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What if someone is vested and dies before reaching retirement age? Where can I find out more information? Spring Cleaning IS a Workout…. Can I move my account from one vendor to the other? A benefit plan that replaces a portion of income lost because of an injury or illness that prevents an employee from working. Or, your attorney can use your most recent Total Compensation Statement pension estimate and refer to line 7, the estimated accrued monthly benefit. Nam sodales mi vitae dolor ullamcorper et vulputate enim accumsan.

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For example, if your last day is July 15, your pension will be effective on August 1. Your benefits will continue through the last day of that month , e.

You will be paid for any unused accrued personal and vacation time. This is handled by Payroll and is usually paid out separately from your last paycheck. Payout for sick time varies, depending on your entity. Contact the Retirement Department for more information. Our Defined Benefit Pension is paid as a lifetime monthly benefit. If you are single when you retire, the normal form of benefit is a single life annuity.

If you were a participant in the UPHS Defined Benefit Pension Plan when you left and have questions about your pension benefit, contact a retirement specialist. Retirement plan benefits may be considered a marital asset.

This is something that your attorney would discuss with you. Or, your attorney can use your most recent Total Compensation Statement pension estimate and refer to line 7, the estimated accrued monthly benefit. Anytime between 55 and 65 you may begin collecting your pension if you are no longer employed by UPHS or the University. Refer to the pension section of your recent Total Compensation Statement. You can use line 7, the estimated accrued monthly benefit, as a starting point.

This figure is an estimate of what your monthly pension would be at age 65, had you left UPHS employment at the end of a particular calendar year e. If you retire earlier than age 65, your monthly benefit is reduced to reflect the longer period over which payments are expected to be made. The following table shows the reduction schedule based on your age when benefits begin: If you are this age when benefits begin: You will receive this percentage of your age 65 pension benefit: Yes, under certain circumstances.

First, you want to make sure that your retirement is bona fide. Otherwise, if you decide to work part-time at a later date at least six months following your retirement date , you may continue to collect your pension. However, your pension payments may be suspended if you work too much — generally, more than 1, hours in a year.

If you are legally married at the time of your death or have a certificate of domestic partnership on file at the UPHS Benefits Office , your surviving spouse or same sex domestic partner is eligible for a monthly death benefit. Your spouse or same sex domestic partner can begin receiving this monthly death benefit at any time after the later of: For example, if you were to die before age 55, your surviving spouse or same sex domestic partner would be eligible to receive a benefit as early as the first of the month following the date you would have been age 55, or anytime thereafter.

Your spouse or same sex domestic partner would need to contact the Benefits Office in order to begin receiving this benefit. A pre-retirement death benefit is only payable to a spouse or certified same sex domestic partner domestic partnership affidavit must be on file at the UPHS Benefits Office.

The minimum age for retirement under our plan is age 55 with at least 5 years of pension vesting service. No, your pension is a fixed monthly amount payable for your lifetime. Cost of living adjustments are extremely rare in the private sector. Government pension plans sometimes include cost of living adjustments, but they often require employees to make contributions to the plan.

You will need to complete and submit the asset transfer form for your plan provider. Both websites have information on investment strategies and fund performance; links to set up an appointment with a representative; and enrollment and rollover forms. Yes, within the IRS rules for rollovers. Follow the procedure for your plan provider: To restart contributions with Vanguard, log in to your account at Vanguard. Hardship withdrawals are governed by very specific IRS regulations.

If you want to suspend your contribution, you have to follow the process to stop contributions. Loans are available under our plan. Please note that loans are governed by IRS regulations. You can start, stop or change your contribution at any time within the limits of our payroll system processing deadlines. Since you're paid 26 times per year, in theory you could change your contribution percentage 26 times.

To find a discounted fitness center near you, go to https: You can visit our My Health Page for information on smoking cessation. There you will find programs that are offered through your insurance, through UPHS, as well as programs offered in the community. UPHS offers many different benefits for family planning and work life balance. Penn Behavioral Health offers assistance services that are designed to help employees and their family members work through any and all personal problems.

What if I did not receive my Delta Dental card? What if I did not receive my Penn Dental Plan card? If you're out of area, you may go to any participating Caremark network pharmacy and receive Tier 1 benefits. However, you must get day prescriptions filled through the mail order service. What other pharmacies are in the Tier 1 pharmacy network? I have more questions about the new Tier 1 pharmacy network. Who do I call? You can call to speak with a Caremark representative or go to livetheorangelife.

This coverage allows you to continue your treatment without disruption for a transitional period of time at the network benefit level. Conditions that may be eligible for Transition of Care coverage The following represents a non-exhaustive list of situations that may qualify for transition of care coverage for an active course of treatment.

Patient Management staff applies these guidelines when responding to transition of care coverage requests. You may submit an application for Transition of Care coverage any time up until 90 days after your effective date with your new medical plan administrator.

Please contact your new medical plan administrator after you become effective with the plan to check the status of your application and to ensure all required information has been received.

Transition of Care Application. Benefits Choice Center www. Can't find your doctor? Members can nominate a doctor or hospital to be considered for the Anthem-Blue Cross Blue Shield network by calling the Anthem-Blue Cross Blue Shield Service Center at and providing the following information: Name of provider Address Phone number Provider specialty such as dermatology. You can choose to start that program or any of the other programs, such as:

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