NutriSystem commercial mistake...?

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Most commercial weight loss programs aren’t backed by scientific evidence, study says
In the big races like the presidency, campaign advertisements work only at the margins — they might affect the very small share of people in the middle, but lots of Americans will fall in line with their parties. Is that really sort of a good long-term strategy? So we have reason to believe that reactivation revenues will continue to increase in This TC is military grade and used by many professionals. I know I was consuming way to many. Keep a positive attitude.

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Also after you loose all the weight and go back to eaqting normaly the weight will come right back on. You really need to learn how to make very nutrsious food on your own and make a life change because diets dont work. I tried it for about two weeks and I could not stand the taste of their food. I sent the rest of it back. It's all freeze dried and you have to add water except for their soups. All portions are small and this diet requires you to make two salads a day to eat.

Oh; the chocolates you can eat are absolutely awful. They have a dry powdery consistency and they don't resemble any kind of chocolate I like to eat! Don't waste your time or money! Just for lazy dieters. I had a friend on this plan and here's what she didn't like about it: That means if you go out with your friends, not only can you not eat, but you can't order any drinks, either, so bye bye social life 2 The food doesn't taste that good That's only 2 things but it's enough for me.

If you know enough about nutrition you can make tasty meals that are healthy yourself, and learn how to indulge in moderation without ruining your diet. I think I can buy all the crap they send you in two boxes at Walmart for under a hundred dollars. Thank god I used Amex because I am going to dispute the charge and not pay.

I asked the customer service rep where I was notified of the I went back and still could not find it. I am filing a complaint with the appropriate agencies as this is a complete fraud.

Here is the problem Food is horrible tasting,.. All processed low quality food. I had two items with open packages. Either QC is crap or they reship returned food. Ants invaded my home because of this so I cancel next order. It will work, but it cost more money and isn't as effective as just learning about nutrition yourself. They give you smaller meals, and more frequently.

I am really getting sick of seeing her pushing this diet on everyone. She keeps talking about the same 50 lbs that she has lost. These commercials are just so phony, she is just not believable in them. I laugh at her saying woman talk about losing weight and how we look, but for her it was all about how she felt.

She looked in the mirror and saw what she didn't want to see News to me that we "feel" with our eyes. I'm sick of it only because I've seen it so often, but I agree with O. In Marie's defense, she is very clear to say this is what worked for her. She does not say it will work for you. The fact of the matter is, all diets work if you stay on them and exercise. I have no doubt you could lose weight eating their food.

Have you ever seen the portion size? Not even worth turning on the microwave for. Well, at least she did use the product and lost weight. I don't like it when they hawk items you know they would never buy.

Like Brooke Shields really has Lazy Boy furniture and now Bill and Giuliana Rancic are doing commercials for Ashley furniture and how much they love it I doubt celebrities shop at Lazy Boy or Ashley. Bill Rancic really bothers me although I find Julianna very likable. Sorry, I just had to add my 2 cents. The commercial where some of these celebrities are selling "reverse mortgages" really bothers me. For some reason this summer this commercial is bugging me also.

I am thinking she looks a bit heavy in them In the past I heard the "for me". Did they edit it out or am I sneezing when she says it? Possibly it is because she talks like she is a typical mom.. There's too much exaggeration permitted in ads. No kidding, since they have been exposed as cherry picking patients they accept, and only feature those they've helped. I object to any commercial for prescription meds. Most other first world nations prohibit these, and the US should too. How about public service ads instead that tell you to seek medical help if you have X symptoms -- not a money-grubbing ad telling you they have a magic pill for you The Brooke Shield commercial doesn't bother me one bit I have one chair that the mechanism brok 16 years after I bought it.

I can see her with that furniture The ones that bother me the most are indeed the weight loss commercials I doubt that she even lost weight using the product. She was probably eating other chef prepared food.

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