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I reluctantly, with nose pinched, moved the MIN-X "history" up the article. A high-speed internet connection such as cable or DSL Any phone as long as it's touch-tone United States or Puerto Rico address A Vonage phone adapter which will be sent to you free A willingness to spend less money on your phone bill ;o. If you are an employee of Vonage, then you really would best not edit the page at all; i. Kleffman argued that if domain names of commercial Email ads were "random", "varied", "garbled" and "nonsensical," sending of such Email ads violated section My "contract " is not over until the end of the month.


A more comprehensive list of commonly asked questions can be found here. In most cases, when switching over to Vonage, you can keep your existing phone number, regardless of who your previous phone company was. To ensure that you can keep your existing number, double check by entering your area code and prefix on the availability page during sign up.

Luckily your internet cable can carry much more data than you use at once. This leaves plenty of extra space for Vonage. If you are downloading heavy amounts of data, it is possible that the quality of Vonage will be slightly diminished. To solve this you can configure downloads to use minimum bandwidth when you are on the phone. Customers are extremely satisfied with the quality and clarity of Vonage.

Vonage functions normally even if you computer is turned off. Vonage does use the internet, but making calls does not use your computer. The Vonage adapter will do all the work. Just hook it up to your modem and Vonage can access the internet directly.

The adapter is the connection between your internet and your land line phone. When you sign up with Vonage, one is sent to you in the mail. For more information please click on the link for the Vonage Phone Adapter. After Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc throughout Puerto Rico, the government has been struggling to reestablish communication services. In order to help with this problem, one company has offered to deploy high tech balloons.

On the road I see others with armbands holding their smartphone, speaking into the in-line mic in their headphone cord. Unlike previous generations, millennials have grown up with technology at their fingertips. With the huge variety of devices to choose from, why do they like smartphones the most? Here are 5 good reasons smartphones are their prefered device. Vonage offers a day Money-Back Guarantee "MBG" if you terminate your service within 30 days from the date of your order.

Your Order Date is the date you order service or the date Vonage successfully processes your payment, whichever is later. The MBG applies to the first line only and covers the monthly charge, taxes and any shipping or activation fees.

Additional lines are not eligible. In addition, not all of the taxes that you paid may be refundable. If you purchased your adapter from a retail provider, you can return your adapter only to that retailer pursuant to their return policy. Vonage does not refund the price of adapters purchased from retail providers under its Money-Back Guarantee. Before you go Don't miss out on this special offer.

Plus, great low international rates. Why Vonage Phone Service makes sense. Easy on the wallet Vonage calling plans offer several ways to save. Easy Setup If you have high speed internet service, setting up Vonage is as easy as plugging in the Vonage adapter and a digital phone. Award Winning Support Vonage is an industry leader in customer satisfaction and customer support. Vonage Home Phone Anywhere awesome!

Vonage has a Day Money-Back Guarantee Excellent call quality, tons of calling features, huge savings! Our Vonage Tools and Resources. Log in to your Vonage account. Vonage Plan Comparison Best Value!

Vonage Plan Rates Vonage vs. Service Requirements To get the best experience from your Vonage service, you'll need the following items. A high speed internet connection cable, DSL, or satelite - Vonage does not provide this service. Any phone as long as it's touch-tone. A Vonage phone adapter, which connects to your high speed internet connection.

A web browser to access and modify features within your Vonage account. A qualified Vonage account and plan. A United States or Puerto Rico address. A willingness to spend less money on your phone bill. Customer Comments We've saved thousands! Karen Bridgestock Dallas, Texas. Bonnie Engstrom Des Moines, Iowa. How Does Vonage Work? Many companies now provide commercial VoIP service.

But this isn't the place to list them. In particular, links to competitors' adsites for example, offering "comparisons" to Vonage aren't appropriate in Wikipedia. While I had to visit Wikipedia to actually find the number to call to cancel one of my Vonage lines, I was able to get someone on the phone immediately, have the line removed in about minutes, and did not get charged a fee though I have been a customer for over 4 years.

If Vonage has changed their customer service policies, it may be worth noting in the article that this is the case, since it should be recognized along with all the negative elements on the page. Jim keller talk As a customer for 1 year, vonage has worked like a charm along with my high speed dsl connection. The price is extremely affordable, the equiptment is easy to set up.

Only the very occasional problem of a bad connection occurs, less than what I had with traditional phone lines. The extra features like call forwarding to my cell phone! I hope vonage does well in the future, I do not want to see a Verizon monopoly. If you have concerns about , then make sure you set it up correctly, and have the direct number to your local police and fire departments handy near the phone just in case. I have called one time and it worked like normal.

I strongly believe there should be a section here documenting to some quantitative degree the success customers have with Vonage or the cancellation rate - something that can gauge the actual usefulness of Vonage, and the degree to which Vonage is an actual substitute for POTS, which it claims to be.

Perhaps something outlining a few strange parts of the usage contract, including high cancellation fees - or - the up to an hour or more delay users experience when trying to cancel service. I personally admit that I struggled to cancel Vonage, after my trial with them - but also admit that perhaps Vonage does work very well for others.

This discussion should be presented on this wiki page in a balanced but accurate fashion. If anyone has the opinion that user experiences are not appropriate in 'discussion' please cite the wikipedia policy that states it. If it's your opinion and not supported by wikipedia, please keep it to yourself until it becomes policy as it's meaningless. Vonage works great for me. The first section appears to be a vonage ad.

We might want a rewrite to make it more informative less ad like. NPOV Tag appears to have overstayed it's welcome. Originated in Revision as of I'm taking it boldly out! We feel our suggestions and your feedback can be cause to remove this soon.

Vonage uses a Session Initiation Protocol gateway for its software, but it does not extend this feature to Internet dialing a service available for free in Google Talk and Skype, for example. Since when did Skype have any support for SIP? Hi, I was looking for more information on the V-Phone and I was wondering exactly how it works?

Like links to a site that has it for sale or even more info about it possibly? Readers please direct their attention to the colorful van appearing in the Vonage television commercials. The diffraction horn loadspeakers on the roof of the van are mounted incorrectly, with their long axis horizontally. The long axis should be oriented vertically for maximum dispersion in the horizontal plane, as sound waves will diffract more through the narrower apperature.

I would have thought that a telecommunications company would take such matters of accoustic engineering more seriously. The iphone page has a pricelist!!!! That's what I want. Today Vonage was hit with a permanent injunction that prevents them from signing up new subscribers. Today, along with the announcement that Michael Snyder had resigned as CEO, Vonage laid off a number of it's employees - I being one of them.

It would be nice to see some mention of that in the article, though I think it would be inappropriate for me to add that myself. My only notification was in the form of an email, from my boss's boss, inviting me to a mandatory meeting to discuss changes in our area of the company.

I was on the road though and unable to attend. When I arrived at work, it didn't take me long to figure out the actual purpose of the meeting I'd missed, which I'd suspected from the moment I received the email, so I went to HR, where they confirmed it for me. Beyond that, confidentiality agreements prevent me from discussing company business.

The main article is inconsistent about the number being laid off. I don't know the actual number, but the article should at least be consistent.

Hey, I wasn't sure if this belongs in the article or not, but, apparently, a few weeks ago, SunRocket began a suit on Vonage This needs much more data, including who is this " national call center ", " national nine-one-one call center ", " national nine one one call center "!!!!

In " okld frtvl ", "okld" is Oakland ;. This page provides the same empty info. Thank You for confirming that info. Shouldn't this article mention their recent major media invasion of their commercials? Smuckers It has to be good Hi all, my name is Alex and I also work with Vonage. Hello Lexein, I must admit I'm not as familiar with Wikipedia edits as others but saw that you reverted product changes that I had entered for the Vonage page. All of the content entered is publicly available information on Vonage offerings, which the page currently has none of.

Can you please explain why you removed the updates? Thanks Lexein - I've copied what I'm hoping to add to the page below, hoping you can help me incorporate the references properly. I've got quite a few more edits for the page, so once I've got the formatting down I will continue to make updates. Let me know feedback:. Vonage Mobile application for Facebook: This service allows users to make free mobile calls to all of their Facebook friends who have the app, anywhere in the world, directly from their friends list.

The downloadable application is free download and to use. The new service enhances the ability to connect with Facebook friends through the addition of voice calling.

It is available for iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices. The app works with a user's existing community of Facebook friends. On December 22, , Vonage announced an enhancement to the Vonage Mobile application to include the Vonage World calling plan. Vonage World Mobile provides customers with unlimited mobile international calls to over 60 countries for one flat monthly rate when calling from their mobile device.

Users of the iPhone, BlackBerry and iPod touch can subscribe to Vonage World Mobile and get access to unlimited international calling to more than 60 countries across the world. The service works on cellular or Wi-Fi using the customer's existing contacts and cellular phone number. Subscribers also get free unlimited domestic calling over Wi-Fi on their iPhone and iPod touch.

Current Vonage World residential customers receive a per month discount on their home service when they buy Vonage World Mobile. On October 5, , Vonage launched Vonage Mobile, its first mobile calling application for smartphones. Vonage Mobile is a free downloadable application that provides seamless, low-cost international calling while on Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

On August 20, , Vonage introduced two new services that improved the value of its core offering. In , Vonage introduced the Vonage World calling plan, with "unlimited international calling to more than 60 countries" for a flat monthly rate. I'm leaving the above here in Talk for further comment for a few days, then I'll move it to the article. Thanks very much for all the feedback - I do work with Vonage and we're certainly appreciative for all the feedback.

We'll ensure that future edits go through the discussion page first and are as neutral as possible. We'll also seek to use other sources where possible. Some minor edits are included in line below. I'll also be working on some additional edits, the min-x section is on that list - thanks! Vonage Mobile for Facebook is supported on the iPad. Once these edits are live - I'll begin work on the other out of date sections.

Hey Vonage folk - is there a documented limit to the "Unlimited" plans? Neither of these state the hard limit -. Vonage to Vonage calls are excluded from this policy. Hi, I'm just a concerned user and I'm not very familiar with how I'm supposed to do this. Someone on Reddit just posted this http: Fixed some, more to do, later. I initially misread 0. The historical data indeed shows a My question is this. Was there a press release? Anything in any other news celebrating, or noting a celebration?

Is that the best single-day rise throughout the entire history of Vonage's recovery? Help me out, here. My name is Jen, and I will be proposing some edits and updates to the article. I work for Vonage, and I can see above that there have been some issues with conflict of interest edits in the past. I want to assure other editors that I intend to comply fully with Wikipedia policies, and look forward to any feedback. For my first edit , as you can see I added it directly to the article.

I believe this is an uncontroversial edit. I also added the same information to the articles about some of the companies we have acquired. I will also use the talk page to propose more substantial edits that might need discussion or feedback. My name is Santina and I work for Vonage and I will be making edits to the Vonage article to improve it. I welcome feedback from other Wikipedia editors as I move forward. I understand I am in a conflict of interest situation and want to make neutral and helpful edits to make Vonage a better article.

Hello, I see where User: Feedback reverted edits that have been done by several different people over a period of time with no discussion on the talk page. Thanks in advance for a reply! I did some work to the Vonage page today and would like to get feedback from other editors. I improved the Customer Service Settlement section by removing a dead link and adding two citations to support the information.

I also removed the subsection Service Cancellation in the Services section because that information was already contained in the Customer Service Settlement section. Next, I would like to see the Services section improved but would appreciate help from other editors because of my conflict of interest situation. I would also like to thank the following editors for continuing to improve the Vonage page: Chrisw80 SStankevich talk Based on the feedback from other editors, I wanted to note that I've been making some revisions to the introduction and history section of the article.

I would appreciate anyone that is able to review. Kuru , User talk: Feedback and other interested editors: Thank you for your input.

Please let me address the issues raised. I have found what I believe are more credible sources for my edits. I did not realize Everything Explained was considered to be mirror content. I appreciate your pointing that out. Is there any instance in which that kind of citation can be used? Can you please review the citations I have included in the update below and let me know if these work?

The revisions I made were to address the cleanup requested in the banner on the page. I would appreciate any input on the actual content itself, now that it has what I believe is better sourcing. I don't believe I've removed any sourcing but have moved it to what I believe is a better place. I want to be able to improve this article; I have stated my COI clearly and appreciate the help so far. I will continue to reach out to the wider community as I proceed.

Here is the content that was reverted. I edited it a bit and also have a question about whether it would be appropriate to change telecommunications services to cloud communication services, since that more accurately describes what Vonage offers:. The company was founded in and is headquartered in Holmdel Township, New Jersey. As of , Vonage reported approximately 2. Through a series of recent acquisitions, Vonage, previously a consumer-focused service provider, expanded its presence in the business marketplace.

The company was originally called Min-X. Jeffrey Citron, former CEO and majority shareholder at Datek Online, was the first major investor in the early development stages. The company first offered subscription service in the United States , then Canada in and the United Kingdom in Vonage went public on May 24, In , it relocated its headquarters to the current location of Holmdel.

I've worked to respond to critiques of my previous edits and have posted proposed revisions. I have not received any feedback so have re-posted these sections with new citations and some revisions of the text. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. SStankevich talk —Preceding undated comment added I made some edits today to the History section and will be working on improving its chronology to make it easier for the reader. As always, I appreciate feedback and will continue to be mindful of my COI status.

Please take a look at my recent edits. I would really appreciate your guidance at this point. I work for Vonage. The article had some issues and redundancies, which I have tried to address in a recent edit. The cleanup banner has been on the page for some time and I am working to improve the article and remove the banner.

I would appreciate if an editor or two would review my work. Feedback and any other editors who might be able to help me. I would like to see the "cleanup" banner that has been on this article since removed. Do other editors think that the changes in the last 8 years have brought it to a point where that's reasonable, or are there still significant changes that need to be made?

In recent months, I and, prior to my involvement, my colleague JHolzapfel have worked to improve the article, and have sought out feedback from uninvolved Wikipedians. We added more than a dozen new independent sources, removed a lot of extraneous and uncited detail, and reorganized things a bit. We have done our best not to introduce marketing language or spin. There is of course still room for improvement in the article, but is it good enough to remove the "cleanup" tag?

One specific question -- the final four sections could be removed or edited down. Three of them refer only to self-published pages,and the final one goes into a lot of detail about faxing, which might not be a great fit for a general encyclopedia article. I don't have a strong opinion about whether they should stay or go -- but if removing them makes it more appropriate to remove the tag, maybe we should take them out.

Kbrose and other interested editors: It is included below. Please let me know if this is acceptable. What is up there now is factually flawed; includes information for which third-party sources do not, as far as I can tell, exist; includes information that belongs on the Vonage website, not in this article; and seems not very well written in general. Vonage offers cloud communications and calling plans for residential customers and businesses, including small and medium-sized businesses, mid-market companies, and enterprises.

Vonage offers two unified communications platforms for businesses that integrate communications services, such as video conferencing, voicemail transcription, and desktop sharing, using voice as a platform.

Cloud communications services allow business customers to connect with various business applications and customer relationship management CRM tools through a middleware technology. Residential services provide home phone plans using VoIP voice over internet protocol over a broadband internet connection, such as cable internet service or DSL.

Features for Vonage home phone residential service includes voicemail transcription; calling; caller ID; call waiting; do not disturb; and a network availability feature which forwards all calls to a mobile phone if Internet connectivity is lost.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this section and with improving the article so that the banner can be removed. Edit this page Talk: This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Vonage article. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. Put new text under old text. Click here to start a new topic. Ask questions, get answers.