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I have four daughters, a medical practice, a foundation in honor of my son, and I lecture regularly around the country and world training physicians. I do take a SL methylfolate with methylcobalamin tablet once daily. The doctors immediately took me off the methotrexate with my new diagnosis. Not only does he LOVE it but he is a true black and it makes his coat shine like black glass. The urine pH was off but everything came back normal on the labs. Why make him wrestle for it? Do you think the plagues changed the attitudes of the Israelites toward Moses?

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Your advice and knowledge and down to earth style have helped. Ben, I have one copy of each and Do you recommend anything else to help sustain this pregnancy. Thank you for any insight. Hi David, thanks for your interest. Years ago, in my experimentation with vitamins, I had started taking B12, and since I do a lot of research always, into my supplements, I eventually started ordering methyl B12 because I had read it was better absorbed. One day I took 5 and felt so incredibly better that it was like night and day.

It was some time before I started taking folinic acid, but again I had read that the folate form was better than the folic acid form. My testing for that was very recent, and now I know so much more than I did before. I take about 4 a day at mcg each Jarrow , and I also still take folinic acid, about 4 a day at mcg each. Ok, so here goes: I used to take 8 folinic acid a day mcg , and 24 methyl B12 a day mcg.

Every time I took my vitamins 4 times a day I would have to take 6 methyl B12, mcg. Every time I tried to cut it down, I would get a very sore tongue, and my fatigue would be worse. Then I started experimenting with the folinic acid, and that got up to as many as 30 pills a day of the mcg pills. But it leveled the interaction between the two, I think, because I felt better, and I was able to back off on the B12 somewhat.

I really appreciated Dr. I now understand that some of my symptoms were overmethylation I feel embarrassed to say! So this part of the puzzle has me very, very happy. The Betaine is absolutely critical for me. My digestion really depends on it.

I do not eat any grains at all, or carbs, or dairy, or sugar. I have to be careful about the amount of fructose I eat. Carbs and dairy make me dizzy. I also use quite a bit of l-glutamine for my stomach, and a little creatine. I used to eat a lot of nuts, but the phytates seem to affect my digestion negatively, so I only eat them occasionally now.

Lynch has given, and all of you here, has helped a lot. And thanks for reading all this! Marcia, Thank you so much for your detailed information. I have a question. Did you originally start with methylcobalamin B12 to see how it worked and then add in the methyl folate? I was working with a couple of practitioners. In the end I was on about 25 supplements and feeling worse everyday.

A couple weeks ago I stopped everything. What supplements do you recommend he start with? Thank you for all the information you have provided on your website. Hi Dr Ben, I also have pyroluria, as well as mthfr… I must avoid copper in supplements. I have 2copies of , and one of I have zero interest in food and hate cooking. I am so weary of it all, but persevere.

I take all my supplements seperately, and the bottles are taking over the house. Any multis that you are aware of with no copper? Gloria, Not sure if anyone got back to you on this.

Both brands contain the 2 forms of B6 recommended for pyroluria as well as methylfolate and methylB The Seeking Health one also has adenosylB Can you provide links for any pages you found useful? Does he still believe one should introduce methylcobalamin before methylfolate? Any help would be appreciated. However there is definitely a Dr Ben Lynch video on YouTube where he says that he needs to revise his protocol as he now suggests to take them together. I think the video that mentions this also features Ameer Rosic but I could be wrong on that as there are 6 Dr Ben videos that I know of totaling about 9hrs!

If you do find out then please do let us all know as I am currently working on improving my gut, diet and liver and then finally I will once again try the B12 and Folate.

I actually saw your post. I wish we knew which video to look at. I was wanting to watch one of his videos where you had to pay to watch. I am seeing a functional nutritionist who is extremely knowledgeable and has healed herself of almost exactly the same things that I have. Though she can order functional tests, she had me see a functional MD so he could order further tests. I had some different ones also, but much the same.

What happened was that the more supplements I was adding, the worse I felt. Until the point where I felt so toxic, and had so much body ache in my neck, back and shoulders, and strange headaches that I stopped everything. Within a day or two I felt much better. I am now introducing a new supplement every two days. If I feel ok, I add another one. A piece of the puzzle that I think was missing is that I have to heal my gut first. I was at the Institute of Functional Medicines conference in Feb and spoke at length to one of their nutritional consultants.

It has some amazing products in it. I also ordered methylcobalamin lozenges from them. I expect there hundreds if not thousands of people in the same boat. There are a lot of similarities between your path and my own.

After 5 days I stopped as the pounding 24hr headaches were no longer bearable. Since then after watching videos by Dr Ben, Neil Rawlins and Richard van Konynenburg I have a much better understanding of how the gut is linked to all of this.

Even today I have just had to cut out the 4 most recent ones and I will try reintroducing them. Some things have helped but as you say you need to introduce things slowly and one at at time. But every now and then I slip up and have to back track. Usually with a bad headache.

One thought my ND had is that I have systemic Candida. So I have cut ALL sugars even fruit , grains, dairy, pork, and starchy veg. I can tell you it has been tough…. I pretty much went for 3 week straight with no brain fog, confusion or loss of balance. SO there is absolutely a link to diet.

I thought it would take ages to look through all my MTHFR videos but as luck has it I found it in the first 5 minutes. The YouTube video you want is https: Also, though I rarely if ever eat corn, as it used to give me headaches, a couple weeks ago my kids had some non GMO popcorn.

I have to say I ate quite a bit for a couple of days consecutively and I never got a headache. As for the other info, I am now working with an amazing naturopath who went to the methylation conference last year.

Everyone in her office did. When I showed her my supps 27 bottles I brought into the office , I did have a bottle of sublingual B I do believe she said to start with that.

But my multi vitamin that she likes Nutrient without iron from Pure Encapsulations does have some of both Bs. Again, let me know if you decide to do the NuMedica line as I have a bit more info about how to take it.

Wow what a great website! My daughter has had years of pain, stomach issues, chemical sensitivities, food sensitivities, etc as have I. Thanks for all of this information so I can try and help her more. When I began taking methylcobalamin, with supplements, I knew nothing about any of this, and was trying B12 out after my naturopath said it would help with cortisol problems I thought I was having problems from stress. When I happened to take several of the mg supplements later I switched to mg , I felt so much better, with much better energy, that it started me on a long road of experimentation, but unfortunately I wound up using very high quantities of methylcobalamin for quite some time, and became quite overmethylated I now know.

As for the folate, the folate that I was getting was coming from B complex pills that had folic acid in them. Eventually I read about folate being better than folic acid and I switched to folinic acid, not really knowing about methylfolate at all.

I took quite a bit of folinic acid, for quite a long time and recently had increased the amount of folinic acid to very high amounts and that was helping with the overmethylation somewhat, because I was taking too much methylcobalamin, and it was more in balance. I started experimenting, and added methylfolate into my supplements, backed off on the folinic acid, and backed off on the methylcobalamin. Had to go down to the bank, I never did remember it. My poor brain is so sensitive.

I think I really need the methylcobalamin to think. My brain fog and dizziness can be a constant companion sometime, and all day long I struggle with it, and take my supplements partially guided by it, as the day goes on. The two important supplements for it are zinc and B6. If I take zinc citrate and B6 regular B6 not P5P , periodically through the day when I feel the brain fog and dizziness, it seems to help.

My anxiety level has decreased since I started taking the zinc and B6 during the day. Anxiety is another symptom of pyroluria. The l-glutamin, d-ribose and creatine help my energy level and clarity of mind, too, and so does the selenium I take.

I take quite a bit of magnesium malate, and calcium. I have a lot of trouble with fructose malabsorption, and cannot eat dairy or gluten or really any carbs. Everybody likes to have some kind of treat! I love to have people to talk to about all this. I spend a lot of time and effort and money! I take my B complex, which has methylcobalamin and methylfolate, I take two or three or four methylfolate a day, and about three methylcobalamin in a mcg dosage.

Thank you for all the great work you are doing and information you are providing. I am homozygous for the C T allele and follow your basic protocol with some tweaking. I am postmenapausal and have been getting estrogen and testosterone slow release pellets implanted for 8 yrs now. I also take bio identical, compounded progesterone nightly. When you say no birth control or oral hormone estrogen you mean because they are processed through the stomach and liver right?

Is it ok to continue taking them the way I do? Thanks for any insight you can offer. I also have RA and was on methotrexate for 6 months. The doctors immediately took me off the methotrexate with my new diagnosis. Would you recommend that I get tested for blood clots? Is there anything else you would recommended?

They now have me on 2mg of folic acid, baby aspirin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D for my vitamin d deficiency, and soon a new ra medicine. I also take birth controll pills Gildess. I am compound heterozygous CT and AC. I had a spontaneous placental abruption a few years ago at 6 months of pregnancy and lost a perfectly healthy son.

I had an amnio, etc… I had another son just 2 years previous to the one I lost who is healthy and thriving. With my live and healthy son I was following my own supplement regimen based on how I felt, which I only found out later happens to be almost identical to what you recommend during pregnancy. With my second son who I lost at 6 months of pregnancy I still had never heard of MTHFR at that point I took a synthetic prenatal because my doctor aggressively convinced me to do so.

When I started taking natural replacement I was able to conceive and carry to term. I take 3gr of natural porcine derived Canadian Thyroid Erfa a day, yes, we order it from Canada. I am overweight partially from my thyroid and partially from the fertility treatments which have been very hard on me physically. I also have been tested and found to have activated NK cells autoimmune issue in the uterus which will almost always cause me to miscarry.

Somehow I was able to overcome this by myself with my first son, on my own supplement regimen. Now when I conceive again I need steroids and intralipids to overcome this issue. I have a different doctor of course. Interestingly this doctor told me he sees this commonly with patients that have MTHFR and especially those with hypothyroidism.

He says eventually I will develop thyroid antibodies and I should watch for it in the future, I have none at this time. Here is my problem. I took it daily. It causes my hands to crack and bleed. I think my hands even swell a little.

This requires a week or more of Neosporin cream on my hands for it to heal. This is my only symptom. Does this mean I already have too much B6 in my body? Should I just avoid it completely? Why would this just start to happen?

Can I take B9 and B12 without it? Should I just take my supplements separately and skip it? Please help me, I have little time left to have another child because of my age. We are all self pay and money is running out. I have spent the last 8 weeks researching this but this time I am unable to find anything anywhere.

I very rarely notice it. When I stop P5P all symptoms go away. Thank you for reading my situation. Is methylfolate still in order? It is equivalent to saying CT. Yes, methylfolate and all the other supplements specified in the basic prototol are in order for you. I am 40 with 2 young kids. I live in Phoenix, AZ area. I am hetero CT and normal , and I have not been tested yet for any other gene mutation tests.

I also have 10 times more than normal anti-TPO antibodies that makes me a Hashimoto patient. I have never done any detoxification, what would be the best way to get rid of any or all kids of toxins? Ben, I wonder if you could answer some questions for me? I was given Starr Walker Methyl Support. It contains the following: Thank you for you help Donna.

I am homozygous CT. I no longer see my neurologist due to insurance changes over the years. Also, in going over your protocol, I wondered what are the reasons behind going gluten and dairy free? They are 6 and 2 years old. My toddler is a great eater and will eat anything almost that I offer him and eat myself.

What he will eat, he usually only eats a few bites of and begs to be done. What suggestions do you have? Ben You are truly an answer to my prayers. I have recently been tested for Mthfr and have found that I have one copy of the and I guess this maybe explains why I had migraines at a very early age, I have had 3 one at age 26 strokes and now had a coronary by pass.

I have tried to eat healthy and at one point I was a vegitarian, I cannot take any kind of medication at all without it putting me in bed.

I have constant pain in or behind my eyes everytime I eat anything, I am gluten free, I take probiotics and juice regularly. In all of the things that I think Im doing right ends up Im making myself worse. I have talked to my neurologist but he isnt familiar , At this point I dont know where to go,,..

Is anyone else homozygous for all three CBS mutations? I have not been able to find anyone else with the same genes or any protocols to follow if you are homozygous for all 3. Thank you in advance!

Dr Ben, My daughter is She suffers terribly from CFS, depression…low basil temp, and anemia. Can you recommend how to start off? She is struggling being a new grad Dr of PT. What supplements do you recommend?

Gas is a toxin which belongs outside — no matter how efficient your cooktop is, it still is making fossil fuels into your home and your body.

CT heterozygous on ONE allele. Not sure what it all means and what to do. I asked for this test, and the adrenal, cortisol, DHEA test.

Which came up very low on all three. I have poor egg quality, uterine polyps, and endometriosis. Several months ago I visited a nutritionist. The blood work he ordered uncovered a homozygous CT mutation. I would like to begin your protocol while on the hunt for a practitioner that is knowledgeable about this condition. My question is — Knowing that I have been tolerating the Homocystine Supreme and have noticed little improvement in my anxiety and general well being, which of your recommended methylfolate combinations do you suggest I start with?

And do I take this in addition to the multivitamin formulation in Part I? I hope and pray that this discovery will help improve not only my health, but the health of my family and our future generations. I was brought to tears when I read your comment about knowing if you or a loved one has a MTHFR mutation is a blessing because now I can do something about it. Without options I felt helpless. Thank you for giving me options and restoring my hope.

Please keep up the amazing work you do!! Our society is in desperate need of pioneers like yourself. First a little backstory: I was diagnosed with the homozygous mthfr when I became pregnant with my son in The doctors wanted to check my blood because I had a miscarriage at 19 weeks in I carried my daughter to full term in , but had preeclampsia with her and severe hypertension and ended up having an emergency C-section.

So, having that history, when I became pregnant with my son in , they tested me and found that I have both copies. I was put on baby aspirin, vitamin d, fish oil, and you guessed it, folic acid. I carried him to term and everything was grand. Only thing was, I got conflicting information from my obgyn and the specialist that delivered my son.

So it got me researching…and lead me to you. And now my question: I saw an alternative doc last year and he said I should take Metagenics Phyto-Multi with iron, are you familiar with that? He had me start on liquid methylcobalamin first, mcg a day for a week, and then start on the multi-vitamin. Do you think this is enough? Why does that happen? Should I continue taking the liquid while taking the multi?

Thank you so much for your dedication to all of us out here wondering what to do! Thank you , Thank you! My test showed I should probably take lower doses of Lexapro and my genotype may impact drug mechanism of action and result in reduced efficacy. My doctor had me reduce my Lexapro to 10mg 1 week at 15mg then down to 10mg.

And, prescribed 15mg Methylfolate she did not have me slowly increase it, I started on 15mg. Two and half weeks in, I feel horrible…insomnia, I get tired and out of breath very easily, very dizzy, headaches, foggy, increased anxiety and just feel off. Hello, I am new to this site as well as the whole mthfr stuff. I just have a few questions to ask about this.

But first, a bit of a backstory. I say miracle because before I had my first son, I suffered 9 miscarriages. Each time I would get a little farther and lose the pregnancy. After several surgeries, 8 to be exact, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and found out that I have A- blood and would need RhoGam shots.

We thought that this was the problem with my body and that I was fix! My OB put me on the LeupronDepo shot. I was miserable due to the side effects and was sure that my husband would kill me. We ended up moving across the country and I had my last shot at the end ofApril My cycle was never a problem. I was regular like a clock! I then found out that I was pregnant July 4th, ! I had no idea that this could happen! I found an OB and was seen every week for an ultrasound. We did nothing to try and prevent the potential loss.

I began to believe that there was no way to prevent it. My pregnancy was just marvellous! My son was born May 4th, He weighed 9lbs 10oz and was 22inches long.

We moved across the country again and was seeing a wonderful physician! When my husband and I decided to try for another child in June , we went to the doctor to make sure that I was okay to try again. He gave us the go-ahead, but warned that it may or may not happen, given my history. I called him back a week later and told him I was pregnant! I saw him and he confirmed it. Again, this pregnancy was just blissful!

My son was born on time, on March 2nd, He was born happy and healthy just as well as my first. However, he needed to have a chordee repair with a circumcision. I later found out that the progesterone causes this birth defect. But, other than that, he was perfect! I had trouble with myself after the pregnancy. I had to be careful because I was exclusively breastfeeding at the time. I then started to see a reproductive endocrinologist and he did several tests and found out that I also have adnemyosis by doing a hysteroscopie and obtaining a sample of my uterus.

He then had me see a hematologist for some blood work. I was told to avoid anything that would thin my blood, NSAIDS, vitamin e, etc but to take mg of b12 sublingually twice a day and to increase how much I take of folic acid a day as well. The doctor said that the estrogen was causing my bleeding on top of the clotting disorders and ordered to never be on estrogen. I bled for the first 18 months nonstop! I then stopped in October But it only stopped for a month and then it continued.

We moved to another state, December and found a new OB for my care. I was told that I have two options, have a full hysterectomy or try the nexplanon birth control. We agreed and I had it inserted in March I have been bleeding now for six months yet again!

Just this past June, he did a laparoscopy to remove all of the adhesions and tissue growth. He ended up removing my left fallopian tube as it was just a tangled mess! I have never had such a horrible time with my menses. I have been regular since the age of 8. What can I do to make myself better? Also, could any or all of this have caused my miscarriages? Thank you so much! Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I have a question about Part 2 re this: So am I supposed to have the capsules of HomocysteX Plus or 4 capsules of HomocysteX, or 1 tablet of Active B12 with Methylfolate depending on which one I tolerate best in addition to the 1 tablet of Active B12 ?

The key is if you feel good or great, then that is what you want and keep note of what you took. Keep in mind some days you may need more and some days less. Depends on your exposures, moods, sleep, diet. Listen to this podcast about how much to take: I eat dark leafy greens daily. I take spoonfulls of fish oil every night before bed, and I take multivitamins ultranutrient brand in the mornings. I also take Galium heel homeopathic drops to improve my lymphatic function, at the recommendation of my doctor, and try to do dry body brushing once a week, sometimes twice.

I use an elliptical at the gym two or three times a week, for about minutes each time, and I do pilates. I always did very well in school and extracurriculars, and have never had any major health problems knock on wood.

The only thing truly peculiar about my health is that I used to get horrid hives when exposed to the cold temperatures growing up cold urticaria. They were white, sometimes red, and welt-like, and would cover my whole body, and my eyes would even swell shut. I was an unrecognizable alien-looking person when this would happen to me. Sometimes, when it would happen, it was unrelated to the cold, and I would get large white welts all over my body without any explanation.

We looked for causal connections between the episodes, and found none. The random hives perhaps seemed to increase in frequency when I started menstruating age My doctors all pointed to food allergies, hormonal changes, and perhaps stress I was very competitive in music growing up, and would enter several high-stress competitions per year.

Doctors said that was a hystamine reaction, and something was off about my hystamine. I never had any sort of treatment for it, and eventualy just grew out of it. That has totally gone away since childhood, and no longer happens, but I probably experienced that for years of my childhood, if I had to put a number on it.

Could that be related? I never had those symptoms from age pre birth control pills, when I actually had pretty easy periods , and only got them after I went off of birth control I suspect my hormones were out of whack for awhile from the birth control.

I guess I also should mention that for me, regular cycles are days apart, rather than My gyno said I might not be ovulating due to the stress of grad school, during which I also worked close to full time. Because that doctor has always been insistent that I should go on another birth control pill, I recently switched to a new doctor who incorporates natural remedies into her practice.

Getting back to my inexplicable good health since it appears from this blog that many people with the homozygous mutation have serious health problems , it may well be that my mom knew her stuff with nutrtion, and was able to avoid some of the problems I possibly would have had, had she not given me cod liver oil, zinc, D3, and sublingual B12 every day as a kid she is VERY health oriented as well, and has done quite a lot of research, since my siblings have had much worse health problems than I, especially food allergy and behavior related.

She had us all nutrition tested at a lab when we were young kids, and they compounded vitamins for us based on our deficiencies. My brother, who had pretty bad health problems, became pretty much normal once he started with the nutrient therapy. Unfortunately, they always gave me high levels of folic acid, which I know now was not the right choice. On other counts, I think they were spot on with my supplementation.

Ben am I understanding you right your saying do not take 4mg of folic acid if you are trying to conceive or even once you do get pregnant? I have mthfr ct one mutation and have just experienced my fourth miscarriage. Is there such thing as too much folate? I am heterozygous for Ct. I like to have the option of adding more folate or taking less folate. If you take too much, sometimes people feel wound up.

I take my folate and B12 separately, and then I can control the dosages. Hello Dr Ben, I have been a vegetarian for 7 years and I have a mthfr blood clotting disorder. I have a question.. I have a 6 month girl and 2 boys connor 2 and cameron 8. What should I give them? My 2 year old had swallowing issues coulf not eat anything past puree until 12 months and asthma which are linked to the blood clotting disorder… my daughter who is 6 months refuses baby food a lot.

Is there anything special I should Take I am breastfeeding my daugher so I am going to take the optimal vitamin, but if I took everything you listed I work ne bankrupt lol. Please help I know I have both strands. Lifestyle, environment and food are HUGE players in this — so please apply the recommendations here on those — for everyone. I understand it is expensive if taking everything — which is why I highly recommend the basics above.

These basics go a long way in helping people get better. Breastfeeding — I would take: Please call my office at , or Chat or email them — and let them know I am giving you a free Seeking Health Membership — that will help some.

I forgot to tell you I had two miscarriages and I am taking a baby asprin and extra folic acid which I am going to switch to your vitamin line. I am worried about being a vegetarian now, I do eat fish eggs and seafood. Not only do we both feel better but we are also more educated on nutrition. We are very grateful for Dr. Cabeca and her team for their assistance as we continue to strive for optimal health! I have more energy, and I was able to come off antidepressants slowly over time a few months ago.

Keeping the weight off seems almost effortless. One of the best changes is that I can now listen to what my body wants and needs to eat. It will tell me what I am hungry for and that is different than the consummate sugar cravings of long ago. I have owned horses for the last 20 years or so, but I have not seriously ridden in the last I am pleased to say a few months ago I picked up my saddle and instead of just working with the horses I am an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist I claimed a horse that had been given to me years ago and he has been waiting on me to pick up the reigns.

Dylan and I ride three days a week now. Dylan is young and impressive but has never seen the show ring. It is just wonderful to be back in the saddle again. I had no idea I had seat bones, but pounds will give you back all kinds of body parts. Maybe a bigger change for me is in my attitude and perception about my role in the world altogether. I had a lot of detoxing to do.

I was sustaining toxic relationships in business and holding onto things it was past time to let go of in my personal life. It has taken me some time to find which ones are to go and which ones deserve more time and attention, but I am quite pleased with the changes. Over time, as the pounds were melting, whatever I was covering up with the layer of fat was coming to the surface. The difference this time is that I had a new found since of clarity that would allow me to deal with it, and deal with it I have.

Since taking up the Dr. Cabeca lifestyle of Restorative Health, my mental and emotional clarity has been amazing. I am loving my work more than ever, and thrilled to be a part of a creative process engaged in making the world a better place with healthy people who are sharing the road on this journey with me. Most profoundly, I am not afraid. My relationship with my husband is better than ever, but honestly, we are still working on it.

We are still shedding belongings and reorganizing relationships, cutting expenses and putting our priorities in line, but by the time I hit the 1 year mark a little more than a month from now for sure our lives will be in much better shape than they have ever been. Cabeca, I cannot thank you enough. You have truly healed me. I have not felt like I was free from cancer since December 7, , the day of my first diagnosis.

Today, I claim my health and I no longer look for or wait on it to come back. No one would ever believe I had ever been that sick. I try to make the world better because I am in. If not for you, I would not be in it long enough to make a difference. You got it, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone that really sees and treats the whole person.

The complicated history since then has been punctuated by some of the best medical minds at least in the Southeast, if not the county. I have been very fortunate to have great doctors to treat what ailed me. I have survived because I was willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to get the best doctor possible and willing to take personal responsibility for what psychological, spiritual and physical healing was within my control in partnership with my doctor.

You were right, however, I still live waiting on the other shoe to drop. Grateful that I have had as long as I have to live as healthy as I have been, but living nonetheless, on a roulette wheel not knowing when my number would come up and cancer would come calling yet again.

The last 20 years has been a race. What can I get accomplished before time runs out. I have accomplished a lot in my field, in the communities I have lived in and in my life.

I just got this sense that you know how to teach me to do that. I left your office today feeling like you knew what you were doing and that you knew me and what was going on in my body, mind and soul. Thank you, for taking your journey and transforming it into healing for the rest of us on this path. The amount of time Dr. Cabeca spent with me during my office visit was so generous.

I was uplifted mentally, physically and spiritually—filled with hope. Cabeca was the first person who gave me hope that it was possible. Thank you Dr Cabeca! You can see I am including everything I can to set you up for success!

Cabeca takes to assist her patients in achieving optimal health is like no other I have ever experienced. The boot camp gave me more tools to use in my daily life. My digestion has improved, my sleep is better, and I am maintaining a positive attitude no matter what comes my way.

I loved everything about it! As a professional educator of 23 years, I want to share my thoughts about the educational value of the program. From the initial teleclass, Dr. She shared information in a clear and concise way. Easy steps to immediately make changes were presented in a manner which made it seem manageable. I knew some information about many of the recommended changes nutrition, rest, exercise prior to boot camp. Then came boot camp — just what I needed! I started drinking Mighty Maca daily.

Aches and pains were gone! With each week I gained confidence after the knowledge building sessions and knew that continued success would follow. Even though boot camp ended some time ago, I am still following the guidelines and feeling great!

Cabeca creates Boot Camp 2. Are you finished with all of your work for today? Then play the space and arrows game! The curriculum does not teach evolution. I believe in a literal 6-day creation.

Some websites that the kids go to do mention millions of years, and I point it out and say something about it each time to varying degrees. You can read what I wrote on Day 1 of this page from the ancient history and biology courses to see how I discuss it with the kids. Please review the FAQs and contact us if you find a problem with a link. The list of names shows the generations from Abraham to David to Jesus.

Tell to a parent the story of Joseph that you read today. History Did you know that the Bible is considered to be one of the most accurate history books in the world? What is the difference between history and pre-history? We can read about Adam and Eve living in the garden and speaking with God. Science I want to teach you something about science. Here are a lot more different kinds of nature sounds if you want more. Mix together some different sounds. Jesus is anointed by the Holy Spirit, choosing Him as the leader of Israel as was prophesied hundreds of years before by Micah.

What prophecies are fulfilled in this chapter? Do you belong to Christ and serve His people alongside Him? Click the arrow to turn the pages. Before you can use this site, you will need to register. This is a site where you can use your junk email and password. Make sure you tell the site to remember you. Our book does not teach that God created the world in six days.

It will speak of millions of years. They say they changed little by little until they became human. My personal opinion is that it is senseless. I call it a hypothesis because it has never been observed happening and therefore cannot be called scientific theory, let alone fact.

You may click on the link to watch the vimeo video on the introduction to life. Answer the review questions Go to the end and read the questions first. That way you can be looking for the answers while you read. It will make it easier for you if you will just take an extra minute to look at the questions before the reading.

They need to show that they have repented and turned away from sin. Jesus gave us the example and we are to follow in His footsteps and be baptized as well.

It marks the beginning of our life of following Jesus. Baptism represents our dying to self and resurrecting to our life in Christ. Part of Galatians 2: Actually, it says that Jesus will baptize us with Holy Spirit and with fire.

Some people think they are one and the same since the Holy Spirit came down on the church appearing as fire. Read through this timeline of Ancient Egypt. Now look at this Bible timeline. Remember the biggest number goes to the left! Answer review questions What makes skin an organ?

Be on the lookout for drawings on the cave walls. Be on the lookout this week. Find a rock this week that you could paint on.

Also, collect a twig or something to use as a brush as well as flowers, berries, mud…to use as paint. Jesus and Satan both use Scripture. Satan can use Scripture but twist it or use it out of context. Not everyone using Bible verses is telling you the truth. Even the KKK used the Bible. Memorizing verses puts a sword in your hand to help you fight off temptation. In the second part of the chapter, what does Jesus preach? They left their jobs and they left their families.

They had to trust God to take care of them and their families. If God calls you to leave your work, He will provide for you. Our family has seen it happen! Click on both pyramid links. Take a look inside the pyramids. Look at the first twelve verses. These are called the Beatitudes. Are you any of these things? What are you not? It should be your desire to be like Christ who is all of these things.

And being like Christ comes with persecution. Do you think you could rejoice that you are persecuted? What do you think is the most surprising sentence in this chapter?

Write what it says and why it is shocking. Click on the keyboard icon to show more choices. Read it and then choose your age from the list and try it! If you like, you can try and write your name in hieroglyphs. Ask your mom what you can scrub or find a stubborn stain. Scrub it until your arm hurts and then scrub another minute more. What are verses about? In the end you will be richer if you give. And as a bonus, we will be rich in faith. This is selfish self-centered thinking.

We are to love others as we love ourselves. There are some people who give away half of the money they make so that they can obey the Scripture to love others as they love themselves. Read the fun facts and then take the quiz bottom left. Here are notebooking pages to choose from if you like. Use AdBlock Plus or have a parent load the page.

Read the names of the muscles. Use the scanner to find the muscle named; it will be a different color. Repeat until you can click on all of the muscles. Have a parent load the page and decide about the ads. One of the earliest man-made instruments must have been some sort of drum. Click on play and use your keyboard. Read the first four sections. Then jump down to the facts at the end.

You can skip over or read if you like about the papyrus scrolls they have found. Answer the review questions. Follow the story, answer the questions, embalm the dead guy, yuck! The embalming is a puzzle to solve. First figure out which four organs need to be saved. Then use the clues on the god cards to figure out which one goes where. They give you all the hints you need. Some you can do just by length. The others you need to use the last note in the resource section.

Take the tour of the skeletal system. Click in the bottom right corner to move on. Use this alternate link. Then you can label the skeleton. If you found natural paint and brush, use those. Paint something that someone long ago could have painted. Write a page about life in ancient Egypt based on what you just read. Start your page with an introductory sentence that tells what you are going to be writing about.

Then take the quiz. Here are some maps you could use to help you. Some of those maps do not work. Play Senet , the oldest board game in the world. Stop at the review questions and answer First play the virtual log drum. Explain to a parent how it can make two different sounds. Then click on the links at the bottom.

Play the Unifix Cube Drum Machine. Fill in at least one thing for each category and place some date to go with it. Fill in whatever else you deem significant to add. Work at a computer with a printer if you are typing on the timeline. Here is clip art you can put on your page. Or you could draw and write. Trace your hand and make the hand picture.

Draw a horse and man for hunt scene. Report your scores to your parents. Choose a game from the review games page. If this is your first year using the curriculum, you might want to choose word invasion or juice bar, or machines. This is from BC.

Write the story of a doughnut being eaten and digested. You can write it as the doughnut speaking. OR, draw a diagram of its route and add labels telling what happens at each point. While some of those drums were modern, I figured a drum was probably the earliest instrument.

But I thought of another. Click on the play triangle and nothing else. The voice is another instrument the Lord made along with all the songs of nature. Write a paragraph about what you learned from this reading. Make sure you save it! Watch a video on one of the ancient 7 wonders of the world, the hanging gardens of Babylon. While you watch, draw a picture of the hanging gardens. When you are finished, show your drawing to your parents and explain why it was a marvel.

Fill in the muscles. Whistles are an old type of instrument. You can see a colonial times version of it on this game. Use a large black marker if you have it or black paint and thick brush. At the bottom of each one, write the English, its definition and the quote. You can tape on paper towel rolls at each end if you want to make a scroll. You should put a title on the page as well. Read through all the pages. Take your pulse resting and then after running around. If so, then you can play this game.

Listen for the harp. Read the lyrics ; sing the song. This is ancient China history in song. Make sure you check your answers and go back and look at what you got wrong and learn the right answer.

Click on the video. To make a square sheet of paper, fold down the top corner of a piece of paper to line up with the far side to make a triangle. Now you have a square to begin with. Write a couple of observations about each. Look at the images and write what you observe. See what you can learn from the quiz. Three choices of what to do today. Choose one, two or all three. Write a story about your trip to ancient China. The first link is a page of Chinese characters to write.

You can write them on paper or online with the second link. What type of instrument is being played? Or, if you want, you could use notebooking pages and add more if you need to Ancient Maya Notebooking pages — about halfway down the page.

Watch the video at the top of the page about the Maya. Then scroll down the page and read about where they were located. See where they lived on a map. You need to add information to your project every day. Watch this quick video on inspiration. Read the steps and then play Match. Build a model of the lungs. You can do this together with an L student.

Demonstrate your model and explain it. Read the sections on the Early and Classic Maya. Add important and interesting information to your project today.

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