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But one 4-ounce hamburger contains 30 grams of protein, 6 ounces of tuna has 40 grams, and a single ounce of cheddar cheese has 7 grams. But are protein powders just for bodybuilders, or can the average everyday athlete benefit from them as well? Continued So why not try real food options? Axe on Twitter 16 Dr. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin. Read on to find out just how awesome the Tolberts really are. Nia and Robert had no idea what would happen in each of their pregnancies but they definitely did not expect all this.

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Symptoms of a Torn Abdominal Muscle. While exercising, a number of injuries can occur, including a torn abdominal muscle. Sports-related injuries often happen when an TMJ disorders encompass a group of conditions that involve joint and muscle pain in the jaw. According to the National Institute of Dental Side-Effects of Ultrasound Therapy. Ultrasound therapy is a powerful medial tool capable of both alleviating pain and treating various medical conditions.

Based on the same Sciatica features pain that runs from the lower back or buttocks down the back of the leg. Caused by compression on the sciatic nerve, Muscle strains range in severity from a mild tear to a more severe injury requiring surgery.

The recovery time for muscle tears varies Plantar Fasciitis Shoes to Avoid. Do you have aching pains, irritation and swelling on the bottom of your foot? Nutrients should be primarily complex carbohydrates, with small amounts of simple sugars and a bit of fat, along with a moderate amount of protein.

Look for products that fit the following guidelines:. Do your best to limit reliance on these products to a maximum of once a day, preferably only once or twice a week. To boost the fiber, you can always supplement your bar or drink with a few veggies, a can of vegetable juice, or a piece of fresh fruit.

Those nutrition bars and replacement drinks can quickly empty the pocketbook. These foods not only provide quick energy, they are less expensive substitutes for the prepackaged meal replacements.

There is yet to be developed a supplement that will take the place of a nutritious meal. As a rule, it is always better to grab a quick and healthy meal such as soup, salad or sandwich. Use the well-chosen meal replacement only when you have to truly "eat on the run. The Evolution of 'Everybar' Nutrition bars and meal replacement drinks were initially targeted to the serious athlete who needed extra fuel for workouts. Not all bars or drinks are created equally. Nia gave birth to all three babies via cesarean section on January 30th, All the babies were healthy, including the mother.

All of the babies were in between 4 to 4. Two of the triplets are identical, the third is fraternal. Now all Nia and Robert had to do was decide what to name their three gorgeous daughters. Nia and Robert named the fraternal girl Mackenzie, and the identical twins Zuri and Bailey. After all, it does take a village to raise children.

And Nia and Robert have more than just a few children; now they have half a dozen. The Tolberts certainly need all the help they can get raising their large family. While they have the support of their friends and family, every little bit helps.

They have also opened a crowdfunding campaign on Fundly to raise money to buy a new car. We can certainly understand why they would need a new car now that they need to fit eight people in at once! The Tolbert family says they will find a way to manage with having an even larger family and that they are excited about what the future holds for them.

Or maybe even become the mom. She has already broken records for her rare births. That question may never be answered. I am confident we are not having any more children. Read on to find out just how awesome the Tolberts really are. The Fundly page they created is called Totally Tolbert, a branded nickname Nia and Robert have created for their family. Nia and Robert added a summary of their beautiful love story and how they came about creating the page.

Hopefully their goal will be met soon because there is no family more deserving of some help than the Tolberts. Her brand is dedicated to promoting the practice of yoga on and off the mat for men and women of all ages.

She believes that the art of yoga can both empower and invigorate people from all walks of life. In her one Facebook post she writes about how grateful and happy she feels, but she also mentions the challenges that come with raising six small kids. But I seem to keep making it to the next day and through the next adventure. The company manufactures nutrition products to support a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Nia believes in the global brand and agreed to be a spokeswoman for the company because they encourage a healthy and active lifestyle without any quick fixes.

Their innovative products such as their vitamins, shakes, and supplements are developed by the best doctors and scientist in the medical industry to complement and encourage a healthy and active life. In fact, they created the social media accounts because of the sheer public demand.

So many people were fascinated by their story and begged them to keep posting updates and pictures of the boys and their new beautiful triplets, so the Tolberts delivered. The Tolberts introduced the family Instagram account with the caption: Anyone interested can browse the adorable pictures and videos of Shai, the twins Riley and Alexander, and the triplets Mackenzie, Zuri, and Bailey.

They certainly know how to capture the special moments and you can see how much love and attention Robert and Nia invest in each one of their kids without any reservations.

Happy 8 weeks Baby Dolls. Their page has a considerable following at around 4k, so they receive many comments and likes for each post. People were gushing all over the picture and lots of comments poured in like: Love the little shoes. Before the girls were born, Shai and the twins liked to cling to Nia.

After all, boys always love their mommies. However, since the triplets came along, Robert and the boys spend lots of quality boy time together getting up to mischief.

One half of the crew taking a break from the girls!! Xander with the mischief, Riley with the attitude, Shai with the cuteness, and Rob with the Dad Swag. To track the growth of the triplets, Nia makes sure she does a little photo shoot every few weeks. This one of the girls at almost 12 weeks was just so adorable that we had to share.

Everyone loved the photo shoot, and the Tolberts received lots of loving and supportive comments.