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How Nutrisystem Works

Weight Loss
Pus the food will taste better. If you get the Basic plan none of the foods are frozen, so that may be another option you could consider. For me, it has been a good way to reset after weight gain, and then I can go back to focusing on eating healthy and preparing meals on my own, sort of like you plan to do. You may be eligible for a low-dose CT scan, which can help in early detection of lung cancer. In addition to pre-made meals in your deliveries, you get to enjoy 4 flex meals a week. Thanks for the heads up about the auto-delivery as well. Your job will be to decide how much weight you need to lose, and how many of your meals and snacks you want Nutrisystem to provide.



This could theoretically lead to reduced appetite and cravings (2). There are actually a whole bunch of studies in rats showing that Garcinia Cambogia consistently leads to significant weight loss (3, 4, 5, 6). However, what works in rats doesnt always work in humans.

What Makes Nutrisystem Different