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We were there for the launch last Friday night The day all the lovely ladies don huge hats in the hope of getting a blue ribbon. Now, we don't think they're going back up the African mountain so we reckon it was all to launch the accompanying TV show they shot way back when. In fact, no man should. Ah we're full of Christmas cheer and nonsense now that Katie Price kicked off the Yuletide Season, which is tradition in these here parts. Irish success stories, lovely Irish ladies, and Irish bashes filled with lovely Irish ladies celebrating Irish success stories.

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No vanilla sex

That's the motto of the cast and crew of TV3's Celebrity Salon. We caught-up with the so-sozzled-crew as they rolled-out of Harrys Bar the other night after a spot of Karaoke and a sneaky bevy or two or three.

All this stuff better make it into the actual show The gang of producers behind such shows as Fade Street, Dublin Housewives, and Celebrity Salon aren't so much handpicking contestants for their new breed of surreality shows folks, more building-up an extended and slightly dysfunctional family. Those Straywave cats brought the warring Housewives out to be styled by the Celeb Salonites at Hairspray yesterday Truth is folks, all we was gettin' was frames full of umbrella blockers and face-palms.

Now, we wouldn't be the world's biggest Westlife fans but fair play to the lads folks. They sure made a wee bit of talent stretch a very long way and to be really honest, a couple of their tunes aint all that bad. The fivesome-now-foursome said their final farewells with two massive monster Croker gigs last weekend Yes folks, she went off to that London to become a Playboy bunny and all that but she's home now, and boy did we miss her.

We're talking about bustilicious babe Louise Kavanagh and this is how she showed-up for work at The Gypsy Rose yesterday. Okay, so the whole Electric Burma concert was a world class show of how to entertain and impress a deserving foreign dignitary. Bad news, her jumper reads "Not For Sale". Darn, and there we wuz searching down the back of the couch for the Communion money and cashing in Granny's Prize Bonds Seems like celebrity lifestyle isn't all limos, lollipops, and belly laughs folks.

Pooped so they were Us poor Irish feckers just can't get a break. The rain is supposed to mainly fall in Spain but while it was belting down here in buckets, those cheeky Spaniards were kicking our wee green arses in Poland. Still, Jamie Oliver and Co. Where would you get it folks?

An actual Hollywood star turned-up at an Irish movie premiere and a random spontaneous event related to the plot of the film occurred right in front of the press and assembled celeb types. A few little known facts about Bressie off The Voice folks. His name is actually Niall Breslin, he once aspired to be a rugby hero, he used to do music in a band, and he even drew a moustache on a Juliette Lewis poster with a marker! That was all before he came our fav photocall princess.

Let's face it - he's the new Salpa They've only just picked Miss Ireland and the next lot of lovelies are lining up to be Miss Universe Ireland Us Irish luv an aul beauty pageant so we do That fancy pants Claudine Palmer one was in for the 50th Late Late Show thingy last weekend, but her being all LA and stuff, one outfit just wouldn't do the job.

She darted from RTE in a haze of bling and heels, flipped her designer gear, and hit Bucks. Faster than Superman, even without a phone box For some reason Jedward were our main Olympic Torch bearers of note cuz, you know, their hair looks like the fire on a torch.

Well, at least they all got to keep the massive gold cigarette lighters. It all got a bit big-boys-toys last weekend what with the Bavaria City Racing thing blocking-off half the town.

But not even the persistent pelting rain kept the big boys at home, well who wouldn't queue up to see The Glenda get her hands on Jenson Button's shiny helmet! Phnarr phnarr woof woof etc Well, there's no denying that the much hyped Late Late Show 50th Anniversary special didn't deliver in buckets folks.

Lots of guests and lots of memories, bags of impromptu interruptions, and many a dram of the hard stuff sank At times it all went Nell McCafferty Strange turn of events last night folks, we had Ireland's last favorite celeb and Ireland's latest bunch of celebs throwing separate bashes in the same venue. Where to start folks? TV3's Dublin Housewives hit our screens this week and boy has it delivered.

We were expecting this to be a pseudo glammed-up champagne soaked extravaganza of fakeness and false lashes.

Sure, we got that. And so much bloody more A new fad has come to Ireland folks, and to be honest, we're kinda stoked. If like us you get your daily caffeine intake via hot milky beverages in any given coffee shop with an open door, then get ready for alternative. It's called Bubblicity Tea and even our very own Kathryn Thomas digs it As Jedward arrived home from Eurovision disaster yesterday something dawned on us folks, Ireland will never win Eurovision again.

It was Harrys on the Green once again last night as our favourite models had another Catwalk 2 Kilimanjaro launch party. Now, we don't think they're going back up the African mountain so we reckon it was all to launch the accompanying TV show they shot way back when. We're not great when it comes to the aul facts The lovely big warm sun over Ireland was all anyone was talking about yesterday, ironic then that all the celeb types ran to the snow the first chance they got.

Finally folks, we found him. And right on our very own bloody doorstep. We're talking about the man whose song 'Mandy' made poor artistically frustrated Brian McFadden quit Westlife, we're hoping Barry Manilow is here to apologise to the Irish Nation Kearney Is Europe's Best The sun finally turned the map the right way round and found its way to Ireland yesterday.

We're feckin' back baby With the end of the era of Desperate Housewives just in sight, some of those lovely ladies have spread out across the globe to say so-long to the fans. Dublin was blessed with the elegance and grace of Marcia Cross aka Bree last weekend, who at a fine fifty cut a long slender figure on The Saturday Night Show We've noticed a trend of late folks, more and more celeb types are piling into photo opps with wee Louis Walsh.

It seems the more bouffanty his hair gets the more peeps that are drawn to our Lou Lou. Ok folks, we've kinda said we're already jaded with all these non-reality reality shows. Y'know, coz we have slightly functioning brains 'n' stuff. Saying that and knowing the ladies involved, we're still kinda - in an odd and strangely kinky way - looking forward to watching TV3's upcoming Dublin Housewives Say hello to last night's launch party Still, when the 'stars' of such things hit the clubs we're there with bells on.

Good value folks, two Miss Ireland's for the price of one in the space of two weeks. Maire Hughes had to give up her crown over the whole AgeGate thing and it was finally handed over to the lovely Rebecca Maguire at The Wright Venue last weekend The Glosie Are Back Hold on to your damn knackers folks for the biggest thing to happen in Ireland since a little thing called the Peace Process occurred last night.

Jeez, is there anything Sacha Baron Cohen can't do? Things certainly got hot in the kitchen at Harrys On The Green last night with Pippa O'Connor in situ as the resident chef in a sheer black dress.

The row over Maire Hughes being too old for the Miss World finals still hasn't gone away folks. A week after she owned-up to putting the wrong date of birth on the forms she found herself on The Saturday Night Show fighting her corner We have no idea what Geordie Shore is folks nor who Charlotte Letitia Crosby is, yet that didn't stop a massive foam party from kicking off when she showed up at XS Nightclub in Rathfarnham last weekend. Finally folks, much hyped and even awarded Irish movie 'Charlie Casanova' got its premiere screening last night and who should show up?

And it all went down at The Lighthouse Now all that Miss Ireland AgeGate is starting to abate caaalm-down, caaalm-down we can get back to business as unusual. We don't have much time to throw together a story today so we thought we'd just lash up some pics of our fav models in their underwear We attended 'Styled By Ladies and gentlemen, your Miss Ireland We just don't think we can get behind this new big spectacle fad going around.

In all the years we've been shooting Irish celeb types we've managed to miss yer man Marty Morrissey for the most part.

And what a sublimely shaped headed man he is with a unique aesthetic that's almost mythical yet indescribable. It's hotly tipped to be the big blockbuster film of the summer and will no doubt turn a tidy profit here in Ireland, yet at the Dublin Premiere of Avengers Assemble this week there was ner a sign of the Hollywood stars.

Still, at least they rolled out the red carpet and put up a big poster in The Savoy Those two spiky haired effervescent bouncing flubber balls of hyperactive insanity Well, that was all before Miss Tara Reid rolled into town. We caught up with the twins yesterday after a few days hanging with the American Pie star, and boy did they have ner a drop of wind left in their sails Those crafty feckers over at Buck Whaleys aint sitting on their arses during the recession folks, nope they're pulling in the punters on nights when most other clubs are tumbleweed empty.

This could be worse than that time we found out Britney was a virgin no more folks. Hold on to your quiffs coz we exclusively snapped the bould Tara Reid 36 on the arm of wee Edward Grimes 20 leaving the 'American Pie: Reunion' afterparty late last night and then sitting on a Jedward's knee in the back of a car We warned you peeps this is big news We honestly don't have that many high-hopes for the latest American Pie instalment 'American Reunion' which has its Irish Premiere this evening with most of the original cast on the red carpet.

We caught up with Stifler and even Stifler's Mom as they arrived in Dublin late last night This time out it was all about finding rogue moles on under protected Irish skin.

Alas, we found none on these two beauties apart from a rather suspicious tattoo on Miss Moyles' shapely left buttock. One of our favourite characters is that stereotypical middle aged RTE presenter with the babies shoved up her dress obsessed with the glamour At first we thought it was an amalgam of The Miriam and The Blathnaid, but now we're thinking there's a lot of The Lorraine in there too What a contrasting showdown folks, the youthful hope filled gals vying for the Miss Ireland title up against the more mature lady from The Southside Housewives show.

Both sets of femme fatales crossed paths at Buck Whaleys last night We didn't stick around long but we bet there was murder on the dance floor There was a time folks in our not so distant past that no self respecting photocall queen would be seen plying her trade anywhere but the top o' Grafton Street.

Stephen's Green at a stretch. But those heady days are long gone, and watching our very own Nadia Forde playing kick-about on The Mary Street yesterday compounded the bleak state this country is in And you thought the Coffin Ships were bad Stare at his face. Now in your mind ask him would he like a cup of tea, then wait. Yes, wait and endure the protracted awkward painful silence before his deadpan response states in glorious monotone monosyllables: No I'm grand thanks A quiet Easter weekend on the celeb front folks so we'll revisit last week's car-azy VVIP Awards as the celeboholics filled with celebohol spilled-out early-doors onto the dry Dublin streets as Good Friday's prohibition kicked-in Irish stylee.

It WAS thee ironic award giving event of the year thus far Aint Ireland just grrrand We weren't even born the last time there was a musical at the Abbey Theatre, talking like 20 years ago. But that all changed last night when 'Alice in Funderland' historically opened there. Lots of actor types attended but no Helter-skelters or even Bumper-Cars, Funderland has changed Model Louise Kavanagh's back home from that London after a spell working in the Playboy Club, apparently that qualifies her as an official fully licensed Bunny Girl.

We all know how tough the Irish modelling industry is folks but we weren't really aware just how bleedin' tough a few of the glam girlies are. So we were quite taken aback when we attended Dublin Pub Box at The Wright Venue last week where some lovely ladies knocked seven bales of brown shite outta each other Seeing as it's Monday morning we thought we'd get your week off to a bright start with some pictures of our fav model of the moment Karena Graham in her knickers.

The blonde bombshell was doing a bit of the aul modelling for Marlies Dekkers at Brown Thomas last week Models Back On Grafton The sun came out in Ireland this week, the damned recession is showing signs of ending, and models are back working on Grafton Street.

With all the media cutbacks, journo layoffs, and Irish franchise newspapers closing down and wotnot there's a big Paul Martin shaped hole left in the tabs for a proper balls-to-the-wall unapologetic ShowBiz hack.

Step forward Jennifer O'Brien, apparently she's got an 'ajenda' and stuff O what a match. He's got the biggest hair in ShowBiz, she's got the biggest pout. We are of course talking about Edward Grimes and Rozanna Purcell, they're calling the Jedcell, least we were when they bumped into each other yesterday To show our pure dedication to the Irish interpretation of schhhtyle we hung around outside the VIP Style Awards last Friday night like starving rabid mange ridden dogs.

When there's this much of the fashion happening in one place we're staying put. See all the VIPees as they left the awards clinging on to their goodie bags like they were Lifeboats on the Titanic Well now folks, if you wanted to see all the finest fashion and all the latest schhhtyle you shudda been in Dublin last Friday night for the VIP Style Awards at The Shelbourne Hotel.

More guna nuas and bleached white teeth than you could shake a schhhtylish stick at Those pesky students were at it again this week folks. Openly doing the fashion in public Hayley Ryan and Michele McGrath were at it so we put up their picture, no other real connection to this story we can see Yesterday we spotted hunky actor Killian Scott, aka Tommy, out shopping and we can't help thinking there's a touch of a younger Colin Farrell about the lad Well, Ali is a brand new model Mom and our Rosie has a new wee puppy, so it makes good business sense.

Oh what a weekend it was folks. All the dressing up and parading around town showing the world what it's really like to be Irish. It was the Alternative Miss Ireland Oh, and that St Patrick's Day thing was also on too we heard It's just dawned on us that it has been an age, perhaps even an age and a half, since we last had Rosanna Davison on the front of ShowBiz.

Ah sure, seeing as it's Paddy's weekend we thought we'd push her to the fore just because she wore traditional Irish pastel peach at The Devil Inside Premiere last night She may well be fast approaching 40 but there's no denying that newly single Amanda Byram is as hot as ever, if not hotter. We caught-up with Ireland's most successful female TV presenter of all time out at the Late Late last weekend It is with a stomach filled with vinegary guilt that we bring you these here pictures folks.

Still, we're only feckin' excira that there's more Nidger coming our way soon The good folk out at RTE may not be able to get their wee heads around pulling comments off Twitter but they've sure managed to produce two quite popular yet unlikely leading men in Niall Breslin and David McSavage.

We heard chatter on the wires that the Ireland fellas did the business against the invading Scottish hoards in a game of rugbyball last weekend.

Truth is, the only reason we knew the rugger was on was because we spotted Rozanna Purcell flirting with some lad in a tartan skirt at O'Donoghues on Baggot Street.

What with it being International Woman's Day yesterday and every other darn day as far as we can see we totally got down with the gals. But this time with a twist for the fit fella on our Hol's arm yesterday seemed to be a bit more fashion forward than the other fella from the day before.

So, has Holly hipstered-up her rugby man We don't know what's attracting former Miss Irelands to the rugby playing male of late, but the rough around the edges lads seem to be going down well with the lovely Misseses. The Irish premiere for Project X went down at Cineworld last week folks with the carazy cast of Tallafornia in full affect. Welcome to Irish light entertainment Based on the sacred stones where once the mighty Cocoon Bar stood, The Grafton Lounge lives on folks where lesser public houses fell.

We were there at the 2nd birthday bash last night with Madeline Mulqueen of Rubberbandits fame. And yes, she had a horse outside We're still in total shock that Danish supermodel Helena Christensen is 43 years old thanks Wiki!

Well, she was over at Brown Thomas last week launching luxury lingerie brand Triumph Essence with a few of our fav fashion models Our wee Georgia Salpa has gone up in the world folks - we randomly snapped her yesterday leaving The Merrion Hotel with a strapping young man carrying her Jimmy Choos shopping bags A new feller youthinks? Well no, she was quick to point out they were just good friends. There's yet again another totally unscripted we totally swear!

It's either gonna be must-see or never-want-to-see-again TV. We don't think the good people of Eurovision really know what they've got themselves into. The Jedward twins ran away with the farcical Late Late qualifiers last weekend and are now heading full-steam to Azerbaijan But with a huge team of absolutely crazy and social media savvy teens behind them, we don't think second place is an option Not since Michael Caine and Julie Walters filmed Educating Rita have such an unlikely pairing been through the hallowed doors of Trinity College folks.

It's no secret that former X Factor twins Jedward are nuttier than six factories full of fruitcakes, so we have to applaud the designer that made their custom American flag jackets into actual straitjackets for their pending Eurovision bid.

We bet long suffering Liam McKenna had something to do with it The Brits probably ask themselves everyday: But our real contribution to modern British popular culture has to be the TV friendly Irish Traveller community Holy momma there was a serious kerfuffle of schnappers down at The Savoy last night.

Some feller called Alan Pistachio or something was in town with his hot bird giving it all that on the red carpet and launching his movie Wilde Salome.

Still, top bloke, whoever he may be Skinny jeans, plaid shirts, and bow ties at the ready hipsters for there's a new in-place on South William Street to get your eat on and your drink on. It's called Bear and our very own Jamie Heaslip is a partner in Dublin's latest right-on-trend eatery Bad news guys, she's was with her F1 fella Lewis Hamilton.

We really thought we'd have a shot Although, in consolation our Nicole did play a stomper gig at The Olympia Sure, isn't it the place we first spotted Rosanna Davison wearing nowt but gold nipple tassels back in They totally pulled-it outta the bag once again There were some frocky horror sights, some pleasant surprises, some pregnant bellys, and of course Ruth Negga who managed to run-away with the most stylish outfit without going down the dreaded Debs dress route The rest of Europe may be neck-deep in snow but over here in wee Eire, we may be smashed, but at least we've got the good weather.

We caught up with two of Ireland's hottest ladies at the weekend, depending on your taste, at The Saturday Night Show. But dear reader, which one is your preferred cup o' darjeeling Now, we didn't see the invites to the 10th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival launch at The Lighthouse last night, but we're pretty sure the dress code wasn't stated as homegirl chic We've heard reports in the Oirish meeja that our very own lovely Rosanna Davison has only gone and got her kit offski for Playboy.

Like, all of it! Now, we're not gonna condone that sort of nudie thing, but it seems the whole experience has put a new wee spring in the step of the former Miss World The age-old conundrum was posed: What Do Women Want?

Well, according to fashionable female Holly White it's most definitely skinny cocktails, low carb nibbles, angel card readings, eyelashes, and Rozanna Purcell on the decks. With a big Georgia Salpa shaped hole in the red tops the poor aul papers are stuck for a bit o' totty to brighten up their pages.

Luckily the TV3 Tallafornia posse popped-up at the right time to fill the gap Good people of Ireland - fair play to Georgia Salpa. Sure, she's only over in that London 5 mins and she's already a tabloid favourite. Love or hate TV3's choice of programming, there's no doubt that Ireland's second fav television station has its eyes on the No. As they laid out their Spring Schedule stall The Convention Centre yesterday we even had the likes of Vincent Browne hanging with the Tallafornia tribe Last year's X Factor is already a really distant memory folks - basically all we can remember from it is Gary Barlow, a camp older gentleman in a baseball cap, and a wee Irish gal called Janet Devlin who shudda won the show hands-down.

Waaay back when Westlife were probably no more than a twinkle in Louis Walsh's eye and Jedward were still crawling around a lot more than they do now, there was The Carter Twins.

A momentous thing happened recently folks Steps got back together! Some said tragedy, others said result. Well we are chuffed, mainly coz we used to really fancy Faye back in the day. Coincidentally, our lovely Faye was on The Daily Show yesterday Fair play to Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams for sealing their blossoming romance by bringing it full circle and right back to where they first met.

Brogue celebrated their recent engagement with a wee party for close chums at Harry's Bar last night There may be an economic recession going-on folks, but there sure as hell aint no recession in the world of musical theatre.

As Peter Griffin would say: So lots of our well known ladies have been getting engaged over the past month or so and thus rocking rather large rocks from their committed intendeds. But then we bumped into Vogue Williams yesterday wearing the feckin' Sugarloaf Mountain on her wedding finger and it put the rest of 'em in the shade. Can love be expressed in diamonds? A sleek movie by the name of 'Haywire' boasts a sleek cast including: Considering it was partially made in Dublin we had high hopes for a celeb-tastic premiere last night.

But far better than that, we got two sporty models running in front of the Luas on Middle Abbey Street Move over Jodie Marsh, there's a new buffer sheriff in town. Forget Sporty Spice, we're renaming her Spartan Spice.

The big big movie of thus far seems to be Steven Spielberg's Warhorse, and the good news is it has a few Irish fellas in there such as Liam Cunningham. We were at the Irish Premiere last week where Glenda Gilson wasn't sweating any Ben Frow-esque jibes on the red carpet Yeah we've been banging-on about newbie model Thalia Heffernan for a while now folks, but with good cause.

We have a feeling this new crew coming could spell the beginning of the end for our lovely photocall girls The fricken cheek of some people! Suggesting that our Sharon Corr, the hottest Corr, needs to stick some of that Botox stuff into her lovely Irish face at the tender age of 41? We reckon Shazza's the sexiest woman to ever to, erm, fiddle with a fiddle It's mid January and we're still in Christmas panto season. Thus, sexy Samantha Mumba is still on these shores and walking the boards in The Gaiety.

We snapped the one-time singer yesterday as she stocked-up on burgers and hair extensions in-and-abouts the Grafton Street area She has a number of strings to her bow, but who wudda thought that model Rozanna Purcell was our top celebrity dinner party thrower?

Our dearest darling Claudine Palmer is back from that LA folks, and all a glow from hanging out with the Beckhams and the like. Usually when they take a standard TV Reality Show and stick 'Celebrity' in front of it, the intense cheek clinching embarrassment ensues.

But for ALL the wrong reasons folks And there we were thinking WE are the only ones that like to dress-up as Linda Martin and relive her Eurovision win in mirror. Virtually the maddest story of thus far It sure was a long drawn-out Festive Season folks and now we're smack bang into And if we're to believe The Mayan Calendar, and we all do, there aint gonna be a Grand, we love an aul apocalypse.

Love her, hate her, or are completely indifferent - there's no denying that was the year of Georgia Salpa. As we wind-down for Crimbo, once again it's that time of the year when we tip our hat to ShowBiz. Sadly, she's dropped the bombshell that she's just got engaged to her fancy fella out in that LA All the best ones are gone Some of you cynical feckers out there not us gave out stink when Georgia Salpa pulled out of the Sleeping Beauty panto at the last minute.

You guys didn't really believe her when she said she felt she couldn't do the role justice. Well, she proved her intentions were actually true last night when she ate humble pie and made an appearance at the opening Another weekend folks, another model agency out on the town. Not too big on quantity, but there's no denying the quality Yet, they're still walking around streets as free citizens. We're talking about the good people at Straywave Media, they had their glam Christmas bash this week We just know them as Paul Galvin and Louise Duffy, Ireland latest and hottest contemporary couple baby Local lass Laura Whitmore has done good folks.

She's been the face of MTV over in that London for a while now and just come back from successfully presenting I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Last weekend saw Sharon Condon go mad with the bottle of bleach and relaunch herself as a sexy solo singer First Kilimanjaro got it in the neck, now poor Sleeping Beauty is getting the talk to the hand treatment.

Seems like our Georgia Salpa is far too busy coming and going from that London to keep to her Irish projects. Big question is folks - can Panto come through this epic withdrawal this Christmas? What with the huge uproar over the budget and all the political parties ripping each other apart we fear the those in power have taken their eye off the ball and missed the real cause of Ireland's woes Just like Southpark's Goobacks, she's taking our jobs Lo and behold who should turn-up at the Fade Street 2nd series launch party at the weekend?

Well, the last time he hung-out with that crew he ended up hooking Georgia Salpa, the bookings flew in, and the rest is history Wonder who he had his eye on this time? Christmas really is just around the corner folks.

We can always feel it in the air after the first of the many many many model parties kick-off the Season. As per usual Assets got theirs out of the way first with a big bash at Bucks begorrah Ah we're full of Christmas cheer and nonsense now that Katie Price kicked off the Yuletide Season, which is tradition in these here parts.

Like, imagine Crimbo without Jordan's massive bean-bags? Well folks, it all happened at Lara's Boutique on Dame Lane last night Just look at those lime-ing eyes!

We've finally got to the source of Ireland's expanding joblessness. What's that, you say? That old Virgin Prune Gavin Friday hasn't lost it just yet folks.

He drew a wee bit of a celebrity crowd last night when he performed at The Olympia Theatre. Such is the glamorous life of Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter folks - when she wants to go for a wee power nap four burly bare-chested men are constantly on hand just to carry her around like Cleopatra.

More news over at The Pink Supperclub folks. The place was full of hot leggy models but wee Jude stole the show But it was worth the wait folks coz she hooked-up with Latvian hottie Eva Ward yesterday at Brown Thomas and launched the Mimi Holliday pop-up lingerie boutique in store There's an Irish model out there with a rare bit of charisma and who doesn't take herself too seriously. And the result of Daniella Moyles having an actual personality and a TV presence that doesn't make you want to slam your face on a sizzling frying pan, is she now has a show coming out soon on RTE called 'Bulletin TV' The results are in folks and Dublin's best restaurant has been found.

Now that our favourite model Georgia Salpa is over in that London all the time we reckon she's starting to miss ickle old ShowBiz. Statuesque Miss Ireland Emma Waldron left her ambitions behind of one day wearing that bejewelled-to-bejasus tiara and has got down to some proper hard graft folks.

When not modelling these days she can be found hostessing at The Grafton Lounge There was a wee bit o' proper celebrating going-on last night after the mighty Ireland boys qualified for Euro at the Aviva Stadium.

Despite sleeping through the underwhelming snorefest we kinda felt sad at the end thinking about all those poor hot Estonian girls not travelling to the finals.

It was like Ground Hog Day mixed with a shot deja vu last night folks. We had boxer Kenneth Egan over at Krystle with a bevy of models hanging outta him But wait there, don't call Brendan O'Connor just yet. There we were thinking the annual Childline concert was named after the charity but with the weekend just gone we're thinking it's more to do with the age of the pop acts.

They be right young! We covered the Childline gig last weekend and the afterparty at Lillies We were at their 1st birthday bash last night were Rosanna Davison was hanging out with a very slippery operator It's been a right wee while since we've had The Glenda on the front of ShowBiz.

Still, a girl needs a night out and where better to go than a Tori Amos gig With all these darn reality tv talent shows on the box it's hard to keep-up folks, never mind remember who just got voted-off or kicked-out five minutes ago. Warhol was wrong, 15 minutes would have been a bloody lifetime to some of these peeps. We're gonna get soppy here folks, we always cry at weddings. Everyone's favourite weatherman Martin King finally tied the knot with his hot photographer mott Jenny McCarthy at the Killashee House yesterday.

The next time Westlife chat with Tubridy we're thinking it will be with a thick juicy slice of McFadden on the side It's been a wee while since we snapped Miss Ireland Emma Waldron folks. Not since she gave up the crown wethinks. So, we were only delira to see her getting down with the cool kidz over at the Maverick Sabre gig at Tripod last week Lo and behold folks!

After all the controversy, court cases, and so so many column inches the smoking hot Ryanair Cabin Crew girls are back with their Calendar. This time with added Irishness. But before you go and enjoy these shots of air hostesses in bikinis, please note their cheeky chappie boss got his kitt off too We don't know what it is about Halloween of late folks, but it just keeps getting sexier and sexier.

There was a time when the Celtic festival of Samhain was about guising as ghosts and ghouls, now it's all about putting angel wings with any aul Ann Summers naughty number And there was only the ShowBiz. We swear we didn't cry Yet again, the show we all love to hate but secretly hate to love, has wrapped-up filming folks.

Fade Street Mark II is coming to a small screen near you for what we think is the very very very last time. But they went-out with a bang as a certain potty mouthed individual made a return at the wrap party The handsome Limerick lad took his wee award and ran with it like no other before him. Now he's based in that London, last week he brought his new leading lady home to Ireland.

Manchester City stuffed Manchester United , at home yesterday. Such was the sheer joy amongst hardcore City fans that Noel Gallagher almost cracked a smile outside his Dublin hotel We don't know how things are going down in stricken Haiti these days folks but we reckon those good Haitian people would be only delira to know that busty Irish babes are raising more than just money for them over in The Grafton Lounge We're not quite sure what RTE's preoccupation with car crash reality star Kerry Katona is, but damn, don't they persist?

Like, did Brendan O'Connor miss something vital there a few weeks back? First we had the Vogue Williams Shuffle, and everyone was doing it. Now folks, we have the Courtney Love Shuffle after she was rather animated during her presentation with an Honorary Patronage from Trinity College's Philosophical Society last night.

It's a brand new dance. And we're not even including Richard Corrigan in that duo. Our very own gorgeous Georgia Salpa went up against international widow extraordinaire Courtney Love. Poor Tubridy would have been lost in that mix-up Apparently there are these non electronic things made of paper and filled with printed words combined in such an order that they actually become a complete story. They're called books and everyone and their sister has one coming out for the Christmas.

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Swapping a bowl of ice cream for a hand held ice cream may not be saving you as many calories as you think. The most popular ice creams in the UK are.

A Classic Magnum - vanilla ice cream covered in real Belgian chocolate - contains calories and nearly 18g of fat; this is almost one third of your daily fat intake! Solero Exotic - a blend of fruit sorbet and vanilla ice cream covered in sorbet - only has calories and just 3g of fat.

This saves you calories and more than three-and-a-half teaspoons of fat compared to a Magnum. An even healthier option is to pick a sorbet ice lolly. Calippo Orange contains just calories and 0.

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Not all ice cream is the same Two scoops - or roughly mls - of luxury Carte D'Or vanilla ice cream will set you back calories and 4.

Switching to a low-fat version is better for you and your diet plans. A lolly may not be better for you Swapping a bowl of ice cream for a hand held ice cream may not be saving you as many calories as you think. Share or comment on this article: Most watched News videos Bakersfield gunman shoots himself as police close in Military mom reunites with her two-year-old toddler after deployment Part of the M5 closed after horrific multi-vehicle rush hour crash Leopard cat saved with CPR by off-duty policeman in West Taiwan New Jersey shut down after lewd videos surface on the internet Bemusing moment Argentinian workers load and empty truck with soil Anti-fur activists berate Sarah Jessica Parker at her NYC shoe store Florence storm surge floods the Outer Banks in North Carolina Children stuck mid-air on Gulliver's World rollercoaster Ex-NBA player admits cheating to his childhood sweetheart times Masked gang throw rider off bike and repeatedly stomp on his head North Carolina couple drives through river of Florence floodwater.

Both the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association and the Food and Drug Administration consider castoreum "generally recognized as safe," nontoxic if it gets in your mouth or on your skin, and in fact has been used since the ancient days as medicines and perfumes.

There is even a castoreum liquor enjoyed by the Swedes that you can make for yourself here. How Do Humans Use It? Castoreum is used primarily in fragrances these days, much like musks are used. These days, castoreum is primarily used for fragrances, not foods. It's too expensive and cumbersome and gross a process to extract. They can just say " natural flavoring.

Castoreum has been used for centuries.