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One serving, or 8 fl. When I finally did though, my 6 year old daughter loved the flavour and now I'm purchasing it on a regular basis. Kefir is calcium and protein-rich and 8 fl. Surely we can make an exception for those highly colored and highly sweetened beverages? Laura thought she had never tasted anything so good as those long, cold drinks of water. On occasion, a supplemental fortified nutritional drink may be necessary, particularly for ill children or those experiencing failure to thrive. Why no calorie-free sweeteners?

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Nutritional Supplement Drinks For Kids

Why no calorie-free sweeteners? Special occasions should certainly have special treats. Try an old classic: Warm milk with honey is as soothing, warming, and delicious as it was when you were five. Try spicing it up with a little cocoa powder, a splash of honey, or a dash of cinnamon, cardamom, or any other spice that inspires you. Make a new friend: While smoothies are generally not a good idea since they introduce a lot of calories without slowing down your overall food consumption for the day, they can be delicious, and some are better than others.

Throw strawberries in a blender with a squeeze of lemon, a little honey, and enough water to make it drinkable. Or try blending a cantaloupe with a squeeze of lime. Any fruit with a high water content can be your new best friend.

Keep in mind that for a child who regularly drinks sweeter beverages, these may be found lacking. Feel free to add an extra teaspoon or two of honey if needed, and then slowly decrease the amount the next few times you make them. Everything is guacamole and nothing hurts.

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I like the fact that it is organic and healthy. If I had younger children, I would definitely purchase this for them regularly. Reviewed September 12, Once I finally did there were on the clearance shelf. I ended up puttin the other 3 in the food bank.

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