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Leslie Sansone - Miracle Mile: Walk 1 Mile
Leslie Sansone's Walk at This video and mp3 song of 5k walk with a twist walking at home 3. Nutracheck is a top-rated food diary App and website. I've only done one, and I haven't really been doing that many 3 miles either. I've an eating disorder. There were no jogging intervals though. Exercises to strengthen and slim the core, waistline and mid section!

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I notice during the workouts that feature the Walk Belt, Leslie Sansone and the walking cast fumble with the Walk Belt while trying to tuck the handles on the sides of the Walk Belt. Having to deal with the Walk Belt made me lose focus on the workout itself because I had to worry about taking the handles out the belt then tuck then in the belt after every use. Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Was this review helpful? I enjoyed using it with the videos up until it snapped.

I tried to knot it together and the knot kept coming undone. I am disappointed that it didn't last very long before it broke and I certainly wouldn't buy another one to replace it based on the short length of time it lasted. I noticed it was made in China so probably the cheap materials the band was made from is a reason it lasted such a short time. I will stick with the stretchie bands and use wrist and ankle weights to increase resistance with the exercise videos.

We use ankle and wrist weights, and the strechie bands so thought we would try the walk belts. They feel like they have almost no resistance at all. Maybe if you were new to these videos it might help, but not for long. I would recomend just using the weights and the strechie and use the money you would have spent on the walk belt on another one of her videos. A good walk or dance booster for beginning or lax exercisers. However, she has come out with new green bands with a heavier resistance which makes this belt much more versatile than when it was first introduced.

It's very long at four feet 48 inches and has Velcro on the last 12 inches of each end of the belt to adjust to almost anyone's waist. You can snap off the stretch cords as well as the handles from the cord by just pressing the plastic buckles. The cords that came with my belt are the yellow ones which are just too easy to stretch and don't boost my workouts much at all but will boost beginners as they start out. I am going to order the green cords for a better workout. Either way, just hold onto the handles and move those arms as you walk or dance.

Now you're getting an upper body workout as well as a lower body and cardio one. The idea is to use the cords to work your upper body and abs while working your legs and lower body.

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I don't normally workout out on Saturdays. I thought that my husband was going to work overtime today, so I decided that I wanted to try my first five mile DVD on a day that I didn't have to work.

Turns out, he didn't have to work, but he hung out in the bedroom so I could do my workout. This thing was intense. I'm really glad that I did this on a Saturday. I've only done one 4 mile routine before, so I'm not really sure what possessed me to do a 5 mile, but I wanted to try.

I'm glad I did, but WOW! There is essentially no warm up in this workout. You do some walking in place while she talks a bit. That's followed by some gentle side steps, but she usually goes about five minutes before the pace kicks up. It's a few more minutes before she usually has you digging into the side steps, but in this workout, she started digging into those sidesteps at about the three minute mark.

She didn't start off by going over the steps either. She did mention that if we were doing this DVD that we were veteran walkers and our bodies could handle getting right into the workout. By the same concept, I guess she figured that we didn't need an intro on the steps. I can see her point too. Each mile had it's own theme of sorts. It came with a different concept, different clothes and sometimes different people.

At the half mile point of each mile, she makes an announcement that you're halfway through the mile. At one point, she said that we were half way down with the workout, and I thought to myself that it had gone quickly and I could handle the full workout no problem. She then corrected herself and said halfway through the mile.

I think that happened in the second mile. The first mile used the hand weights that look more like wrist or ankle weights, but she just holds onto them. You can see them here. Nothing major happens in this mile. Other than the basic steps of walking in place, side steps, front kicks and knee lifts, nothing too crazy gets introduced.

There are kicks backs and walking forward two counts and back two counts. The are movements are pretty typical stuff like clapping when you walking up and back, raising your arms up over your head and other stuff like that. The second mile is "the fastest mile" according to Leslie.

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