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574 Comments on Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Shoulder Fracture

This helps to build up pain relief over a period. Received 5th infusion of Taxotere today and it went well. Chris ps — ct scan Drs report — mildly displaced proximal humeral neck fracture with extension to the greater and lesser tuberosities with mild displacement of the lesser tuberosity. My usual routine after the first two weeks was: Like you, I find night time the hardest.

I never thought I would get here ,yes my shoulder still aches at times and gets stiff. However, my range of movement is degrees and I can now do almost everything. This site was invaluable during those horrible first 4 weeks but just to tell everyone give it time and everything does get better. I just want it to stop hurting. I am so tired of this pain. And yes, I am getting a bit whiney. Joined the crowd on July 7, Broke my humerus just under the ball joint of my arm.

Wow the pain and agony I have liked reading that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel thanks for all the ideas to help get through this. My dog pulled me over and and I fractured my shoulder in two places on 14th May. Bone is knitting well and last week my consultant told me to bin the sling and start moving the arm whilst avoiding pain. Internet physio sites are useful whilst waiting for 1st physio session. Fractured shoulder upper humerus six weeks ago and have been in sling.

Have been using my forearm but avoiding heavy objects maybe more than a pound or so. Should it still be quite painful? I thought the pain would be almost gone by now except for when I begin therapy.

Beginning to worry me. Would you believe I was assisting pushing a car that had been involved in a rtc. Lifted my arm up and carried on pushing the car. Got into my car and nearly passed out with the pain. This happened 3 weeks ago I have had the bruising the whole top of my arm went almost black.

The itching which I found bache rescue cream helped. Start physical therapy on Friday. My worry is both my father and his sister had osteoporosis is this the start of it or is this just a silly accident. Hi I tripped and fell and broke my shoulder and wrist. I am 51 and my mother had osteoporosis and I think I have it too. Worried about future breaks and scared to do anything. Hi Fi, I fractured my shoulder by slipping on wet decking in Oct OUCH is just not enough to describe the pain of which anyone who has found themselves with the same injury will experience.

After surviving the agony of x rays and examinations I was given a cuff sling which i wore for 4 weeks. I began physio at this time which was basic movements like swinging my arm fowards and backwards.

It is imperative to do the physio every day. I wish i had used a sun lounger instead of struggling to lie flat on my back. I returned to work on lighter duties after 2 month. I eased off the exercising at home and have rejoined Curves ladies gym. Today i tried to do my physio exercises and found my shoulder is not so flexible as it was a month ago ,so hence checking out the websites for advice etc.

I did meet a much younger person i am 55 who told me it was 12 months before he was pain free so i try to think positively. For the next couple of weeks i shall make every effort to keep up with the exercises.

I hope your shoulder is healing well. I broke the neck of humerus and totally smashed the top bit mar 32 and everything everybody has said is true. It is still painful and heavy , the movement is there with help but the minute I engage the pain is back. I had a guided steroid injection 2 months ago and it really diminished the pain and allowed the physio to push me a lot further but its now looking like nerve damage is the cause of the pain as it is in both my wrist and forearm too.

If you can get the injection go for it. Just an update…have been to my doctor and Iam having ultrasounds and xray tomorrow to find out what is going on. She said it could be torn rotator cuff or frozen shoulder. Hi,Im now 11 weeks after my accident and shoulder break.

Have been to physio and doing exercises everyday 3 x per day plus trying to do things as normal as possible. When I over do it I have pain and have to rest, I still have lots of referred pain down my arm and and I accidentally move my arm quickly its unbearable…. Do other people think this is fair progress?

Iam not able to work as yet as my work involves lifting, driving is also an issue even though I have an automatic. Its a very slow recovery I have really appreciated reading other peoples experiences on this site. Any feed back would be appreciated to my question thanks.

Fi, I suffered a proximal humerus fracture 7 weeks ago and my Dr. I fractured my arm 7 weeks ago and start physical therapy tomorrow — I am an 86 year old female. My problem is extreme weakness — I have been taking Ibuprophen for pain and did you say that slows down healing?

Thanks, I will stop that immediately. I fell off my bicycle on Sunday morning in future will have a lie in and breakfast in bed like normal people ha!!! Due check x-Ray and possible surgical intervention on Monday not sure I really want it!

Does the shape return once PT gets underway. Prepared for a long recovery full of ups and downs. Hope everyone else is bearing up through their recovery. There is no good clinical evidence that NSAIDs or coxibs inhibit bone healing, with the possible exception of long-term use. NSAIDs and coxibs use appears to increase bone density, and does not increase fracture risk.

Smoking reduces bone density and significantly impairs healing after surgery or trauma. Here is the link: I never imagined the pain would lessen as much as it has, it is amazing!

I started VERY gentle rotation type excercises right from the very start, at 3 weeks the physio got me doing some more intense excercises which were so painful and I wondered if I was doing it correctly, after a little while the excercises became less painful. I have returned to my own bed, slept in the spare room with oodles of pillows , cannot sleep on my shoulder yet but my sleep is improving.

Today I even managed to hang out some washing on the line. For those of you reading this in the early stages of breaking your shoulder…believe me it DOES get better. Hi Maria thank you for been so positive, it has given me hope. I broke my shoulder yesterday and I am in terrible pain all down the arm.

I am seeing the consultant tomorrow hopefully I will not have to have surgery. I am 68 with a lot of other health issues. I wish you a speedy recovery Sheila. You could try hugging a warm heating pad—not on the fracture area—but just hugging it to your chest.

I have been amazed how that has helped me sleep when nothing else would work. Please let me know if it makes a difference. I used to get a notification in my email when comments were posted, but for some reason those notification have been going to my spam mail, instead of the inbox.

My friends, it is such a cross to be in tremendous pain, especially when it drags on and on and on with no end in sight. The restless, sleep-disturbed nights seem almost more than you can bear.

But I assure you: You will make it! Eventually, the pain lessens, the bones heal, your energy comes back, and life starts to return to normal.

One thing is for sure, though: I got back on my back, and I still love riding it. Just no more downhill speed races. Any other tips on sleeping. After nearly two months in recliner I tried the bed last two nights and no matter way I slept or propped my arm I woke up several times.

Need good nights sleep, exhausted! So glad I found this site. I fractured my shoulder in two places on of all days, New Years Day. I have not been to work this year but will be going back Mar 3. This has been one of the toughest things to go through as many of you know.

All kinds of pains in the whole left arm, itching in the beginning, frustration, depression. I am very active too so very frustrating. I did have my arm out of the sling a bit and he told me to only have it out of the sling when I am watching tv at night. I am doing all the exercises I have to do and the almost unbearable excercises are becoming more bearable which gives me hope all will be well.

I agree this has been the most painful thing I have ever endured in my 68 years and there have been moments of despair however I feel confident all will be well albeit very slowly. Hi broke my shoulder one five weeks ago in a horse riding accident. The pain was unbearable…. Have I done something to it?

I have spent some time out of the sling as my Dr said to. Anyhow Im really concerned that I will never get my strength back its very distressing.

It is almost 4 weeks since fracturing my shoulder. I have multiple fractures and the surgeon was worried that if he had to operate I would probable wake up with a new shoulder because the likelihood of the whole lot disintegrating was high. Thank goodness all the broken bits are still reasonably well aligned, the pain has reduced considerably and last night I had my best sleep since my fall.

I no longer take strong painkillers and feel better because of that as well. I have started physio, which is painful but I feel I am doing something myself now to promote the healing. This site has been a god sent, many thanks for the many tips and the sharing experience of others.

Even the weather is cooling after record breaking heat Adelaide SA. Have read above posts I broke my humours slipping on decking stupid me. Hope everybody gets better soon. Thanks for this fantastic site. I am now 7 weeks post break last x ray showed that all the pieces are starting to heal. The pain thank goodness is now minimal,and physio has started.

Movement not yet brilliant but I am working hard at it. Thanks for the great tips and advice. It was fixed with plate and 8 screws. I still have pain after 25 days of surgery. Should I use heating pads to reduce pain? I have not started PT as it pains. Also I fear PT may harm the healing of internal surgery cuts. Thank you for tis site, had my fall 10 days ago, still not sure if I need surgery more X-rays to ensure the bones are reasonably aligned.

Surgeon said if I Need surgery I will probably wake up with a shoulder replacement: I have difficulty taking strong pain killers, nausea and vomiting if I do. I have tried sleeping in a recliner, after reading the comments I will try again, sleeping is the biggest problem, pain is lessening, I have.

Trying to flip a table over yesterday and instead it slammed me to the floor. Result is broken shoulder. Apparently no surgery needed just sling. I live alone and dressing is awful. Right now in yoga pants and sweatshirt with sling and arm a big lump underneath. When should I be able to move my arm to put it in a sleeve? Not aiming for sweater over head just arm in button up t he front shirt so I can go back to work. I have been searching the internet for a story like mine. I fractured my shoulder oct 6 I have been struggling with the excruciating pain for 3 months.

I had waited too long. This just happened to me a couple days ago and the swelling has gone down some but the bruising is getting worse. Its spreading throughout my right shoulder. Will the bone start healing in the wrong position? Hi,I broke my shoulder in 3 places 2weeks ago,wearing a collar and cuff sling. Finding the pain difficult to cope with on regular codeine and hot water bottles.

Sorry but feeling pretty low,when does the pain start to recede? Any tips on getting comfortable at all through this? What I might expect? I need to get back to work but that seems so far off? I just found this site, and it is very encouraging for me. I slipped on ice and fractured my left shoulder in 3 places on Dec. Does this sound logical to all of you. I know myself well enough to want to do the PT too fast. Your PT schedule seems to be fairly close to what mine was.

God bless you as you heal, and Merry Christmas! However in reality I will never be exactly the way I used to be. Just the memory of laying there in the snow at the bottom of those steps makes me want to hibernate. Hi, my 78 year old mom is 3 days into a broken right shoulder. Saw the specialist today and they told her to start pendulum exercises today. Everyone who has posted on here has been way more helpful than any of the 3 different medical places we have been.

Now I know that it is because of her 60 degrees…. Thank you so much for this. I fractured my humorus almost 3 weeks ago in a bicycle crash. Thank you for your insight! I start physical therapy next week. I am able to move my arm up to about a 45 degree angle. I can now wear a regular bra instead pulling a bra up from the ground and over my legs!

I can shave my underarms now, yay! I am so happy! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and God speed! Broke my left shoulder yesterday walking the dog. She saw another dog in the bushes and ran at it. Tugging me so hard that i hit the ground shoulder first. I hurt all over. We are all connected. I loved reading everybodies stories.

I guess everyone feels the same way. I hope to get through this and hope nothing but the best for all of you. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Guess my daughters will be cooking.

I broke my shoulder September 5 and am doing so much better now. I remember the bruising and how my right arm was almost black from it. I live in Florida and needed to wear long sleeves in the heat to cover up.

None of this was fun and I had so many days where I felt sorry for myself because I was so active and could barely dress myself. My Dr released me and am riding my bike again and doing yoga. I do have some sharp pain from time to time but nothing like a month ago. Just wanted to offer encouragement that your shoulder will heal and all of this will behind you.

I was so pleased to find this website as I fractured the Ac jont and trauma to the scapula 8 weeks ago I am a retired nurse but was not prepared for the acute pain I have suffered but now no more pain killers but acute Physio and I consume as much vitimin C food etc for healing but I am still finding it difficult to function but try to do the Physio I find it very frustrating as it was my right shoulder to do my hair and some aspects of dressing even after 8 weeks.

Hi — i broke my right shoulder at end of June. Smashed joint up into 14 pieces! No surgery but 8 and a half weeks in a sling. Well, actually i took sling off after 2 days because i was desperate for a shower.

I used a belt as a temporary sling in the shower then put the real one back on. Did that every day. Started gentle shoulder exercises at roughly 5 weeks. Sleeping on my back in the sling was uncomfortable and every morning i woke up with stiff shoulder, elbow, hand and back. Still cannot lie comfortably on my right side. Getting dressed was a challenge and still cannot reach round to do up bra.

I gave myself little projects to do each day yeah, sad i know but it helped. Very put out that i had to cancel my holiday broken shoulder and off road travel in Africa not a good match. Now back at work with twice weekly physio. When i started physio i ignored advice to take painkillers. I now take 2 tablets of an over the counter painkiller a couple of hours before physio. Not back to full mobility yet but can lift my arm over my head — just not very straight!

Hope you all mend quickly and well! Betsy, your post just showed up on my feed. You have an upbeat attitude that is bound to speed your healing. We all have our up-and-down days, but as I mentioned to Shannon and Staci, time is on your side. Hello, Shannon and Staci. I hope and pray that you are healing well from the injury. Time is on your side, and so are we! I had surgery 1 week and 1 day ago on my left shoulder. The biggest frustration for me is not being able to wash my hair, shave my underarm, not driving, and sleeping sitting up.

Also, my upper arm is swollen and bruised, so when I take it out of the sling, and try to work it a little, it hurts! I go back to the dr. I hope all of guys heal well!! The exercises are of most benefit if you experience some discomfort but if you go to far and experience pain then the muscles can get inflamed and set back recovery time. Does beg the question when does discomfort become pain as I suspect we are all different with pain thresholds?

Chris I would use it again if you feel comfortable so but would be cautious about overdoing it as could set you back. Glad to hear you are seeing weekly improvement Graham. Hello all, I had a fall last Saturday 19th October with the result a broken left shoulder, Battling at times with the dull pain and feeling sorry for myself. I feel a little more hopeful after reading these posts. Hi everyone, I broke my shoulder back in May of Then about 1 month post-break started physical therapy for about 6 weeks.

Then I ran out of allowed visits, so have been working on my own since. My physical therapists and doctors were very happy with my progress during that time. I have almost complete range of motion back. Still have difficulty getting my left arm behind my back higher than mid-back. And I still have some pain occasionally. Mostly when I raise my arm bent at the elbow higher than waist level.

I was told that may take a year to completely go away. To everyone who is newly dealing with the pain, hang in there, it does get better.

My docs have told me not to worry about strength as that will always come back over time. Even in the sling you can exercise the fingers wrist and elbow a bit.

Ask your doc for some gentle exercises. The sling came off about 6 weeks ago. For the first 2 weeks I used the sling when necessary although it was partially due to the very odd feeling of my arm. I read a couple of posters had shooting pains like a trapped nerve.

I had exactly the same for about a week or 2 and also thought that something was wrong but it got less often then stopped a few weeks ago. What has surprised me the most is that bones generally seem to heal fairly quickly weeks but the loss of muscle and movement takes so long months and I would have assumed it would have been the other way round. I know your injury was almost a yr ago however I sustained same type fracture as you.

Still dealing with mine. My fracture has mended but still a lot of pain. My fracture was 8 weeks ago now Thanks. I am now out of the sling and have started PT. I can lift my arm almost overhead but not without pain. I am pushing through the pain and want my life back.

I feel like its been on hold for the last month. Hello, I just hit my 3rd week of a broken shoulder. No surgery just healing. I am pleased to hear that everything I have been doing has been right up to this point. The nasty bruising and swealing have finally gone away. I am having more mobility with my broken right shoulder.

I am not talking of lifting things just the day to day things. Like getting dressed, showering and so on. Chris, as soon as my doctor said the fracture had healed, I started doing whatever I could. It felt good, too! It sounds to me like you are on your way to a complete recovery. I will pray in the direction for you. God bless you as you heal, Kathy. I am still taking pain meds, not sure I can do the exercises without them. The pain has turned into an ache and sting.

Looking back to week one and two I have made great progress although at first I felt hopeless because of such extreme pain. If your new here know your not alone and you will feel better soon. It seems like a slow process and is not a pain free process, but you will get better before you know it. Sending best wishes to all and a speedy recovery. Helen, driving has been difficult and I am glad I have an automatic.

I can do alot more than what I did three weeks ago. I still have hematoma on my shoulder but the Dr feels this will go away with time. This will all get better for us all. Maybe in two wks dr. I can now finally get powder under my left arm. I need to get back to work even if I only have one arm to use. Looking forward to some PT so I can do more, like get dressed on my own Take care everyone, good healing days ahead for us all, Nora. Good healing days are ahead.

Sounds like you have made a lot of progress already. I will keep you in prayer for a speedy recovery. I took painkillers for probably the first 3 weeks until pain started easing. Hi Dottie, I use powder too. I am on my second week of PT, using the pully to stretch my arm. Other days are better. Also the lack of air circulating under my left arm pit starts to make it feel raw. I wash and dry good and put powder which helps but is there something better to help?

I am so grateful to have found this site. I fell three weeks ago and shattered my humerus into 4 parts. Two weeks ago I had surgery to pin my shoulder back together. I stayed the night in the hospital and they were able to manage my pain. I am taking tyleno during day and am on pain medication at night as I wake up feeling stiff.

I have good days and bad days. I know this is a long haul. My biggest obstacle has been my loss of independence. I am a teacher who has missed the start of school.

My goal is to head back to work next week. My doctor is cautious but has insured it. I will work with my class and modify how I teach. I teach fifth grade.

I see my doctor next after week five for my first set of X-rays. I am finding that I can now pull on a simple elastic bra. I look for goals that I can accomplish like washing my hair, getting myself dressed, figuring out what to do. I do get discouraged. I developed osteoporosis due to heavy prednisone use. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 13 years ago. I did the long hard fight with that so I know I can get through this.

What I struggle with is the realization that at I want to heal, move forward to improving my bone density. Thank you for your insight. It helps me find the resources to fight the hard fight. On another note I had my tonsils removed last summer. Compared to the first and second week I feel pretty good. But once I am over the pain I realize how much movement and strength I am actually gaining. I am finally able to wash dishes again. Felt awful having my husband do everything.

I want to say how glad I am also to have found this site. Breaking a shoulder is such a painful and scary thing it made a tremendous difference for me to find you. Boy am I glad I found this site. I broke my right shoulder falling out of bed. Guess I need a crib. Its been two weeks and I just went to the Dr today, he said no surgery which I am happy about he said I need to wear the sling for three more weeks and then have an xray and start Pt.

Perhaps your fracture only went part way through the bone and did not displace it. PT can be tough work, so I will keep you in prayer for perseverance and a speedy, complete recovery.

How are you doing now? Debby and Kay, I had pain for a long time, even after the bone had healed, especially when stretching my arm and shoulder. My muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons had suffered trauma, too, and took much longer to heal than the bone did.

Gentle stretching and massage therapy helped a lot. Thank you for your contribution. Were you able to begin massage therapy? Jan, your thoughts are so beautiful and uplifting! Being understood is perhaps the greatest treasure to be found in all of our feelings and experiences shared on this sight. I hope and pray that your bones are knitting together nicely now.

Helen, Tilly, and Sharon, so good to hear from you! It helps us see the baby steps—and sometimes the giant steps—in our progress toward healing. Without documenting my recovery on this website, I doubt I would have remembered much of it, and certainly not the details. How is the pain now? Where are you in your healing process?

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Multi disciplinary Clinic specialising in chronic pain integrating more traditional ideas with energy healing techniques including the use of NES and MiHealth with the Meta Healing Process. Via Alberto Mario 9 Cutrofiano. I am a registered health practitioner, fully qualified and insured for the practice of homeopathy, informational medicine, nutrition and life-style changes.

Hainbach 23 Aurach am Hongar. I use a form of energy medicine called The BodyTalk System. No medications are given. BodyTalk helps heal the Body, calms the Mind and helps rejuvenate the Spirit! Synchronicity Wellness Broadway St. InfoEnergetix Natiunile Unite nr. I was literally sick and tired until I began using the energetic formulas produced by Perfect Science AD.

Since then I have studied many different energy healing modalites; I am trained in different types of energetic evaluation devices; I also facilitate emotional clearing. I do much of my work remotely — it only takes an email or phone call. Through using the Inergetix-CoRe System and his extensive experience with psychological and spiritual matters, Kevin is able to help in resolving a wide range of health and specific life challenges. Myrveien 34 a, Nittedal.

Berlin und Gera Qualquer um, desde crianças a idosos. Para além disso possui um programa combinado de medicinas alternativas, incluindo homeopatia e acupunctura, reflexologia entre outros que ajudam a equilibrar o funcionamento natural do nosso corpo. Com este sistema é possível eliminar toxinas provocadas por medicamentos sem comprometer qualquer tipo de tratamento.

O Biofeedback é uma experiência relaxante e benéfica. Pesquisas médicas têm evidências comprovadas de que o biofeedback tem os seguintes benefícios: Medical Grade Essential Oils to restore balance and well-being in all systems and levels of the energy field; emotional clearing and spiritual anointing with oils; spiritual healing in person or remotely. His abiding interest in history and philosophy has led him to undertake continual research into various problems and issues that have arisen in traditional homeopathic treatment.

This research has led to the development of a systematic dynamic approach to therapeutics that is now being offered in a comprehensive form to others through a five-year program.

Beyond the Classical Paradigm with Steven R. Decker , The Dynamic Legacy: Hahnemann from Homeopathy to Heilkunst with Steven Decker. Marco Polorede 12, Zoeterwoude,. Salud y Energía Mexico D. Danielle has been studying and practicing holistic healing and energy medicine for 10 years. She brings her unique heart centred approach to each and every course, workshops or appointment. Danielle has followed many paths and been in contact with many teachers from a young age.

She knows that each person has the ability within to heal themselves and others, and is always in awe of our natural inner power when facilitating someones reawakening. Earth Wisdoms Cambridge, Ontario. CoRe Evaluierung und Informative Fernbehandlung. Seminare über Energie und Informationsmedizin. Spirituelle Bewusstwerdung — Leben im Jetzt. CoRe Evaluation and Informational balancing.

Seminars about Energetic and Informational Medicine. Spiritual awareness — The Power of Now. Implants for 30 years and pain control, dentist anesthesiologist, Full Oral Rehabilitation and Master Aesthetics. Backpain Clinic, Energy healing, Hypnotherapy and Trancecoaching, Osteopathic and energetic physical therapy.

Visitors to Zen Healing Space often ask what a healing will feel like and how it will affect them. At Zen Healing Space, our clients stay fully clothed and are treated in an upright position in a comfortable chair.

The session begins with a grounding technique. A healer-facilitated meditation state is induced after which the healer works through each of the 7 major energy centers with channeled energy.

The channeling is then followed by a chakra balancing to assimilate the shifts in positive energy now present in the body. While the majority of the healing is hands-off, the healing can and often incorporates hands-on healing Reiki towards the end of the session.

His in depth understanding provides life transforming experiences into the authentic nature, being, and wellness of who we are as spiritual beings. The goal of Health Center I.

Therapy is to maintain a healthy body by removing pain without the use of drugs, as well as maintaining internal, external, and spiritual balance. Each patient receives a customized wellness plan that incorporates the most effective treatments available. Informational and Energetic modalities for people, animals, agriculture. Personal sessions and distance healing offered.

Distance healing for anywhere in the world. Practice is mobile as well as home based. Specialist in animal behaviour, communication and health and well being. Full time travel Australia wide All States. Robert Friedman, who has thirty years of experience in the field of anti-aging medicine, has opened Longevity Health: An Integrative Medical Clinic as a new kind of anti-aging clinic that provides medical solutions to patients based on a partnership built on respect and compassion in the areas of anti-aging, chronic illness, pain management and weight loss.

Therapies include metabolic and nutritional medicine, chelation, IV infusion therapy, homeopathic mesotherapy natural facelifts, body sculpting and cellulite reduction , herbal therapy, acupuncture and energy medicine, emotional realignment therapy, hormone balancing therapy bio-identical immune, endocrine, energy and longevity boosting protocols.

We also have colleagues in our network that provide IPT therapy for cancer and autologous stem cell therapy. Initial consultations include Whole Body and Biomarker Scans in our search for an accurate diagnosis based on science and functional medicine principles. Conditions that we treat include, but are not limited to: ADHD, allergies, chronic fatigue, chronic illnesses, diabetes, digestive disorders, emotional blocks, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances, headaches, hot flashes, memory loss, neuropathies and pain syndromes, and weight loss.

Natural Facelifts, Natural Body Sculpting, Natural Cellulite Reduction, Bio-identical Hormones, Comprehensive bio-marker evaluation of male and female hormones, thyroid, adrenal glands and human growth hormone, cholesterol, immune function, cardiovascular, gut panels, metabolic panels, bone density, neurotransmitters, brain and memory function and body scans as needed.

CoRe evaluations are done to support treatment and remedies are remotely transmittted. Service in English, French, and Spanish. The experiences of my own healing and transformation journey along with my research and knowledge gained along the way are the inspiration for my work. I have spent a lifetime learning and understanding what it means to live a wholistic integral life incorporating the five levels of our being—physical, mental, emotional, heart and soul. Now I gratefully share this knowledge and wisdom with all who resonate so they too can live a vibrant life on purpose.

I do this through my Journey to Wholeness Program, which begins with a three month introduction: First Steps to Health. Hauptplatz 47 Bad St. CoRe Practice Zijpstraat 10, Elewijt. University of Applied Sciences Edenkoben. The body never lies: All the treatments are personalized according to what is most necessary for you at that very moment. Energyflow Pastoor Dergentlaan 82 Aarschot.

Am Dobben 95, Bremen. Bognor Regis West Sussex. Unternathal 12, , Ohlsdorf. Samira Kolonakiou 12, Kolonaki Athens. We introduce holistic, complementary and alternative practices and provide referral access to vetted practitioners. Energy Medicine Association Members are welcome to apply for referrals. I have a strong belief that a natural and holistic approach to wellness is essential, not only for ourselves but for our animal friends and the earth that we live upon.

Vitality and good health IS our natural state of being, sometimes we seem to forget that innate knowledge. You may come to me with a symptom of pain or nausea, a feeling of sadness or a diagnosis of disease…my interest lies in not just the symptom or the diagnosis, nor the body part that is hurting…but moreso in how all of these things are impacting upon you as a whole person.

In this way we can put together a self-care plan to address what you, the whole person, is needing in the way of assistance towards realizing your natural state of good health. Whether you are seeking to deepen your spiritual connections, tap into your healing abilities or simply want to learn meditation, I will support you in reaching your spiritual goals.

I also provide very powerful, one on one or distant Skype or phone energy healing sessions that will help release blocks in your energy system and support you in shifting out of pain and disease. Over the years I have supported many people that suffered from either chronic, acute or post-surgical pains towards relief or full recovery. All of my work is rooted in a strong intuitive understanding of the human energy system and the relationships between our pain and energetic blocks.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation. Apaseo el Alto Guanajuato. Clients report results after one session. The QRS system can be used before, after or in combination with any kind of treatment, therapy or medication. As an example, by making body cells receptive, the pulsating magnetic fields used by the QRS maximize the effects of medicine. Only issue is mild depression but meditation and physical activity helps overcome this. I have returned from Thailand and am disappointed that PSA has risen from 1.

Three years ago my lowest reading was 0. I need to reconsider my complementary therapies and will be seeing my urologist next week for my 6 monthly Eligard injection and maybe review my treatment options. I am still physically active; I attended a Cosmic Healing workshop in Thailand and will explore energy healing and spirituality in future.

My last PSA test in December showed a small reduction to 2. Had an appointment with my oncologist and does not want to change my treatment although said I could go intermittent if I wanted to. Said my PSA is stable. Finally had all my root canal teeth removed so hopefully now will see an improvement in my immune system.

Back in Thailand for two months concentrating on Tai Chi Qigong and meditation. Believe it all helps. Back from Thailand and experienced some minor health problems. Bad virus and stomach upset during a trip to Burma. Also my brother passed away from a blood clot but he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. A form of bone cancer. My PSA increased from 2. I saw my urologist for my 6 monthly Eligard injection and he was not worried.

I'm concentrating on exercise program plus continuing meditation etc and also reviewing diet and supplements that I am taking; hopefully will be able to stabilise PSA in the next 3 months. I had gone on a high protein diet to lose some weight but no other treatment changes.

My urologist said wait for September PSA result before changing treatment. Did not want to introduce second line hormone treatment at this stage. My quality of life is very good at present. Going back to Thailand for five weeks in the health resort in July. These trips have always been beneficial in the past so hopefully this will continue. PSA in September has continued to increase to 5. Had my first infusion a couple of weeks ago and some minor side effects.

Having another infusion in 2 weeks and then a break whilst I have a 3 month Thailand visit. My Oncologist feels he has plenty of treatment options available next year and will include second line hormone therapy. But in no hurry to introduce more toxidity into my system at this stage. Looking at visiting China for a 3 week intensive treatment of medical Q Gung.

Hoping will slow down my PSA growth. PSA continued to jump to 6. Had 2 infusions - one end of October and one end of November. Pleased to see that PSA appears to have stabilised as last test early Dec was 7. Will continue infusions in the New Year. After spending 3 months in Thailand PSA continued to increase to 8.

Started Zometa infusions again and also had my regular Eligard injection. My Urologist suggested a bone scan and my Oncologist said continue current treatment until later on in the year and monitor PSA. No other symptoms at this stage. Suggest might consider a clinical trial later in the year if PSA continues tp rise at the current rate. Continuing to keep myself fit and healthy with yoga,meditation,tai chi and golf. Also receiving regular acupuncture. Also taking plenty of supplements.

Considering going to Beijing to attend a medical Chi Gung centre later on this year. Still feeling relatively optimistic and plenty of extra treatments available.

Psa has increased to 11 but feeling ok and bone scan clear. No additional side effects. Oncologist does not want to introduce 2nd line hormone therapy at this stage whilst my quality of life is good. Still using complementary therapies. Yoga, tai chi, massage, acupuncture, meditation and playing good golf 3 times a week so no use complaining.

Received my monthly Zometa infusion and PSA increased from 11 to 12 in 1 month. My Oncologist thought this was a good result as rate of growth is not accelerating. Agreed to cut back to 3 monthly Zometa. No other treatment planned. Started a herbal formula trial. Received 3 months product in return for a monthly PSA report. Too early to see if any impact. Overall health still very good. PSA jumped to 17 in August and then slowed to 18 in September.

Oncologist and Urologist decided not to introduce any new treatment options as all my blood chemistry is indication of no bone involvement and my overall health remains very good.

Had a Zometa infusion and my regular 6 monthly Eligard injection. Continuing with my complementary treatments of yoga, meditation, acupuncture, tai chi and spiritual healing. PSA test in December showed an increase over 3 months from 18 to While disappointing that it is still increasing at least the rate of growth is not accelerating. Off to Chiang Mai health resort for 2 months before returning to see Oncologist and Urologist in March.

After spending 2 months in Thailand PSA actually fell slightly from 21 to The first fall in over 2 years. All other blood readings were normal and my Oncologist said it was a great result as my PSA appears to have leveled off again after rising last year. No change in treatment. Still having 6 monthly Eligard injections plus 6 monthly Zometa infusions.

Still feeling very well and living an active lifestyle. Concentrating on yoga meditation and chi gung plus acupuncture. PSA has jumped from 20 to 30 which was a disappointing result after the recent fall. Also need to go to hospital this week to have a TURP.

Fortunately my overall health is good and looking forward to some positive benefits from the procedure. Seeing oncologist at the end of August to review my treatment options and have a zometa infusion. Latest PSA up from 30 to Disappointing but at least the rate of growth is slowing down. Saw my Oncologist and had my regular 6 month Zometa infusion. He suggests no change in treatment until I have a bone and CT scan in 3 months time.

Also had my regular 6 monthly Eligard injection. Urologist happy with my recovery from my TURP operation. Still active and playing golf and continuing yoga, acupuncture and meditation. Went to Thailand and after 2 months my PSA has dropped to 3. The local Thai doctor did not believe the result but was checked twice. Also taking Chinese herbs. The result needs to be checked in Australia when I return in early March however all my other blood markers were normal.

The side effects are minimal. Just feel a bit lethargic but ok if one remains active. Arrived back in Australia to see my Urologist and have a blood test and receive my Eligard six month injection. My PSA has dropped further to 2. My overall health remains good and today I played 18 holes of golf and won the competition with 40 stableford points. Going to enroll in an exercise trial at the University of Queensland which is starting to attract world wide attention showing the benefit of exercise on prostate cancer survivors.

Pleased to see my PSA continue to drop to 1. My Oncologist was very pleased and thought the PSA would stabilise around 3. However said it was obvious I was responding well to hormone treatment and that I will be a good candidate for other types of hormone therapy in the future-continued to be active with yoga, Pilates and golf. A naturapath has prescribed a high dose of tumaric so this is the only change to my supplement regime. Some negative side effects from the Anandron and feeling tired and lethargic but can prefer not to take any extra medications at this stage.

I am sure my body will eventually get used to the extra hormone therapy. Still on 3 monthly PSA monitoring and 6 monthly Eligard injections. After a month trip to Thailand returned to see my Urologist for my regular 6 monthly Eligard injection. PSA has moved up to 3. Urologist happy with my progress and said my response to Anandron has been excellent. Having another test in December and see my Oncologist. Now 9 years since original diagnosis. Still feeling OK and continuing to practice Pilates twice a week, yoga and meditation weekly and golf twice a week.

My weight has been increasing however and trying to address that by reducing carb and sugar intake. PSA has jumped to 6. ALP had jumped which indicates increase in bone activity. Suggested a series of monthly injections of Xgeva a bone strengthening agent-will review in 3 months and if no improvement suggested start chemotherapy although Zytiga is an option although not on the PBS.

I am off to Thailand for a 10 week stay so an incentive to improve my overall health. Feeling good and remaining active. Spent nearly 3 months in Thailand but had an injury to my left hip after playing golf and having a thai massage. Lost mobility due to excessive pain in left leg. Showed tissue damage but also mets so doctors there believed cancer related.

The injury eventually resolved itself with pain killers and mobility returned. PSA test on return showed an increase to 37 so my Oncologist suggested Taxotere chemotherapy.

An infusion every 3 weeks for 6 cycles. Not happy to do this but only way to access subsidised treatment in future of newer drugs. Had first infusion yesterday and no side effects yet but understand it is early days yet.

Advised to keep exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.