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Slim Fast Shake Review: Don't Buy Before You Read This
However, it requires long-term, permanent lifestyle change to effect long-term, permanent health and body changes. If I was to collate my own table, based on the brief analysis in this article, I would rank the products thus:. Compared to all the labels listing Ascorbic Acid as the source of Vit C, this is a major step in the right direction. What I had was a reverse osmosis water filter. I would avoid Shaklee…mediocre supplements at the typical expensive MLM price.

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Slimfast Shake Review

I put on a shirt today literally and I haven't been able to wear it for over 1 year because it was getting too tight. And my jeans are starting to get loose!! Well, I've never tried the chocolate one actually.. I am on a cleanse day today and am craving one right now! I started with the berry flavor and didn't like it.

Then I ordered the tropical and that one is much more tolerable It starts to taste good since you know you are seeing such fast results!

It kind of tastes like an herbal iced tea. Programs like Slim Fast may be cheaper, but they also do not have all the nutrients your body needs. Plus, they have added sugars and salts that are not good for your body when it is trying to lose weight!

Well, I hope I answered all of your questions! If you sign up as an associate you can get it for I wish you success with whatever you do!!! Email me if you have more questions k! It IS a diet and it does work for some, especially those doing weight training. It's a shake-based diet so it is rapid weight loss for a short time like other similar shake diets like Tony Fergusson or Slimfast. I don't sell it, but I know a guy who lost 40kg and wife 20kg but there are cheaper diets with the same outcomes eg the two above Your body clenses itself, you never need to 'detox' otherwise you may as well cut out 4 of your organs as your diet is doing their job it's a joke your body cleans itself.

Becoming an partner is learn how to move. Plus you quit spending cash on the entire junk snacks, beverages and so on. Additional questions allow me recognize and I'd be comfortable to support out. There are 2 prices. The shakes do taste good. The cleanse drink takes some getting used to. Without sounding like I am selling it, it is the quality of all the ingredients that make it more than slim-fast.

It is more natural and a great deal of research goes into it. I personally use the system and I have never felt better. This is not a DIET it is a cleansing system. I have a comparison chart between the 2 if you are interested. When you diet you do not get rid of the impurities so you end up actually being a fatter replica of yourself.

Cleansing address the issues. I would be happy to help answer your questions. Please email me directly at bignlild msn. Wholesale and Retail if you didn't know that. I'm trying to find out the same thing But it seems like all the videos on Youtube and all the articles about it on the internet are people that are paid to present it So I can't find a non-paid source of information on the product.

Seems like everyone is trying to sell it. Exercise each morning when compared with night time. To pay a company more money to eat less calories and fast is senseless. If anything you should be saving money by eating less. I have people ask me about different MLM companies all the time. Every distributor thinks their particular MLM is the greatest ever. All based on nothingness. Instead of answering every person I find it easier to just point them to an article.

Then you give a study that supports my point of view. It is a marketing SCAM! Do your research on what you put into your bodies! You want to put 2 shakes into your body as meals for the rest of your life, be my guest. You want to believe the hype about needing to cleanse with pills and liquids through Isagenix or most other companies, go ahead.

Their shakes are gross and taste like chewed up chalk! No thanks, I will continue to eat my organic vegetables and sustained meats from local farmers. I urge anyone reading this to listen to him. He does know, and is stating grounded facts. I stand behind you Dr. Health and happiness to all! The cost means you could have a gym membership, and pay for a personal trainer, which would probably be a better investment.

Thank you so much for sharing the truth about these ridiculously overpriced and under-regulated products! Avoiding the snake oil salesmen will certainly help your finances and health goals! I am loving these posts! Have you done any research on Body by Vi yet? They have a trisorb blend whey, soy, whey isolate without the isoflavones to help shred excess water and fat and converts to lean mass.

BUT, I just find it all hard to believe and its very expensive, would love to hear your thoughts, thanks! I will do a full post about them in the future. You could get any of those for a much cheaper price elsewhere. Spend that money on healthy food! Get your facts before you bash a company.. I love this review. Any thoughts on their product? Is it worth the cost? I will check out Total Lean in the future. For added protein to my smoothies I just add a couple raw eggs.

They are inexpensive, packed with vitamins, and create a nice smooth texture. It is true that a caloric restriction will result in weight loss. Thank you for your opinion, but I think you need to look at more research and stop quickly scanning labels for things you can comment on without a little more due diligence.

Thank you for posting this! After the 8 weeks here are the results; BMI was the exact same for both groups. The isagenix group lost 2 more pounds than the control group. So, if a person buys 8 weeks of expensive isagenix shakes they might lose 2 pounds more than if they just cut back on meal portions over an 8 week period!

There was only a 2 cm reduction in the waist circumference measurement. A waist measurement can NOT tell you whether you have lost subcutaneous fat fat between the skin and abdominal wall or visceral fat fat around the organs. It just tells you your waist circumference. To make the claim that it was a visceral fat reduction is intentionally misleading and false.

What this study does is help to reinforce that fact that these products are a waste of money and you are much better served spending it on quality whole foods. Thank you for posting it. I have a problem with companies trying to get people to pay them to fast. That study you referenced was a 12 week calorie restriction diet and not intermittent fasting. Of course you are going to lose weight by eating less! The biggest problem with both of these studies is they are very short term with no follow up.

How many of these people do you think maintained a shake for breakfast, another for lunch and then a small supper for the rest of their lives? How many of these people do you really think maintained their short term gains?

Health is a marathon, not a quick fix. We need to make healthy food choices with every meal, forever. Promises of quick fixes from powders, cleanses, detoxes etc. First of all; you write about the 9 day system which is NOT a good value. I have been involved with Isagenix for 8 years and have rarely sold this system as I do not feel it is a good value for my customers. I was amazed at the quality ingredients in the Isagenix products. I first purchased a 30 day system for myself. I then went on to lose 27 pounds in 6 weeks and felt better than I had in years.

I knew I HAD to share this with everybody as it was the first thing I had every found which actually worked. Do you pay a bit more for the convenience of Isagenix and the no compromise products. Plus the products WORK! If you work the system, the system will work for you and you will feel better than you have in a LONG time! I have been with isagenix for 8 years and have rarely sold this system as do not feel it is a good value.

I would say that is the definition of unethical. I am not unethical, you seem to be excluding the bulk of what I had to say. As a nutritionist I have learned that minerals are essential for optimal health and due to chemicals and poor farming practices we have soil which is has been mineral deficient for years. If the minerals are not in the soil, they are not going to be in the plants which is why it is necessary to supplement.

I teach people how to supplement in addition to eating clean, organic foods. In a perfect world we could live well on just good food choices. The low minerals in the soil selling tactic is used by every single multilevel marketing company isagenix, advocare, plexus, shaklee, amway, juice plus, you name it. Plants need healthy soil to grow and produce. Now I will say some foods may be less nutritious than the past due to harvesting before ripening and plant hybridization.

For that reason it is wise for some to supplement their diet with whole food vitamins. They add cheap synthetic vitamins to the shake to make the label look better. To anyone reading this, you will never ever replace the nutrients you can get from a quality meal with any of these products.

Do not buy them. Too many success stories to argue against the companies you are out to knock down. There is validity to some of your solutions, but continuing to bash Isagenix, Advocare, etc is a waste of time.

Focus on your own solutions and stop with the focused effort. To each their own. I think you have some solid points, but they watered down with your vendetta against other nutritional companies.

I decided to write a fact based review to direct people to when I am asked about the same companies again. It is just more expensive and generally the person who does order a 9 day calls back and needs more product. I always order a 30 day, sell them a 9 day, tell them to come back and I will sell them the rest when they finish the 9 day.

They just pay the balance- not unethical We do teach correct eating. We offer training on meals. Give me an email and I will email you my recommendation. You are pissing me off!! I appreciate you offering to educate me. Healthy eating every meal of the day and only supplement those nutrients which are hard to get in a reasonably healthy diet. The isagenix dogma of nutrition is not fact. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears.

We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. Very interesting article Dr Czys but very vagu in your review of the actual ingredients. They have soy free, dairy free and kosher products. I took it to the next step and tested their products I took a physical before then after 30 days and again after 60 days. My results have been amazing. The isalean protein is from dairy, how can you claim it to be dairy free?

For anyone who chooses to follow this blog I will show how easy it is to make healthy meals, how much better it is than any of these products, and how it will save money. What would you consider to be too much lactose for those who are lactose intollerant like myself? Whey isolate can be virtually lactose free. The majority of the isagenix shakes have whey concentrate which will have a higher lactose content.

The isagenix dairy free protein shake contains pea protein which has a very low biologic value and protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score. I get the vast majority of my protein from wild meat, eggs, and nuts. Dud you have no IDEA what you mean. There is a dairy free option..

That is just an option.. They have Dairy Free Shakes- 3 flavors. The Shakes does not remove Toxins, The cleanse removes Toxins. I checked out a couple of the suggested items you highlighted and they were more expensive or same priced as Isagenix,. Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Skin — remove toxins. The isacleanse cleanses money from the wallet. Grass fed, from New Zealand — all of that is meaningless marketing.

Grass feeding does nothing to affect the protein or sugar lactose — it only affects the fats. Giving facts is not being negative. The dairy free options are new as of late IF you READ the article and date stamp of articles you would realize that in May of yes that was over 2 years ago there were NO dairy free options.

Get off your wagon if you are not going to contribute factual information. My doctor told me last October that I might not be doing myself any favors by using the regular Isagenix because of being lactose intolerant…I joined before the dairy free shakes…let me tell you…as soon as the dairy free shakes came out I bought them.

Can you say gross and barf? The dairy free shakes are so horrible no matter what you did to them they sucked…. The Barry was like cardboard but the vanilla was so bad I would have happily traded it for the Barry shakes. Also, there are people selling this crap that have no f-ing clue w-t-f they are talking about.

I have a hypo-thyroid and I blindly followed the dietary schedule from the Isagenix welcome packet. I couldnt lose any weight even when I did the cleanses…i was extreamly upset after over 1 year of being told this is a miricle it changed my life…guess what NOT mine.

I went off on my own and found a Isaflmation group on Facebook and guess what?? A girl from Australia said her doctor said since she has a hypo-thyroid the 2 day cleanses that Isagenix prides them self on was actually harming her thyroid then doing her body good. He said that its to long of a time for the thyroid to go without food and if she absolutely wanted to cleanses to just do the 1 day cleanses.

How come I had to figure out my own answer to my problems? And guess what I would do just a shake for breakfast or lunch but without the stupid cleanses ZERO not even 1 days I lost 15 pounds. I think it is the actual low calorie diet that is helping people to lose the weight and not the shakes. So, in-conclusion I have decided that as soon as I run out of all my Isa-crook products I will be jumping off the brainwashed FAD wagon. I also do not make my claims lightly…. She just had to order a bunch of new products and one of them was Isopure Protein powder.

I think just being more aware of what we are putting into our bodies is the best thing; also if it was the best thing for us to survive and not starve why is it so expensive when it is being bought through a middle man and not found at ALL health food stores across the world? Also, I have another friend who says are you really getting the nutrition you need to live from 1 or 2 shakes a day and a calorie meal?

What do you say to people who have held everything else constant in their lifestyles such as exercising, or lack thereof except for switching to an Isagenix diet and yet have lost considerable weight and have gained considerable energy throughout the day?

Is it the placebo effect or could it be that the foods actually work despite the alleged high prices? It has been researched in several studies whether funded by Isagenix or not It has been proven to be effective and overall great for general health and weight loss.

Every diet works differently for everybody. Some get overwhelmed with too much nutritional information that causes them to give up. Once the momentum is rolling, nutrition education and teaching to make the right choices will be less overwhelming.

I have been with Isagenix for 5 years and my clients that I recommend isagenix have all kept their weight off and feel absolutely amazing! The shakes and nutrition combo is a marriage that I teach my clients to adopt because in some situations many people skip meals and shakes are a great way to get nutrients in and your body fed. Isagenix is a lot more affordable than a lot of products out there that are way more expensive.

To eat properly today means to go completely organic which is extremely expensive today to do. You mentioned adding raw eggs to your smoothie? Your suggestions can be poor as well and raw eggs will not be good for everyone. Your membership is expensive, that does not include personal training adding to your own nutritional store as well as the books you sell. How are you different?? If that is true how is taking isagenix bars, soups, and powders which are NOT organic and fortified with synthetic vitamins going to solve that problem?

Egg yolks are the richest food source of biotin and even if the protein in egg whites pull some it is still a net gain in biotin. If someone is not comfortable doing that I understand. How am I different? My fitness centers always have a trainer there and it is included with the membership. When people join my program the initial cost is more than a 30 day isagenix supply but we teach them how to exercise and eat forever.

It is so much more than 30 days of powders. The value of my program over the long term is infinitely better than anything isagenix can offer. We do offer a few supplements but ours are all whole food and certified organic supplements, not meal replacements.

Our products are not only better, but they are less expensive than any MLM product I have seen. That is a big difference. I always encourage and teach my clients to rely on food more but for some people shakes are convenient and they actually prefer it otherwise, they often skip meals.

I for one, am not afraid of the truth and respect your opinion. If my post came off as an attack, I apologize for that. Thank you for the kind post. There is one program that works for every single person every single time. That is making the right food choices, exercising the right way, and learning how to stay motivated and stick with it, forever.

I will give people all of these tools in this blog in the weeks to come. I use Innate Choice for fish oil and probiotics. Dynamic Greens from nutri-dyn is a good way to get more fruits and veggies in your diet if not eating enough.

All of those products can be found here or possibly for a better price elsewhere online. I am a client at both Dr. I find it interesting that a lot of people who sell these products are trying to attack Dr.

Steve and his businesses. Steve cares about each and every one of his clients, and would rather have them opt for the healthier, less expensive option. I have only positive things to say about Dr.

Everyone needs to make a living, why not do something you love? As for no protein shake comparing to Isagenix, who says you have to drink protein shakes to lose weight? I prefer to eat actual food. I get asked the same questions all the time and thought this would be a good way to answer them. I appreciate all the feedback.

There will be many more posts to come! Also Tony Robbins has released some health supplements which from first glance look to be high quality. Would love to hear your feedback. Whatever money you thought about spending on juiceplus…..

Again — take your money to the store. People use Isagenix all the time to be healthy and not lose weight. You only lose weight if you have toxic visceral fat that needs to be lost. The claims you make about the vitamins are not true either. Here is an article you can check out that address some of your issues with the company and the vitamins are on there.

Also the 9 day cleanse is not what is recommended by the majority of people. This is a healthy living movement and the results are pretty obvious — they have a money back guarantee and virtually no one takes it because they love the products and the way they look and feel.

I understand you are trying to help people, but instead of thinking everything is a scam you might want to do some more research on companies before you try to trash them.

I am not sure where the level 3,4 or 7 rating comes from. Regardless, if all food is so bad what food does isagenix make their products from? How can you replace what you claim to be bad food with supplements made from the same bad food or a lab? You cannot target visceral fat loss. Nor can you target localized fat loss like doing crunches to burn stomach fat.

That is isagenix marketing BS at its finest. I did read that article and many more written by isagenix with the goal of convincing people to sell their products. Just because isagenix wrote it does not make it fact.

This is a good article explaining the synthetic vitamin folic acid in isalean shakes. That is just one example and there are many more. It is a MLM marketing company looking to profit off the sales of mediocre products at extremely high prices. A healthy living movement is about teaching people what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and what supplements to avoid like isagenix , how to exercise, and to think with gratitude and be thankful for what life has to offer.

A healthy living movement is making healthy choices forever. My posts are based on very thorough research, not opinion links written by MLM profiteers.

If you want to look at the product labels and bash the ingredients because of your superior nutrition knowledge that is fine, but some of the statements you made in the above comment just show that you have gone too far in trying to bash this company. Do a little more research on the company and what support and resources it gives its customers.

This company IS about the long term healthy lifestyle. The 30 day program comes with multiple materials to help you be succesful and healthy for life. Plus there are blogs, podcasts, multiple websites, magazines and many other tools that customers have access to. Isagenix does teach what foods are best, which ones are not so good, and which ones to try to avoid all together. It does promote exercise and give suggestions for exercise. It has a program called Healthy Mind and Body that teaches gratitude and positive attitude.

They constantly say that it is not a quick fix, it is a healthy lifestyle. Yes some people loose weight quickly with this program, but some loose more slowly. Many have no weight to loose. They just want to be healthy or gain muscle and improve performance. Anyway, my point is, you may be right about the products, but a lot of what they teach regarding real food and exercise and mental health is similar to what you believe.

So maybe you should delve a little deeper past the products they sell and look at what they are trying to do as a whole. Teaching proper diet, exercise, sleep, etc is all awesome. Selling low quality products at huge prices as well as selling the promise of quitting your job and working from home, become a distributor…. Telling the truth is telling the truth, even if some view it as bashing.

The cleansing drink you recommend apple cider vinegar, lemon juice.. Or along with meals? I loved reading all of your articles. I have been on both body by VI and now Isagenix. I am a busy person and I really appreciate the ease of a shake in the morning and a shake at night.

Body by VI has to be made with milk which is tougher when you are on the go, but Isagenix is made with water. I would be interested to compare the ingredients in both shakes and then take them to GNC and see how they stack up in terms of price and artificial ingredients. I have a doctoral degree and am very interested in the research and too, am concerned about who is funding the research as it lends to much bias, but this works, regardless of the chatter.

That should not condemn the programs. A better, healthier, cheaper option would be to use fruits and veggies with water in a blender for your shakes. In MLM if they have fair and balanced Compensation Plan a person coming in today can make more money that the man who came in when the company was started.

We have over Millionaires! Lives are being changed one at a time both Physically and Financially!! Actually people can start with a company, learn from them, and if they have the courage quit and start their own company. The reason any of the MLM programs work is this: It is providing people with a process to follow every day, almost for every meal.

It is about setting a habit of eating fewer calories although I am a firm believer in a low carb diet and with that no calorie restriction is needed. The MLM programs make you spend lots of money. This is what we call an Ordeal in NLP; people will follow the plan because they are paying a month for it.

Some people pay that for rent. So they are monetarily and peer pressure-wise motivated to follow the process, which is to restrict calorie intake and exercise more.

Anyone doing that will lose weight, feel better, and get into better shape. It is about the process and buy-in, not so much about the particular products. The products are designed to be good, but more to maximize the profits of the company. I lost a pound a day and kept my weight at a great place for 10 years after, eating bacon, eggs, steaks, pork, etc. People all told me it was a calorie restrictive diet and that all the weight I lost was water weight.

Well, in terms of the body being mostly water, maybe that was true to a degree, but I lost more than 60 pounds in 2. And I was doing calories a day, easily. And not exercising much. Low carb works way faster than these shakes. In that regard, is there anything that you would recommend protein supplement wise that I can use in conjunction with training? Some research online has suggested optimum nutrients and myotein have better product composition quality over other products in an independent study not funded by the company.

I guess, in a nutshell, how do you get adequate nutrition for bodybuilding type training without supplements I have access to plenty of eggs from happy chickens at my parents property and what is the best way to differentiate between products available on the market for quality, as I would like to choose that route long hours working and early morning late night training schedule.

Hey Nicola, People training for body building do need more protein than most. At times when I was trying to pack on some muscle I would make a whole bunch of burgers or steak and eat it throughout the week. I was also a big fan of hard boiled eggs, especially the free range farm ones! As for supplements check these two out. Cricket protein powder here http: Thanks for the comment. I thank you for this review and honesty. I never heard of this product before until recently when two people approached me about it.

I told them I had to look at the ingredients because my entire family has gone full Paleo. With that said, I am a runner and finding something to supplement, especially after my runs has proven to be more difficult. I would love to lose weight, to help my mileage currently 9: One piece of advice I give to all runners looking to lose weight is to mix in some sprint work.

Reading your review I found it very lacking, and ignorant. Let me guess, the dollar store? John Andersen is the master formulator of this company and founder, He knows what he is doing and the products speak for themselves! Youtube the vitamins folks! Like that is so damn easy!

Nothing has worked for me as well as Isagenix and nothing makes me feel as good. Btw the cleanse, is not just alfalfa. The proof is always in the pudding! Why do you have to knock the dollar store?

When cattle eat grass it creates a healthier fatty acid profile in the meat. The amino acid profile protein of whey is not affected by a cow eating grass. There is such little fat in whey concentrate the grass fed claims amount to nothing more than a marketing ploy. Fortunately regardless of what your personal claims are there is actually a study I can reference. It just measures your waist circumference. This is a terribly written article, he leaves no sightings and its very biased.

Do the research yourself and you will see that pretty much everything hes saying is false! Yes, that makes perfect sense. Hello, I tried Isagenix, My sister in law got everyone involved it sounded like a no brainer to me. I suffer from anxiety and depression and everyone mentioned how theirs got so much better some even went off their meds.

I had an adverse reaction my anxiety got a lot worse especially after a cleanse day. I liked doing the system because it got me regimented. I learned what sprouted breads were and i stopped eating processed foods etc.

I said to myself I increased my meds, yes I lost weight but it is really expensive. I could put that money to better use by buying more organic and non processed foods. May be go see a nutritionist. That is exactly what I do. I teach people a healthy pattern that can be followed and maintained forever. It always works if followed properly. I would invite you to come to Celebration in Las Vegas and meet people who have had great results.

I have used Isagenix since October 14th, and have had many improvements in my health and my Husbands health. Many of my friends have released weight and maintained that weight loss for 5, 6 7, years. One of my friends recently broke both legs in a terrible motorcycle accident, and was told it would take him a year to get back to running steps and doing some of the things that he previously had been doing for work out, and after just 3 months, he is able to do things that have amazed his doctors.

I think you are doing a disservice to others by being so radically opposed to Isagenix. Is it because they are MLM? I feel very sorry for your very narrow mind. I love a lot of what you have written. We have more Health Professionals joining us now that ever before. Why are you so hesitant to meet the Makers and Formulators? I am not sure why I am wasting my time writing to you, you are closed minded and stubborn in your thinking but if you decide to want to talk to any of the people I have listed please let me know and I will see what I can do.

Please consider my offer. Thank you, Norita Sorenson http: Everything you wrote is the exact same fluff given by advocare, plexus, herbalife or any other distributor that believes marketing hype to be fact. When people are so consumed with bashing something, they need to look at their motivation. What are you personally hoping to gain by such a visceral attack on products that friends of mine swear by?

She is a nutritionist and has helped hundreds of people. You are so incredibly negative and biased. Have a great day! What you and every other person does is comment about me personally. Everything in the article is true. I want to first say that i am sorry others are calling your personal and professional opinion on your blog biased.

My two very close girlfriends have started this cleanse last week. Both of them told me they have lost ten pounds in 5 days. I told them both thee ntire thing seems ridiculous and quite frankly dangerous. My girlfriend and i are waitresses, i have four children, my other friend has four children. So i do agree with you. I was frustrated but people will do what They want regardless of what you say. So today, after 5 days they are 10 pounds down, exhausted and just drained. Id love to get the kiddos and i into some good ole clean eating.

I dont know where to start, though. I dont fully understand how to execute a healthy cleanse or what sugars are good sugars Etc. Could you give me some tips? Or a really good resource for getting started? This post will help you understand sugars a lot better.

If you would like an individual consult on how to really get going I can do that but that is how I make a living. Wondering if you ever used the products yourself? I think that would but a no. So I challenge you to try a full 30 day System and see what the product do and how you feel. You maybe posted simple info of what you got from reading the lables and other info you gathered. I can set you up with the system of you dare take my challenge.

I would have to be some special kind of stupid to pay for an overpriced product that is not healthy. Because I understand the ingredients in the products. Also, feeling better is not always a good thing. But, you definitely would be less healthy. Isagenix is just another dad that will pass with the wind as all fads do. It pass with time. What about the Whole30 or the 10 day detox by Mark hyman? These are great ways to cleanse the body of sugar, grains, processed foods, etc.

And you eat good foods… And a lot of them. And you lose weight. Isagenix is ridiculous for its price and way better products out there. The saddest day was sitting at home today and calling around to gnc, Popeyes and any other place I could think of and without even knowing me or my background I was belittled and basically berated for mentioning isagenix and literally had to tell them at least I am doing something.

I felt that wrong and have spoken to a few nutiritionists who also had the same outlook and was very discouraging to the rest of us. Unfortunately I still have to do shakes during the day due to my job so maybe you can help me unlike those other people to suggest a good powder if I am going to do any. I seek your help and advice , I come in peace lol , I have read a lot of these posts so far and it hurts me to think that this point has been lost. Everyone has their own agenda when talking products but ultimately people like me and many others get lost in the wash cause of the attitudes of many others in the industry.

Anyways enough of my rant and maybe you can assist with offering a solution to a healthy meal replacement shake you would suggest? Thanks for your time. I applaud anyone looking to make better choices and will do my best with helping those people.

In your situation I would say the best thing you can do is plan ahead. Make a weeks worth of meals in advance and have them ready at work. Some quick food ideas are hardboiled eggs, trail mix of almonds, cocounut, and dried fruit, apples and bananas with almond butter.

If you do still want a shake option I think Mark Sisson has a good option. Bars are also a good quick option and I personally go with that more than shakes. My favorite bar is the exo bar. I am just starting this whole eat healthy thing. I have a friend who suggested Isagenix and came across this page, thankfully!

I hear ya…I only have the exo bars when in a pinch. I prefer to spend my money on good food. Also, with isagenix you are paying a lot for low quality…. Exo you are paying for high quality and convenience. Protein helps build muscle as well as a slew of other benefits. Hellooo, have you seen the movie ? Could you imagine superman without all that ripple? Get your mind out of the gutter!

Seriously though I rest my case. Not only are muscles aesthetically pleasing they make our lives easier. Add in eggs, egg whites, protein shakes and these super yummy, easy-peasy, I have time to go dancing, weed my garden and learn to fence protein bars. Heat wet ingredients for seconds in microwave.

Add wet mix to dry mix, stir until well blended. Spray pan with Pam, press mixture firmly into pan. Chill in fridge until set. Hey, thanks a lot for writing this review. I was a Beachbody coach for a year, until I realized I was promoting low quality products at a unreasonable price. Then, my husband got into body building and I started learn a lot from him about the benefits of a whole food diet and proper supplementation.

You are incorrect with your statements of Isagenix. We have a superior product than the majority of the companies out there.

The system in whole, helps to remove toxins out of your body so that you are better able to digest and assimilate the nutrients from food. I am a certified integrative health coach that has used this with many of my clients and they have all gotten incredible results, even myself.

We promote a 30 day program and the 9 day can be done as a reset. I am mainly organic in my own diet, as well as non gmo and I never use anything artificial because I have several food intolerances. These products are amazing. There are way too many success stores that I have personally been witness to, including better results in their health, that make me a believer of this company and their products. What a great post. Are there any studies to support that statement?

My KIDS love it!! Try getting your kids to eat healthy these days…ugh! This is the saddest comment I have read on a post. These days have great healthy food options everywhere if a person just puts in a little bit of effort. When kids understand how important healthy food is, and have parents and role models eating healthy in front of them, they will eat healthy! When kids have role models telling them isagenix is great, they believe that too. Yes we have clinical studies from the university of Chicago that we are healthier than the heart healthy diet, that are published for Drs.

My daughter would be in a wheel Chair today at a young age — these products gave her the proper nutrition to make her body do what it is meant to do function properly. The cleanse rid harmful toxins from her body -I have never come a more nutritious cleanse in my life, it rid harmful toxins from her and her body started to heal itself, and I can say it has done the same for my son and I also. Look up New Zealand, no pesticides , no herbacides, no hormones or antibiotics used on cows.

That is such an absurd claim. The no antibiotic claims for protein powders is pure marketing and meaningless. It is the animal fats that are altered by grain feeding, antibiotics, etc….

It will not affect a whey protein isolate. I have a CD coming out soon that will in one hour teach you exactly what you need to do.

Haha …… I love the little add in ….. I am a trainer and nutritionist with 26 years experience. Ugh, so tired of this bull crap about cleanses. Wish they would go the way of the Atkins diet already. No self respecting nutritionist would back this garbage.

Actually the body does purge the water soluble but can not detox the fat soluble toxins. Isagenix helps with this. We have many registered dietitians which is the most academic experience in nutrition, as well as a nutritional scientists. We have a ton of them backing this company. Direct sales is a viable way new companies are getting their products out to the market.

I noticed there are no registered dietitians making comments here? The body cannot detox fat soluble toxins…but isagenix some how magically does.

That is so amazingly absurd how can anyone actually believe it? Posting links to isagenix propaganda is nothing more than marketing….. Every person that posts on an Isagenix page has this title. So hard to get unbiased info from any of them.

I agree with your nutrition philosophy and do eat whole foods, supplementing with Probiotics, Fish oil and Vit D. I have added this Resveratrol product to round it out…. I would avoid Shaklee…mediocre supplements at the typical expensive MLM price. Shaklee was own by a Japanese pharmaceutical for a while. I think the company was started on the path but sold out long ago. I am 73…It is the Vivex. Sure do not want to live without it.

Not all supplements are created equal. However, when over 40 years of sinus and bronchial infections became a thing of the past, I had to share what worked for me. Seen any good movies lately? If something helps you along the way, I say so much the better. For me, that was Shaklee. There is a website that is a great starting point to lead you to the research you requested of B. On that shaklee science page I could not find a single study that actually used shaklee products and showed improved health outcomes….

All you have to do is read the ingredients to see the products are no different than the cheap stuff at department stores.

Food sources of resveratrol include the skin of grapes, blueberries, raspberries, and mulberries. As of , there is limited evidence of health effects in humans. Some people will always be cynical no matter what. If people say it works for them then why would that bother you. The difference with my arguments is that there is evidence supporting them…. Those companies were successful because the products work so well.

Or, was it clever marketing?? Check out the weight loss product Sensa…. Companies often become successful with low quality products…the supplement industry is riddled with them. These people are so positive and have a true ministry for helping overcome physical and emotional pain! It has changed my life!!! I have never felt starved so that is crazy. I get the exact amount of calories required for daily intake and intermittent fasting and cleansing on a cellular level with nutrient timing is entirely scientific and I am living proof if I can do it anyone can!

My growth hormone is up while my cortisol levels are down! I would rather get paid to get healthy with products worth the cost than pay a cheap price and get nothing I have done that in past and always failed. This absolutely has changed my life. Can you post those? I am very interested. Could you tell me exactly what test is called for to test my Growth Hormone levels, so I can ask my doctor?

I am constantly calculating the cost per serving so your article was perfect for me. In addition, thank you for posting the ingredients and nutritional information. You saved me a lot of money. I found this article very informative and am glad I found it.

I have been going through quite a big transition in the past few months, so have been feeling unsettled and just in a funky place. Well the other day, this woman that sells Isogenix contacted me again and I finally responded. She told me her story and I thought, hey! Maybe this will help me, something just to disrupt my funk. I immediately felt so stupid! I know better, I am a healthy eater, whole foods advocate, local, organic, exerciser, and have never believed in quick fixes.

But for one minute, I got caught up in the quick fix idea. I know some people like this stuff and I am glad it works for them, but I do wonder whether it teaches them how them live healthily on a long term basis… And maybe it does… But for myself, just not my deal, the ingredients are more than interesting lol… I am now in the process of packing everything back up and sending it back to the company.

You were sold on the power of marketing. These companies sell based on emotions. They have no science or logic to support any claims. Isagenix has helped me with my prediabetic condition. I have been on the system for 4 months and have been able to get my products for free! If you have a favorite sushi resistant and you tell your friends about and they go there, what if that sushi restaurant paid you for that? I have lost 30lbs and over 50inches.

Good luck with that!! If someone truly understands the ingredients in a product and how bad they are that person would have to be a fool to still spend money on it. I want to do a solid 2 months of this so I can totally break the habits that have stopped me from losing weight.

Can u please give me some shake recipes full of ingredients that will susain energy and keep me full? Here are some smoothie recipes. Adding healthy fats like eggs or avocado will help keep you full. My brother is a very intelligent chiropractor, and has had amazing results. Maybe you should give it a try, you sound like you could use something positive in your life!: Good luck to you.

Yep, I got sucker into the isaGenix marketing, but my eyes were wide open. I questioned the associate about some ingredients, fructose, B6 pyridoxine Hcl and B12 cyanocobalamin. I knew better, at least prove to me that a third party has reviewed something. Her reply about fructose was that the brain needs a little.

Correct me if I am wrong Dr. C, but I thought the brain needs fat, not sugar. Synthetics are cheaper to manufacturer, so to get more profit in the MLM. They say they are better than organic, level 7, whatever that means, idk. She replied, they want to avoid the FDA shenanigans.

They are looking into labeling non-GMO. The associate upgraded my order, without my knowledge of the additional charge, so I would have the higher protein shake, isaLean Pro 36g of protein per shake.

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