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I have been a member for over a year but would like to cancel my account! Thanks so much for the feedback! It was a stressful environment. Then they find a way to terminate you. Reps get burnt out quickly in their position. Using a celebrity screams out to the consumer high price. Additionally, our sales roles are unique in that we provide paid PTO to all of our sales reps and additionally encourage use during the last quarter of each year to ensure our team is rested and ready for "Diet Season".

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Advice to Management Keep it up! Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Pros Helping people dedicated to improving their diet Over-time is great Staff are very friendly. Cons If you have a background in nutrition, it is difficult to only provide the nutrition information Nutrisystem wants you to provide.

Advice to Management Give more appreciation to the counselors and customer service staff - they work their butt off all day even day. Join the Nutrisystem team.

See Our Latest Jobs. Pros Team mentality, lots of training, great compensation, job satisfaction, advancement opportunities within the company. Cons occasional escalated customer can be difficult to handle but leadership gives you the tools to succeed, Sometimes difficult to get days off due to policy of only allowing to have 2 reps off on any one day.

Advice to Management Better Training to Sales reps to explain the products and commitments to potential customers. Pros Descent money and benefits nice people to work with. Cons Very few people last very long in this high pressure hard to meet constant measures they grade you on. Advice to Management So much turnover is not good for any company. Pros Supervisors were awesome, especially Manuela.

Cons Lateness Point system starts at 8 instead of Advice to Management Have more compassion as far as uncontrollable lateness Accidents, weather. Pros Top sales people do make a lot of money. Cons They can fire you any day no integrity requires belief in a product that has a lot of chemicals high turnover can send you home if you are doing bad one day.

Advice to Management No comment because they have advanced degrees and their behavior is obviously rewarded with big compensation packages.

Pros there are no pros working here, unless you like being abused. Cons tyrannical control, condescending management, bad product, ratting co workers, environment of fear. Advice to Management they would never listen. Pros Unskilled employees can move up the ranks quickly and without justification. Cons CEO and higher level management team is incompetent, greedy, and unqualified.

Advice to Management Hire people who are qualified and educated. Pros Colleagues were fun to work with; most had really great personalities. Cons Very, very slow during the summer months. Advice to Management Reps get burnt out quickly in their position. Pros - Motivated team - High employee moral - Exceptional management - Room for advancement - Great culture - Great people.

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They claim to give you online access with the purchase of a monthly pass aka FastPass but then do a bait and switch when you sign-up. This is one the few WW that does this. Please stop the nickeling and diming. In addition, it also helps those who want to keep control of their weight and health. The portion-controlled diet program is very simple and easy to follow. Nutrisystem program has several plans as listed below. All plans comes with Turbo 13 kit which is the latest addition for Nutrisystem plans for women has three sub plans namely Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours.

In basic plan, foods are preselected for you. In Core plan, you can choose your own food and you also have free access to dietitians and counselors. You also get free access to dietitians and counselors. Fitness and nutritional needs vary for both men and women. Considering this fact, NutriSystem has designed individual plans for men and women separately. This helps the men in losing weight healthily without facing those hunger pangs. This is a specially designed plan for vegetarians.

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