How Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight and Belly Fat

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The Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

You know exactly how much protein, carbohydrate and fat you are consuming as each shake's nutritional values will have been calculated by the manufacturer. By simply replacing a meal with a shake, you can be sure you are consuming exactly the right amount of energy and nutrients based on your weight-loss goals.

Meal replacement shakes eliminate your need to weigh, measure or cook your food. They are portable, easily prepared and can be consumed almost anywhere. Meal replacement shakes eliminate the guesswork often associated with dieting and are especially suitable for anyone who does not have the time or ability to prepare or cook weight loss-friendly meals.

Although meal replacement shakes offer an easy and convenient weight management solution, this does not come without problems. Using meal replacement shakes does not teach healthy eating habits or portion control, so it is not uncommon for people to regain the weight they lost as soon as they return to a regular diet.

Meal times in the family home can make you feel isolated as the rest of the family enjoys a regular meal while you consume a shake. Because most meal replacement shakes are low in calories, you may feel hungry and tired, which can lead to poor adherence rates.

The rapid weight loss associated with meal replacement shakes can also result in loss of lean muscle mass, which reduces your metabolism and results in greater weight gain when you return to your normal diet. Meal replacement shakes often contain large amounts or artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and preservatives. These chemicals can cause hyperactivity, allergic reactions, headaches, nausea and digestive discomfort in anyone sensitive to these ingredients.

Although most meal replacement shakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals, they do not contain sufficient essential fats, fiber and other healthful nutrients to maintain heath and well-being. Meal replacement shakes are essentially a form of processed food, which means that they should be consumed in moderation and not excess.

Additionally, the low number of calories provided by meal replacement shakes can leave you feeling tired and weak which can prove dangerous in certain work and leisure situations. Video of the Day. Although most people don't need them to meet daily protein requirements, they can also be useful if you need to increase your intake for some reason. You can buy protein powder and mix it yourself, but you can also get many different brands of pre-made liquid shakes.

Some brands contain a mix of different types of protein powder. For example, many plant-based brands combine types to complement each other's amino acid profile. Protein can decrease hunger and appetite in two main ways. Second, protein helps you feel full for longer 10 , In one study, a high-protein breakfast helped participants consume up to fewer calories later in the day What's more, by the end of the week study period, they had lost an average of 11 lbs 5 kg These shakes can be a convenient way to add extra protein to your diet.

However, keep in mind that too much can still lead to excess calories. High protein intake can boost your metabolism, helping you burn slightly more calories each day 16 , That's in part because a high-protein diet — especially when combined with strength training — may help you build muscle.

Those given the protein gained 2. In another study, researchers gave participants a combination of foods and shakes providing either 0. After 6 weeks, those on the higher-protein diet gained 2. It should be noted, however, that your ability to gain muscle during a weight loss diet may depend on the amount of muscle you already have Protein can also increase metabolism because of the amount of calories needed to digest and metabolize it.

This is known as the thermic effect of food TEF. Researchers generally agree that high-protein diets can help you lose more fat, especially fat from the belly area 22 , In another, participants given an extra 56 grams of whey protein per day had lost 5 lbs 2. A separate study compared the effect of various weight loss diets. The participants consuming more protein lost 31 lbs Weight loss diets often cause you to lose muscle, which can slow down your metabolism.

This makes it easier to gain all the weight back and more once you go off the diet. A high protein intake combined with strength training can help prevent part of this muscle loss and metabolic slowdown 27 , 28 , Evidence shows that consuming a daily protein shake as part of a weight loss diet may make muscle maintenance up to three and a half times more efficient A recent review further notes that weight loss diets that exceed 0.

Protein's effect on metabolism, appetite and muscle mass may also keep you from regaining the fat you worked so hard to lose. One study reports that participants given more protein lost more weight and maintained their results better than those given less. Another study gave participants who just completed a weight loss intervention a supplement that provided A separate study noted similar effects with a supplement that provided only 30 grams of protein per day, once again showing that more is not necessarily better For instance, whey is more quickly absorbed than casein, helping you feel less hungry in the short-term One study reports that 56 grams of whey protein per day helped overweight and obese participants lose 5 lbs 2.

Another describes whey as 3 times more effective at maintaining muscle-building ability during a weight loss diet than soy protein That being said, not all studies agree that whey is superior. For example, one report notes that the faster hunger-reducing effect results in no differences in the amount of calories consumed at meals Furthermore, several reviews report equal amounts of fat loss with use of whey, soy, rice or egg-protein supplements 37 , On the other hand, rice and hemp protein are low in the essential amino acid lysine, and pea protein is also low in the non-essential amino acids cystine and methionine.