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Omega Seamaster 300M Titanium/Tantalum/Sedna Gold: What Is So Special?
The Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Polyamide blue strap, grey-bordered. In this way, we are able to personalize your visit to the Website. This year is the 70th anniversary of the Seamaster, and Omega is celebrating with a pair of limited edition watches that call back to the model's early years. Coming Soon Limited Edition:

Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph 1993

Calibers by brand

The new LE model remains extremely faithful to the original, with the same iconic hands as well as the divers bezel that features a thin black elapsed time insert around the outer edge. It will also retain the original Naïad symbol within the Omega logo on the crown. This originally symbolized the exceptional water resistance of meters. The caseback will have the same original Seahorse logo engraved, just like the version.

The original Railmaster was a simple watch designed for scientists, technicians and others that worked near electrical fields. It had a double cased anti-magnetic design to protect the movement. The dial and hands are again faithful to the original, with the same arrow tipped hour hand and vintage style lume.

The indices are sunk into the dial to allow for deeper lume plots that can give a stronger glow. The Railmaster is powered by the Omega Master Chronometer caliber , which not coincidentally can resist magnetic fields up to 15, gauss the same magnetic field strength as a typical 1.

Distinctive with its broad arrow hour hand and external steel tachymeter bezel. The original was the first chronograph to feature the tachymeter engraved on an external bezel rather than printed on the dial, a design that was intended to benefit race car drivers. Of course, when NASA chose the Speedmaster for its astronauts during the Moon missions, that changed the focus and history of this iconic watch. The new LE is again extremely faithful to the original, and will be powered by the Omega caliber manual wind movement.

For those fortunate enough to have the means to acquire all three of these amazing watches, there will be a special Trilogy presentation box edition limited to pieces.

It will feature an oak outer box with an engraved Seahorse logo on the lid and an engraved numbered plate on the front. Inside will be a smaller vintage style box with containing all three of the watches.

Also included will be a leather watch roll, along with three extra leather and three extra NATO straps and the changing tool. The Seamaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Chronometer 39mm The original Seamaster , ref CK is a stunning watch that is highly sought after in the vintage watch community.

The Railmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 38mm The original Railmaster was a simple watch designed for scientists, technicians and others that worked near electrical fields. The Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition The third number states whether the watch is a certified chronometer , this will be 0 if it is not an independently certified chronometer or 3 if it is a certified chronometer also a 4 and 6 has been used which again shows it is not a certified chronometer.

The last 2 numbers show the model of the watch as an example the A is a steel Breitling shark automatic non chronometer with eta movement. Should you happen to find any mistakes with our information then please contact the webmaster. Back to Main Watch Information Index. Chronomat with Venus movement 2 sub dials. Chronomat with Venus movement late 's to the 60's. Large case Navitimer still with Venus movement.

Big case Chronomat with Venus mvt. Navitimer date model with Valjoux movement. Navitimer date model with 2 sub dials Valjoux movement. Chronomat with Valjoux movement. Large case Navitimer quartz movemt and led. Large case Navitimer quartz movemt and lcd.

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