Strategies of Diving Mammals

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Aquatic respiration
Some animals may only scale trees occasionally, while others are exclusively arboreal. Lungs, already present in fishes, became the main respiratory organs of terrestrial vertebrates. In vertebrates, the thyroid gland produces thyroxine, an iodine-containing hormone that helps regulate metabolism. Prehensile Prehensile is the term that is given the appendages of animals that have evolved to grasp or hold onto things. The water trough in the neighbouring meadow has dozens of these larvae that wriggle for cover whenever one's shadow passes over them. The heart draws in haemolymph from the pericardial sinus, though in some insects there are also ostia underneath the heart which draw blood from the perivisceral sinus with the dorsal diaphragm attached to the sides of the heart. Echinoderms generally have radial symmetry and most can regenerate lost limbs.

Natural history

Comparative Animal Respiration

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