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This post could not be written any better! Friedman was the ex head of Pottery Barn. I tried Plexus Slim for 3 months. Lacey Phillabaum pleaded guilty to conspiracy, arson, and use of a destructive device that destroyed the University of Washington's Center for Urban Horticulture in No side effects and I love the taste! Trim Down Club says this:

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American Best Locksmith Philadelphia. Companies portal Lists portal Philadelphia portal. Philadelphia-area corporations including the Delaware Valley. List of companies based in the Philadelphia area. Comcast 31 Aramark Crown Holdings District Court for the Eastern Dist. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit.

Centre Franklin Logan Rittenhouse Washington. Retrieved from " https: Companies based in Philadelphia Lists of companies based in Pennsylvania. Views Read Edit View history. This web site's management, webmasters, affiliates, or other participants are not to be considered spokespersons, members, or affiliates of The Earth Liberation Front.

Don't believe what the government and mass media say about the ELF, find out for yourself! The first book to be published on the underground Earth Liberation Front ELF will soon be hitting the shelves of independent bookstores around the country. I thought that there was no official spokesperson. The Earth Liberation Front is an international underground organization that uses direct action to sabotage corporations and government agencies that profit from the systematic destruction of the natural environment.

Forest Service research facility in Irvine, PA. After the fact, it issued a communiqué suggesting a willingness to take action:. This page published work is the first time a complete and thorough text on the Earth Liberation Front has been made available to the public.

The text includes all communiqués released by the ELF between and , articles from underground newspapers on the ELF, testimonies from the February 12, House Subcommittee on Eco-terrorism, an interview with an ELF Spokesperson and much more, and is intended to leave the reader with pondering the realization that a revolution is necessary in America.

What does your typical ELF activist look like? Here are a few pictures. Rodgers and Darren Thurston. Rodgers who was considered to be the mastermind of the action in Vail, CO, committed suicide in an Arizona jail.

Here is the official document courtesy of the Civil Liberties Defense Center explaining the charges against some of the people listed above and the Government's Sentencing Memorandum that explains in a bit more detail the crimes that these eco-terrorists have committed. In , Stanislas Meyerhoff and William Rodgers wrote an online manual showing step-by-step instructions on how to build incendiary devices.

Posting the document as an official ELF manual, the two men hoped to popularize the design of their home-built incendiary device so it would no longer be unique to their crimes and thus hinder detection. Justice Department on Friday announced a count indictment against 11 people on conspiracy charges for attacks that had been claimed by the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. Here is a list of the suspects and the individual charges against them. Ages and hometowns are given where known.

Josephine Sunshine Overaker, Kevin Tubbs, 36, of Springfield, OR: Sarah Kendall Harvey, 28, of Flagstaff, Ariz.: Forest Industries in Medford, OR. Chelsea Dawn Gerlach, 28, of Portland: Suzanne Nicole Savoie, 28, of Applegate: Darren Todd Thurston, 34, charged with conspiracy to commit arson and destruction of an energy facility east of Bend, OR in On July 20, , Darren Todd Thurston had a court appearance where he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson and destruction of an energy facility of the United States and received a 37 month sentence.

During the proceedings, he testified with regard to his accomplices in his criminal activities. Rodgers, and other persons did conspire and agreed to destroy by arson buildings, vehicles and property.

Darren Todd Thurston will have his sentencing hearing for his guilty plea on 14 December, The entire court testimony can be read in United States vs.

Both were charged with 27 counts each, but the charges were stayed in when investigators decided to drop the case rather than disclose documents concerning another investigation. Chelsea Gerlach and Stanislas Meyerhoff were arraigned in federal court in Eugene, Oregon on 27 September and they are to be sentenced on 14 December when they will also be sentenced for other arson-related crimes to which they pleaded guilty in July.

Stanislas Meyerhoff pled guilty to 54 charges related to seven separate attacks. Prosecutors recommended that he be sentenced to 15 years and eight months. Chelsea Gerlach pleaded guilty to 18 charges in five separate attacks. After being arrested, she apologized for the harm and fear created by her actions, which she said were motivated by "a deep sense of despair and anger at the deteriorating state of the global environment.

At the time of her arrest, she was selling drugs in Portland with her current boyfriend Darren Todd Thurston. Thus far, drug charges are not pending with either Gerlach or Thurston. Under their plea deals, they agreed to have charges from the Vail arson transferred from Colorado to Oregon to be settled along with their other cases.

They freely admitted to their participating in the firebombing fire to the Vail ski resort restaurant in as part of an Earth Liberation Front campaign.

Rubin, remain at large. The arson at Vail, Colorado brought national attention to the secretive Earth Liberation Front and other similar domestic terrorist groups. The firebombing of the ski lodge at Vail is just one of 18 separate attacks that took place in the Northwest between and that the ELF claimed credit. Lacey Phillabaum pleaded guilty to conspiracy, arson, and use of a destructive device that destroyed the University of Washington's Center for Urban Horticulture in On 19 August , Lacey Phillabaum was sentenced to three years in federal prison and three years' probation.

Additional information and photos of Lacey Phillabaum can be found on the Official Lacey Phillabaum website that is maintained by some of her friends. Under the plea agreement, she received a sentence of five to seven years. Her trial is scheduled to begin on 11 February On 08 November , Joyanna Zacher, Nathan Block, Daniel McGowan and Jonathan Paul represented by Attorney Lauren Regan from the Civil Liberties Defense Center, appeared in federal court and entered guilty pleas and accepted responsibility for their roles in a series of environmentally motivated arsons in Oregon between and All four pled guilty to arson and conspiracy charges involving 13 members of the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front with the condition that they would not have to provide information or testify against anyone now or in the future.

There has been a push to have these people sentenced as Terrorists under terrorist enhancement sentencing guidelines. But there are still people that will not acknowledge the actions of these people. A government sentencing memo describes Meyerhoff as a career anarchist and recommends a sentence of 16 years. But civil rights attorney Lauren Regan from the Civil Liberties Defense Center says Meyerhoff got involved in environmental activism mainly to impress women.

Does Lauren Regan really believe what she is saying? Are these the actions that she finds impressive in a person? It could be true because when William Rodgers was 26, he met Chelsea Dawn Gerlach who was 16 at the time and he began a sexual relationship with her. A 26 year old man having a sexual relationship with a 16 year old girl. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? You have to wonder what Chelsea's parents thought about sending her to an Earth First!

This is just another example of the Liberal mindset that causes the public to have little faith in the legal system. We noticed that she did not mention that in her argument.

It would be interesting to hear her explain away that fact. Meyerhoff's attorney, Terri Wood, says Meyerhoff and his co-defendants, acting as members of the Earth Liberation Front, took precautions to avoid injuring others.

And here we are selfishly thinking that their destructive activities were wrong. What were we thinking? District Judge Ann Aiken sentenced radical environmentalists to sentences that were called acts of terrorism. On 19 August , Lacey Phillabaum was sentenced to three years in federal prison and three years probation. At the sentencing, she cried in court, but composed herself enough to apologize to her victims. Jonathan Paul was sentenced to 51 months for an ALF arson on a horse meat plant.

To try and effect the changes by legal methods that they believed was the right course of action and policy never entered into their plans or strategy. They never considered using legal methods, but preferred to engage in illegal actions because of some romantic notion or just selfish motives knowing that the rest of the world is not behind them. They see these acts as nothing but non-violent activism. But it does make you wonder how would they feel if these acts were aimed toward them?

A federal appeals court upheld a sentence of nearly four years for Kendell Tankersley, part of a multistate arson spree directed at U. Forest Service offices and private businesses. She and about 15 co-defendants were members of the Earth Liberation Front and a Eugene-based group called "The Family ". Tankersley, then 28 and preparing for medical school, pleaded guilty in to charges including conspiracy to commit arson from through The court also rejected sentence appeals of co-defendants Kevin Tubbs, sentenced to more than 12 years, and Jonathan Paul, sentenced to more than 4 years.

Stanislas Meyerhoff Plea Agreement. Suzanne Savoie Plea Agreement. Sarah Kendall Harvey Plea Agreement. Darren Thurston Plea Agreement. Kevin Tubbs Plea Agreement. When Chelsea Gerlach was 16 she attended an Earth First! Rodgers, an instructor who referred to himself as Avalon. It was at this retreat where she began a sexual relationship with William Rodgers who was 10 years her senior when she joined the Earth Liberation Front at age It was here where she was introduced to the world of the sabotage in the name of protecting the environment also known as "Monkey Wrenching".

Rodgers later committed suicide in jail in after investigators persuaded one of its members to become an informant. Gerlach and nine others were facing sentences for their parts in the fires, which include forest ranger stations, meat packing plants, wild horse corrals, lumber mill offices, research facilities and an SUV dealer.

At first, prosecutors want a federal judge to declare them terrorists. This was something defense attorneys argued never happened in the other 1, arsons nationwide claimed by Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front.

They continued to argue that adding this terrorist label was more about politics than prison time. Judge Ann Aiken will hear arguments on 15 May in U. District Court in Eugene on a motion by the government to add terrorism enhancement to sentencing guidelines for the six men and four women who have already admitted to their role and pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and arson.

These charges carry sentences ranging from three to 16 years. A ruling that adds the label of "terrorists" is will probably not add to the time they spend behind bars, but it could send them to tougher prisons. That's why this case is so very different. Prosecutors argue that although the defendants were never convicted of terrorism, they qualify for the label because at least one of the fires each of them set was intended to retaliate against government policy.

Ideal Protein includes the use of technology to help you lose weight, keep track of your progress, educate yourself, and change your life. First, go to an Ideal Protein location, pay for the program and all the meal replacements required, get acclimated, set up the technology, and follow the plan to the letter.

Next, lose all the weight you need to lose on their plan, become the new you, and stay that way for life. You must stay with them. Presumably the first phase could last a very, very long time for some of us. This second phase is to learn and master the fundamentals of healthy eating by paying for their stuff and how it impacts your body and life. You must be willing to work with the technology.

The technology part of this diet is called IdealSmart Platform—a personalized Lifestyle-Building assistant designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals while in the weight-loss phase of the Ideal Protein Protocol. The tools include access to an online IdealSmart Portal where you get your personal video coaching and support with a dieter dashboard to monitor your progress, daily coaching and support videos, and fitness and cooking videos featuring coaching, tips and tricks.

The current is passed through the body and electrical impedance is measured. Using this measurement, along with height, weight, age, and gender BFP is calculated. This app tracks meals, supplements and hydration, accesses the Ideal Protein Video Library, sets up your in-clinic appointments and set goals, and monitors progress.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone. So you set up your scale, download your app, step on your scale—barefoot, with your feet centered on the metal sensors—and remain still while the scale and the app sync.

And on your phone which, once you set it all up, appears to be pretty cool. Ideal Protein says the vast majority of clients think this technology helps them better follow the Ideal Protein diet. I plugged in a random zip code and a number of clinics popped up: Anyway, on the site—which included services from clinical hypnotherapy to weight loss—the Ideal Protein program at this center had a different name: In order to sign up, I would have needed to call and make an appointment to come in to the clinic and have a consultation—which I expect would have been a hard sell.

I did not do that. But I nonetheless wanted to know exactly what this diet is and how much it cost, so I searched until I found a clinic website that included price. You take a multivitamin, calcium-magnesium supplement, a potassium citrate supplement, an omega-3 supplement, amino acids powder, and Ideal salt.

But we do learn that the meal replacements are not optional. During the first phase you will be eating three of the Ideal Protein foods and your own dinner—which is just 8 ounces of lean protein and vegetables. And you stay in this phase until you have lost your weight. Imagine someone needing to lose a hundred pounds or more? I always read the disclaimer on a weight loss website. You learn a lot: You must use their meal replacements during the first phase—which could last a few months, or a year or more.

I did find nutrition labels for some meal replacement foods, like the Triple Chocolate Wafers. But it has, wow, 16 grams of protein. So does three-quarters of a cup of cottage cheese, at calories and 7. With a visible ingredients list. I located a lot more labels, but none included the actual ingredients; just nutrition info. This one from a center in Groton, Connecticut. This diet—or, actually, complete lifestyle change—purports to be medically sound and created in response to the obesity epidemic.

When the American Medical Association AMA recognized obesity as a disease, more and more of these medically-created or supervised kinds of diets and clinics began popping up everywhere.

In this case, the clinics, practices, or pharmacies already exist, and they sign on to add Ideal Protein program as an adjunct making money for all. But science and nutritional experts generally agree that some meal replacements may be okay.

And in general, experts say high-protein diets like Ideal Protein are okay for already healthy people. The Mayo Clinic says while diets like this may help with weight loss, the jury is still out on the long-term safety of high-protein-low-carb-low-fat diets because of health concerns. And side effects including headache and constipation. Plus, they say, high-protein diets may hurt people with kidney disease.

Their suggestion is to cut out bad carbs—processed ones—and replace them with whole grains and good carb-rich vegetables. They also say that a restrictive diet is not sustainable: The best eating plan is one that you can stick to long-term.

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