electorate, she did not seem to do to well in the IT and communications roles she held in opposition so it was a bit of surprise that she was made Minister in charge of these areas.

Perhaps she would be better suited to some other areas like social welfare, poverty, housing etc? I will concede she may be a good electorate MP, and I am certainly happy for the two women she helped into state houses.

I have no objections to her remaining a good electorate MP. But I ask you to seriously go and have a look and see if she has accomplished a single concrete thing since becoming a minister- Even Twyford has set up a housing development now, despite having a really hard job of getting the ball rolling on Kiwibuild, and he and David Clark have the two hardest jobs after nine years of National.

I ask you to actually compare her speeches in the house with a speech on the same topic by an expert and look for a single informed or insightful comment in her policy areas. She has been a spokesperson for a long time, and needs to be moved on. This has crossed the line that is acceptable for someone in her portfolio in my view.

As to loyalty to Labour- no thankyou. But blindly withholding criticism is surely a step too far. You must be new here. She deserves everything she gets here. Curran as Minister for open Government? Anyone remember Red Alert, the so called Labour Party blog?

So someone who should not be meeting with the Minister, does so, at an arranged meet at a public location. The Minister is asked about in Parliament and calls it an informal meet, not an official meeting of the Minister , RNZ boss gets asked by a Select Committee and repeats the line of a staff member that it was not an arranged meeting — thus the claim of being misled by the employee.

What is the difference between an arranged unofficial meet between the Minister and a RNZ employee and an arranged official meeting with the Minister — well the one that occurs when the employee is not supposed to have arranged meetings with the Minister.

Does no one arrange dinner parties … where the two can meet … just walk into the backyard and have a talk? Journos adding to the story: Stuff has been told by an RNZ source that Curran and Hirschfeld communicated by text over a period of several days ahead of their meeting ….

Hirschfeld was a popular and respected member of the senior team and no one could understand why she did it. Board chair Richard Griffin and chief executive Paul Thompson are known to be unenthusiastic about the TV plan, and would rather put the money into other platforms.

Hirschfeld, who came to RNZ from a broadcasting background, backed the proposal. His term as chair expires in April and there is an expectation he will not be reappointed. Right … I am now beginning to understand why the PM is backing up Curran for the moment at least.

Basically to hold the line until Griffin is gone, replaced etc in April and other things that are in train related budget decisions, announcements etc in May have reached more conclusive stages. Another night would have seen her very ill indeed in my opinion. How many of the writers of vitriol above would have had the guts to do what she did?

She actually had two-legged trolls sent to hassle her by day too…. Thanks Trewindle, good to hear from people who have experience with Clares work in Dunedin, as you reminded us Dunedin MP camps out in Octagon to highlight homelessness.

An MP who is camping in the centre of Dunedin until two single mothers get a state house says they have run out of options. Clare Curran started her protest in the Octagon on Sunday night, saying she will stay for as long as she has to. Next time news hub or garner tries to crap on about labour how about reminding them of John Key and his non meetings before giving private media public money: Released text messages between Curran and Hirschfeld reveal nothing about meeting topic: Ex-TV3 head of news Mark Jennings tries to make sense of it: The hapless Curran screwed up publicly in handling lively activity in her electorate a few years ago.

She even wanted the NZ Council to kick people out of the party who had the temerity to grow the Labour party in her patch. She was way out of her depth. She help a positions because she is foot soldier for Grant Robertson. This, amongst other things, shows how the MSM are controlling the narrative in this country, and RNZ is part of the problem.

Clare is not up to the huge task of setting up a quality, non commercial Public Broadcaster. This is the foundations of Demockary we are attempting to construct. Without a well resourced, impartial, non commercial, and informed media there is no Democracy. Get on with it. Quality noncommercial public broadcasting is what the country needs. At the moment all your comments are going into spam and sometimes that fixes that. Older posts Share this: Print Twitter Facebook Reddit Related.

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