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Yes, this Husqvarna model is powered by a 2. Worried about the environment? You will be pleased to know that this gas-powered leaf blower is CARB compliant and its engine is designed to reduce toxic exhaust emissions. For further ease of use, the throttle controls for this leaf blower are mounted on the tube.

Fan speed can also be adjusted so that you can handle the leaf blower with ease. And for those who are concerned that gas-powered blowers tend to be more difficult to start?

The air purge from the Husqvarna removes air from the carburetor and the fuel system to make it easier for you to get this leaf blower started. To top this all off, you get a two-year guarantee on the parts and labor, which is quite decent.

Not only is this model one of the best leaf blowers for electric models , it is also one of the best leaf blowers for a lightweight option. Its weight at 8. Its horsepower may be about half that of the Husqvarna , but in terms of its air velocity and air volume ratings, this leaf blower is just a few notches below the Husqvarna. For a lightweight leaf blower that will not break the bank but still offers you the option of handling medium to heavy-duty tasks, the Hitachi RB24EAP is likely to be the best leaf blower for you.

Of course, we know that features play a part in determining the price point. Reviews of both leaf blowers seem to point to the Husqvarna as the more durable one of the two, with fewer problems when it comes to maintaining the leaf blower because of its slightly more superior components.

You get to enjoy a seven-year warranty on the Hitachi model, as opposed to two years for the Husqvarna. If you care about the environment, the Hitachi RB24EAP is comparable to the Husqvarna in terms of environmentally-friendly features.

So, if you absolutely have to choose between the Hitachi RB24EAP and the Husqvarna , we recommend that you consider your priorities when it comes to ease of use, price, power, and warranty. Think of the mini vacuum that you may have purchased to suck up dirt or debris from your computer keyboard. This is definitely not strong enough to handle piles of leaves that are sitting in your yard. However, this leaf blower can be a handy tool if you want to blow off the occasional leaves that fall on your sidewalk, the dust that collects in your garage or your car.

A point to note though is that the Homdox is a corded electric leaf blower, which means that your cleaning radius will be restricted by the cord length and availability of power outlets. It comes with an electric cord that is cm or Reviews of this Homdox model concur with us that this is a great mini leaf blower, much like an electric broom on steroids that can help you out with small cleaning tasks.

Now, here you go! The Worx WG Blower and Vacuum Mulcher can be easily switched from blower mode to vacuum mode so that you can clear up debris with just one tool. You can fit an extension cord to this leaf blower and get it plugged in to start working.

Featuring a powerful blowing speed of MPH, and a vacuum that comes with a special chisel nose tube to access otherwise hard-to-reach areas, this is a versatile leaf blower that offers you the best of both worlds. When it comes to vacuuming, its vacuum tube provides a smoother velocity. This combined with its shorter air track results in less airflow less as compared to other models which come with round vacuum tubes.

The Worx WG boasts of an impressive to-1 leaf mulch ratio. It also comes with a mulching bag that can hold up to 1. The icing on the cake? It is no wonder that the Worx WG is highly rated by many satisfied customers. Leaf blower users love it as a powerful and useful tool that does the job. For a lighter electric model, the Greenworks might be the right leaf blower for you.

With a blowing speed of MPH, the Greenworks might not be as powerful as the Worx WG, but it is good enough to clear-cut grass and piles of leaves. Its two-speed motor offers more versatility if you require a higher or a lower blowing speed when going about your task. Wait, there are more features that will make you think that this might just be the best leaf blower for you.

For those who are environmentally-conscious, you will be pleased to know that the Greenworks , as with all other Greenworks products, boasts of zero carbon footprint. No harmful gas emissions, greater energy efficiency, you get the picture. The four-year warranty on this leaf blower is also more than twice the warranty duration of other typical leaf blowers.

As long as you are okay with having a consumer-grade leaf blower that can handle a reasonably-sized yard, the Greenworks would be the right leaf blower—reviews of its ease of use, ability to clear up debris as promised, etc. Thinking of a battery-operated option? Leaf blowers that are battery-operated are usually thought to be less powerful than their corded peers.

Its turbine fan engineering and three-speed design allow users to choose the desired speed and add a turbo boost to increase the blowing power. What you may also like would be the almost noiseless operation of this nifty leaf blower. Some reviews have pointed out that this leaf blower goes flat after just ten minutes of use on turbo power mode. Just be realistic about the abilities of such a small leaf blower! For the environmentally-conscious, the Hitachi RB24EAP is also one of the best leaf models that are designed with a low-emission engine.

If you are not using this leaf blower for rental commercial purposes , it comes with a seven-year consumer warranty two years if otherwise. To make this an even more user-friendly design, Hitachi has included a large two-finger throttle lever that allows users to operate this leaf blower without much of a hassle.

A few users have remarked that one should be careful about the choice of fuel for the gas leaf blower. One user suspected that ethanol in the fuel ate away at the black tube where it connected to the carb. To circumvent this—the user suggested that you use a good fuel stabilizer and avoid using gas that has ethanol in it to avoid such problems with this Hitachi leaf blower.

If you are a commercial cleaner, this could also be a great tool for medium to heavy-duty cleaning tasks that involve clearing up the huge piles of fallen leaf debris. This gas-powered handheld leaf blower is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient With an air volume of CFM and an air velocity of MPH, this leaf blower offers good coverage when it comes to the surface area and the speed at which the debris can be moved.

Its weight at 9. The soft grip reduces vibration fatigue and it has a cruise control lever to help lower user fatigue from holding the leaf blower for a long period of time. This leaf blower also boasts of mechanical automatic engine decompression so that users can enjoy a more convenient and much faster start.

For those worried about noise pollution, the Makita BHXCA comes with a large capacity muffler that enables it to function at about 67 decibels, which is lower than the average noise level of other gas-powered leaf blowers. In fact, its 4-stroke engine is an improvement from the older two-stroke technology and purportedly provides cleaner burning and higher fuel efficiency.

Makita also offers other accessories that come along with its leaf blower—an extension pipe, around end nozzle as well as a toolkit at your disposal. Just like the handsaws and other tools, leaf blowers can come in the form of electric models. Within this category, you have electric leaf blowers that are corded, i. Electric leaf blowers may be less powerful than gas models, but they are usually quieter and more environmentally-friendly.

Quieter electric leaf blowers enable you to use the leaf blower without disrupting your neighbors or the reducing your quality of life at home whenever you have to put the leaf blower to use.

Corded electric leaf blowers are generally inexpensive and work quite well. The obvious downside though is that you will be restricted by the length of the cord and the availability of power outlets when operating the leaf blower. The best leaf blowers that are corded should typically allow you to plug in an extension cord of your choice for the desired cord length. That said, a cordless electric leaf blower is limited by its battery run-time. Generally, a cordless leaf blower will not be able to cover a huge yard before it runs out of battery.

Also, cordless models tend to be more expensive upfront mainly due to the cost of the batteries and the power stations. Ultimately, battery-powered leaf blowers are still not quite as efficient as their gas-powered or corded electric counterparts. What this means is that it will probably take longer for you to clean your space using a battery-operated leaf blower as compared to the others.

We know that Gas Powered leaf blowers are more powerful. Most gas leaf blowers can provide an air circulation of about CPM. I have fibromyalgia and my pain can be triggered or increased if I consume too much sugar, caffeine or alcohol.

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